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1st Performance - Pitch Slapped (Berklee College) - "Good Girls Gone Bad" - By Cobra Starship

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This is a very good looking group of singers...it's the best of both worlds, good image and good voices it's like a perfect match! The performance, although probably not their best but i thought it was still good one to watch and listen to. It's probably the broadway sound to this song that made it sound a little weird but i would give them another chance. B
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Geoffrey Glenn (1 month ago)
Oh, God... the random key change in the middle of this song just ruins this song for me. Also, GODDAMN, that girl can play drums!
ITSMENIKKl (7 months ago)
This makes Pitch Slapped look so bad when they’re pretty much the best group in the collegiate a cappella world
Qasim Alam (1 year ago)
Question: Don't good girls go bad on their own? Do they really need a bad boy to go bad?
Luis Rodríguez (1 year ago)
Jennifer Waris <3
Janet Pirate (1 year ago)
I think their hubris hurt them.
logan timko (2 years ago)
omg i love occpela for this reson and i really wish i see more of this from any one and mostly this is one of my role modles for shore!!!!!!!!!!
Jai123 (2 years ago)
oh my god its Hispanic Zac Efron
MissOTC1 (2 years ago)
Tatiana Robati (3 years ago)
I thought I saw Zac Efron :)
Autumn Griffin (3 years ago)
omg mario!!!
Rhianna Puma (3 years ago)
Rhianna Puma (3 years ago)
Go Mario
JassmineBreeanna (3 years ago)
Mario! <3
Nikki Gasparovic (4 years ago)
I'm here for Mario !
Duncan Brady (4 years ago)
Joe Rhino (2 years ago)
She is sooo unbelievably hot. In my eyes easily a 11/10.
Remy Buxaplenty (3 years ago)
+Duncan Brady Jen Waris
James Jameson (5 years ago)
Thought that was sam tsui
LYP345 (5 years ago)
The lead singer looks, acts, and sings like Justin Timberlake...
Cara Shaw (5 years ago)
I CAN'T believe they didn't make it!!!! I loved it!!!!
conway GG (5 years ago)
Their leading man was simply not good. Ruined the whole thing for me.
Pharcydeify (5 years ago)
The dooshiness of the lead guy is what ruined it for me
Geoffrey Glenn (1 month ago)
The key change ruins this for me.
Clere Larsen (5 years ago)
They all wearing purple whawho!
rubita707 (5 years ago)
i love their name❤
Stephanie Pitchay (5 years ago)
Is it just me or when someone can't actually rap, they tend to scream out the words, which makes it really annoying.
ianjames537 (6 years ago)
Yeah, really nice placement of that dissonant chord to underscore "gone bad".
ianjames537 (6 years ago)
Can't believe they were the first eliminated. I thought they gave one of the best performances of the night.
A.N. H.B. (2 years ago)
So you're tone-deaf too ... I get it.
Alex Crawford (6 years ago)
Wait Ingrid plays the drums? Whhaaaa
Pazong Yang (6 years ago)
Reminds me so much of "Pitch Perfect"!! I loved it.
Daniel Dade - Composer (6 years ago)
they made this song good, 3:15 was my favorite part
Wanderson Fernando (6 years ago)
#OMG... They're Greatttttttttt :) I love it.. ,
Steve Curulla (6 years ago)
Gawd, the Sing-Off got so much better once Nicole was booted... too bad it came too late.
9Arc (6 years ago)
haha puns.
Dylan MacKinnon (6 years ago)
good girls gone bad shouldnt be a song
Dylan MacKinnon (6 years ago)
lead guy looks like a date rapist
Daniela de Castro (6 years ago)
OMG is that Ingrid playing the drums?? <3
Sammantix (6 years ago)
handheld mics would have saved them :/
Elisa Gauthreaux (6 years ago)
Ben is trying to say that pitch won't be corrected with being louder. That only works if you drown out the bad pitches but with everyone screaming...its not going to happen.
Elisa Gauthreaux (6 years ago)
I agree.I will add that singing does demand good ears because blending is in real time.
Steven Gozali (6 years ago)
DUDEE ITS not berklee or berkley... its Berkeley, and i'm not even from the US
A.N. H.B. (2 years ago)
Dude, it shows you're not from here. Berkeley University is in California, Berklee College of Music (where this group is from) is in Boston. Get informed before you talk.
Chase Heatwole (6 years ago)
id tap it...
CrimsonOwl (6 years ago)
I can't concentrate on their singing, I was too distracted by the lead singer's bulge. It makes me wanna go bad.
gabby capaldi (7 years ago)
the guy in black hair that is singing when they r in boston stadium looks like zach efron
azureloki1234 (7 years ago)
No offense but they should be able to gloat. I mean Berkley! My dream is to go to berkley (i'm 11)
Clarice Helfand (7 years ago)
Ingrid WOULD play the drums. lol.
Bradley Ward (7 years ago)
They are hot. They are excellent performers, with excellent voices. Why did they have to pick such a crappy song? o.o
Matthew Billman (7 years ago)
@maatu1 This was one of those days, I'd say, for them. And maybe they did deserve to be let off the show--the rest of the groups were incredible as well, I won't argue against that! But calling Pitch Slapped out for something that was likely beyond their control? Have some SYMPATHY, man.
Matthew Billman (7 years ago)
@maatu1 [[continued]] There many have been a degree of arrogance in their self assessment in the beginning of the video, but it is the "arrogance" exhibited by any performer, naturally generated, as they psyche themselves up for a group performance. You could say that that's the accepted tone. Finally, and you'd agree with me if you've ever performed live yourself: occasionally things go wrong. You can be giving your best and still not be on top of your game at the end of the day [[continued]].
Matthew Billman (7 years ago)
@maatu1 1) The hype is encouraged by the film crew, and they typically feed you lines or coax what they want out of you, 2) The hype would have been additionally augmented by the (justifiable) reputation of Berkeley School of Music (quote, "the number one contemporary music school in the world..." -- ask any performer in the field, and they'll at least agree it's ONE of the best. Several publications have in fact listed it as THE best.). [[continued in next post]]
Mirage (7 years ago)
@Rico9608248386790 true that, how do u think geroge w.bush got into yale LOL
John N. (7 years ago)
I think they landed on their feet: 2011 ICCA champions, ~half a year after this recording.
Matt M (7 years ago)
@StanfordSinger things would be different if they stayed on the show, but no, they got eliminated after the first taping. after hyping yourself up like that, you'd think to deliver. i rest my case.
Psignosys (7 years ago)
Q: How many soprano singers does it take to plug in a light bulb? A: One, she sticks the light bulb into the socket, and waits for the world to start revolving around her....
Carni V (7 years ago)
This song was the wrong choice for them. Their performance of it was too SWEET and this song is about rocking out and being bad. That's most likely why they got eliminated.
Rico9608248386790 (7 years ago)
@gonnabeamegastar You can get into any school if you have enough money
pencileraser08 (7 years ago)
i just wish they got into the competition a bit further before they all voiced out that they're from this school. we just won this, and we blah. because they lost on the first round of competition. :p but anyway, i still like them. most esp. ingrid and hanna. :)
pencileraser08 (7 years ago)
@Snowbear0000000000 yes. they sang in pitch slapped before they sang in delilah. delilah is composed of different female singers from different past groups that have joined the sing off. :)
Doobee Doo (7 years ago)
The real problem with this performance was the fact that the lead guy seemed like a tool. Granted, part of that is due to the song, but impressions are impressions. I honestly didn't think the arrangement was nearly as bad as everyone thought it was.
Matthew Billman (7 years ago)
@Danielgod202 @maatu1 May I ask, by what means do you make your judgements? I would advise you to talk to a member of Pitch Slapped in person before saying much more. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Matthew Billman (7 years ago)
@chelseykwok88 Just did a show with you guys, and I absolutely agree with your rebuttal. Pitch Slapped is an incredible group of caring, open, and spectacularly talented singers. TV does a crap load of editing, especially when it comes down to ratings, and they gave you a bad rap before they even let you open your mouths in performance. Frankly, it makes me angry. But props to all Pitch Slappers past and present--don't let this get to you. it was an honor to sing with you!
Pablo Ferrigno (7 years ago)
@chelseykwok88 yeah i guess you're right... ;)
Chels K (7 years ago)
@PabloFerrigno Okay first of all, yes, of course there are cocky people at Berklee, but there are cocky people everywhere. Also, the media for this TV show does a lot of editing. Berklee students are dedicated to their craft and undeniably proud of what we do and the reputation our school most certainly upholds. Your decision to come and audition for Berklee should not be based on whether or not this video displays the cocky people, but rather your love for music and willingness to learn.
Greg King (7 years ago)
@madinah31 one kid, must be the rest 4 and half thousand of us as well
Greg King (7 years ago)
i think berklee is the most laughed at school in the world. quite frankly i think its because people are intimidated by it. its an international school, so the fact that people from all corners of the earth come here proves the point that its the best for contemporary music. for promotional reasons, obviously they are going to hype up berklee. my friend applied and didnt get in a now all he does is shit on the school. i also go to berklee, not easy to get into, not a bad school...stop bitching
Jose Sanchez (7 years ago)
Alright...I go to Berklee and I can say that there are a lot of cocky people, douche bags, etc.. but that's like 10% of the students here. These people, yes they are awesome, although they brag to much, but still they can all back up all that bragging cause most of what they say is true. Berklee is insanely hard to get into and from my experience here I can say this is the best school of contemporary music and you can't say 5000 people are douche bags because you only saw 15 lol.
John Dao (7 years ago)
@jhernandez16 They are. When the girls sing, the boys do the stomp and claps and vice-versa. The camera works cuts most of it out, but if you look closely you will see it.
Pablo Ferrigno (7 years ago)
I'm trying to go to Berklee next year... but i don't think I would fit in quite well surrounded by such cocky people!! That really worries me...
TheHaloChief117 (7 years ago)
@jhernandez16 it's called beatboxing
kireiray (7 years ago)
Lmao I laughed pretty hard when they were hyping up Berkeley too. Fun performance though.
J. Hernandez (7 years ago)
Where did those stomps and those claps come from? They weren't doing it.
Robert O'Donnell (7 years ago)
soooooooooooo..... they are good. but they are still a college group, not a down but a neutral. i didnt really like the song that was chosen either.
Robert O'Donnell (7 years ago)
@coolpunkchick115 when they were in icca theyr vocals were alot more brought out. the condenser mics were right on top of them in that comp.
Laura Olson (7 years ago)
Haha, wow, these comments.. umm.. First of all -- who cares if they're good looking?! I'm not saying they're not, but what at ALL does that have to do with anything? Second of all, just because the facts about the school and their musicianship are impressive doesn't mean they were being cocky or gloating. Like every other group, they were stating their strengths and background, and yes, Berklee is very prestigious and tough to get into. They absolutely have the right to be proud of that.
gmhots (7 years ago)
@TheHaloChief117 Berklee and Berkeley are very different schools. The former is the top modern music conservatory while the latter is the top public university.
Alexandra Wood (7 years ago)
@maatu1 They didn't have to be cocky, but yeah, Berklee is the best modern music conservatory. A lot of famous jazz and rock artists have come from Berklee.
coolpunkchick115 (7 years ago)
they're actually really good. You can't base their likability on this vid alone. Hannah and Ingrid joined season 3 with Delilah and i absolutely love them
TheReginaldDwight (7 years ago)
@crazytexterlover1 Ingrid Andress
thufizer (7 years ago)
I think they would've done better if it was another song.
TheHaloChief117 (7 years ago)
wait, Berklee? not Berkeley university?
Chadasile (7 years ago)
@KCaram2011 EXACTLY. thank god someone got that.
jasonemilio (7 years ago)
That brunette chick is smoking and beautiful. Damn. How did I miss them?
Wordless06 (7 years ago)
They probably would done better with a different song, not that t was bad, but considered what everyone else was packing... meeeh.
joshman929 (7 years ago)
they shouldve sang how far we've come by rob thomas, it sounded good in the audition video
Hello Hello (7 years ago)
These people remind me of the Gossip Girl cast.
danield (7 years ago)
Chris Harrison (7 years ago)
0:41 it's just so damn sick how they're singing it. i constantly just click back to this repeatedly.
Chris Harrison (7 years ago)
Is it bad if i like the song they're singing during their introduction rather than their actual performance? That dude was kickass and it fits them better.
Alexander Washington (7 years ago)
The Girls Plays the Drums. HOT
K Caram (7 years ago)
Hmmm....they won FIRST place at the ICCA's this year, they can't be too bad. I think they thought this was more of a popularity contest, and tried to market themselves as young and hot. Their best singer is actually the tubby guy with glasses, and they didnt have him sing the solo because they were trying to market themselves to america. They are amazing, don't hate...
Matthew Connel (7 years ago)
I have to disagree. They may not have been the best on the show, but every group deserved to be there.
heroinhero69 (7 years ago)
most berklee kids do have a big ego....so there you go
Grant Hoggan (7 years ago)
"I'm really looking forward to that." You are such a bad liar, Ben.
Caitlyn Wenzel (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you saw the fat guy
ellis12241 (7 years ago)
They didn't do well here, but they are amazing as singers with basically any song they do otherwise.
MusicSweetly (7 years ago)
I wish they performed "How Far We've Come." It sounds like that fits their voices much better.
i think they did great!!!! but i can see why they were out 1st.
DBIYBIMWBIU (7 years ago)
I don't really see how these guys are so bad that they would be eliminated in the first episode. They don't SEEM that bad to me.
A.N. H.B. (2 years ago)
Mention a group that sounded worse to you.
Jay Lynch (7 years ago)
i think that if they hadn't been from Berkley they would have given them another chance.
A.N. H.B. (2 years ago)
Nope; they sounded the worst out of all groups in their half.
Eric Mulligan (8 years ago)
xlmeay (8 years ago)
@ 0:40 sounds so damn good. Why didn't they do this?
allstars617 (8 years ago)
@jayboytheplayboy they are certainly good enough to say something...
allstars617 (8 years ago)
i cant believe they went out so early

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