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65 Songs - A Journey Through Rock 'N' Roll | Ten Second Songs

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Subscribe to my channel to see/hear some more awesome music from me! ► http://tinyurl.com/mp8kgb4 Check out my previous video ► http://bit.ly/1PWc9fB Sponsored by Watchable. Check me out: http://watchable.com/shows/11803-ten-second-songs My name is Anthony Vincent and I'm the voice of Ten Second Songs. I have been working on this video for quite a while with my friend and vocal coach Ken Tamplin, and Gabriela Gunčíková, who is the stand in vocalist for Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Czech Republic's representative for this years Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden, performing the song 'I Stand'. Enjoy this journey through Rock 'N' roll, and leave a comment and let me know which era you liked best! Visit http://tensecondsongs.com for information on upcoming videos, to vote on the fan favorite poll. Thanks to my friends at Sing King Karaoke for designing the thumbnail. Subscribe to their channel for all your favorite Karaoke tracks: http://bit.ly/1SfgEDj Music Produced & Performed by Anthony Vincent at Zedalza Studios in Port Chester, NY Video Edited by the talented Derek Ortiz. Thanks to Andy Rose for making the Awesome end card. Make sure to subscribe to his channel here: http://tinyurl.com/mxmzw66 Adele's Hello in 25 styles ► http://tinyurl.com/j5t876b Eminem's Rap god in 40 styles ► http://tinyurl.com/pv2872m Justin Bieber's Sorry in 20 styles ► http://tinyurl.com/gnfcyl5 Taylor Swift's Bad Blood in 20 styles ► http://tinyurl.com/p3yqaea MP3s of Dark Horse and In The End ► http://tinyurl.com/kzfbh54 MP3s of Problem and Talk Dirty ► http://tinyurl.com/p7xwfud Follow me on all of my social media accounts to keep up to date with everything related to Ten Second Songs: Twitter ► https://twitter.com/TenSecondSongs Instagram ► http://instagram.com/TenSecondSongs facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/tensecondsongs My Band ► www.SetTheCharge.tv Patreon ► www.patreon.com/tensecondsongs Check out my other youtube channel as well! - youtube.com/anthonyvincentmusic For Booking and Business Inquiries e-mail - [email protected]
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Text Comments (8681)
Mari High_Voltage (3 days ago)
Thank you for Linkin Park❤ It's too bad there's no rock any more now.
Prxnce (6 days ago)
I wouldn't call imagine dragons rock but sure
Sho Pao (8 days ago)
gosh fucking damn, the girls voice!
StoPCampinGn00b (10 days ago)
The harmony from 4:24 to 4:30 is unbelievable!
DaddyFlip (10 days ago)
GG dominated Run to the Hills!
American Atheist (10 days ago)
Donken (15 days ago)
Aerosmith ??
Flubadubdub The Great (15 days ago)
Thank you so much for including Tool!!!!!
MasterNikslg (15 days ago)
"She loves you, yea yea yea, GOD No" That got me hard
CrAzYmArY (17 days ago)
I want a full cover of Iron Man
TJ Roberts (18 days ago)
Will this be on Spotify? I want it!
Shauna Marie Sings (19 days ago)
That was AWESOME!!!!!! 💗💗💗
Konstantin Stepanov (20 days ago)
thank you for opening Shinedown for me... I now know everyone of their songs and going to see them live for the 2nd time this November!
Jacob Jeffries (22 days ago)
That was pretty fucking awesome man
this is actually a good playlist for spotify
djuzla (25 days ago)
Gabriela is HOT!
Hana Harmaajärvi (28 days ago)
Gabriela!!! Czech Republic rocks!
Nikki B (29 days ago)
I LOVE this video I’ve seen over 10 times!
XandiVlogz (29 days ago)
u forgot green day but like ok
Slender Dog (1 month ago)
Hit his sack
FlanneryVA (1 month ago)
So... yeah... Where can I download this as a song? XD
Lloyd Carter (1 month ago)
Wow, Gabriella has a great voice, and Ken is amazing as well. Add Anthony to this, and this is an awesome video.
dohunts (1 month ago)
Where the FUCK is David bowie like he was the most influential artist and this dude didnt even do one song of his
Daniel McWaters (1 month ago)
Awesome. But the "can he see" bit in Iron Man annoyed the shit out of me!
Esteban Bolaños (1 month ago)
Hi guys! I made a Spotify playlist inspired in this video and these 3 INCREDIBLY TALENTED musicians with all the 65 original songs. Just in case you're feeling a little bit nostalgic for old good music. Ten Second Songs, thank you three for not letting Rock n' Roll die!! https://open.spotify.com/user/stevieboficial/playlist/106IkDD7fqTpbwLLUoAf0e?si=Pssq9Pi8R_aLJw0pO_ojfQ
Marnie Rose (1 month ago)
Smoky Man (1 month ago)
This was really cool!))
Novu (1 month ago)
Where’s Radiohead????
Negative Studios (1 month ago)
Love it 😍 !!!
Mexican Bev (1 month ago)
Who’s the girl
Rock'N'Roll Lover 48 (1 month ago)
I wish Red Hot Chili Pepper songs were were in the but still this was awsome!
njineermike (1 month ago)
PSYCHOSRUS (1 month ago)
Aaron Raffoul (1 month ago)
60s best era
Dex Quire (1 month ago)
You guys are beyond great … ! (performing guitarist for 50 years … studied classical guitar for 10 of those...)
Ruaurí Murphy (1 month ago)
And where was bullet for my valentine
Extreme Gamers (1 month ago)
omg that woman is amazing!
whichwasher2007 (1 month ago)
All this proves is that Rock and Roll is FAR FAR from dead.
Slender Dog (1 month ago)
Crock or cock hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Lilly Wilkin (1 month ago)
always in my heart. I will use it on my channel playlist!
Flashyo (1 month ago)
It misses system of a down and red hot chilli peppers
jasonvideos5 (1 month ago)
Rock never died, it just evolved throughout time like everything else
Makeout Reef (1 month ago)
Issa Haddad Had (1 month ago)
No Red Hot Chili Peppers??
alp 53 (1 month ago)
I wanted some tenacious d. The best song in the world
Pedro Torres (1 month ago)
I made a playlist on Spotify based on this video. Feel free to follow and enjoy the music: https://open.spotify.com/user/12145096743/playlist/5OYiTggNjcc8rFMna9MJuJ?si=NWv_hU5BT6GtdTatKpetCg
Agentpkelly (1 month ago)
HOW IS THERE NO WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luna motta (1 month ago)
Nick Heal (1 month ago)
No welcome to the black parade or boulevard of broken dreams for 00s?? ...okay
Bruno Mota (1 month ago)
I wanna hear the entire whole lotta love sang by you guys now!
kockafej987 (1 month ago)
Hey guys, I made a playlist on spotify with all the songs in order, on the name of the video. If you want to listen to all the songs check it out.
Jaden Bricker (1 month ago)
I obviously need to hire this vocal coach
olo dobrowolsko (1 month ago)
This women is all about why I hate female vocal
Not a Leftist (1 month ago)
Wow you did muse - psycho but not breaking Benjamin - psycho smh my head
Jure Perić (1 month ago)
Lettucekisses (1 month ago)
The 21st century ruined music for good
ThatCrazyNeighbor (1 month ago)
I had to sing Uprising by muse in my School of rock group
ThatCrazyNeighbor (1 month ago)
Amazing song
Axle Gallardo (1 month ago)
Damn it! Gotta pick my brains from the floor now.
Anne Marie Casey (1 month ago)
No sugar were going down?
StudaBakerrTV (1 month ago)
If youre looking for rock surf grunge from cali still has that retro aesthetic rather than what is normally considered rock now such as imagine dragons.. i didnt even know they were rock lol
Dave Hron (1 month ago)
Pure talent and passion!! Awesome video! 😎
Truelegden Vids (1 month ago)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Green Day and Blink 182 should have made it in. Also Foo Fighters should have only gotten The Pretender
Mr ARPY (1 month ago)
I didnt know we will rock you was considered rock n roll. That was weird.And more importantly, is Entersandman really a part of his?
Taylan Ertan (1 month ago)
I need a playlist of all these songs man.
Mr Mug (1 month ago)
Played back in black in wrong key smh
Sparketch (1 month ago)
I got excited
Carlos Dijkstra (1 month ago)
Where are the red hot chili peppers huh ? Come on...
Auguste Bauer (1 month ago)
Macabe Scales (1 month ago)
Tom Walker (1 month ago)
anyone else think they were gonna get G noted in the early 00's?
Tom Walker Nope.
Tom Walker (1 month ago)
King Nothing haha don’t lie mate we all know that song was on your playlist in 2006
Tom Walker Emo fuck
nicole baby (2 months ago)
How about a duet ala Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers?
Kailey Ross (2 months ago)
You ended it on one of my favorite songs!
David McGrew (2 months ago)
Do bad company plz
Conny N (2 months ago)
Music is my life (2 months ago)
omg that was so amazing you inspire me
SuicideBunny6 (2 months ago)
Wait, why is Imagine dragons here??
Joshua's Recordings (2 months ago)
That was awesome!
G W (2 months ago)
Check this at 7:30 https://youtu.be/fuZj3l1VekI
Dan (2 months ago)
Old video but no RUSH?
SIKU Jacob (2 months ago)
This is awsome
PsychoDuck (2 months ago)
Can't we get like full version of those songs with same people singing?
Harry Lime (2 months ago)
I would've have put Bohemian Rhapsody in there too, because it's just about the greatest rock song of all time.
Lily (2 months ago)
did anyone else predict smells like teen spirit
Nairon Reis (2 months ago)
Al Bert (2 months ago)
fucking nice dude.
Miroslav Kuhn (2 months ago)
I wonder if Vincent is considering another cooperation with Gabriela. They are awesome.
MsExclusive28 (2 months ago)
Wow!!! I LOVED this!!! Give us MORE!!!
alafujah (2 months ago)
Hector Medina (3 months ago)
The whole video is amazing but when you guys sang Uprising by Muse..... literal chills!!!
Catherine Royce (3 months ago)
Damn guys this is awesome
Trevor Barton (3 months ago)
Super amused that Avenged Sevenfold made it into this list. You really covered a broad spectrum of "Rock"
XZeroSandMan (3 months ago)
She is from Czech republic..like me :D :D She´s ROCK |m| :D
Dawn Marcy (3 months ago)
why can I only like this once. they way your voices blend, chills its so good.
G W (3 months ago)
3:00 *got a better take me home that I had* never tough. You bested down lot of ppl. Searching for your fill cover of paradise
G W (3 months ago)
Cookie Crumbs (3 months ago)
No blind melon?
Liza Kolganova (3 months ago)
I need the 2nd part, that will include RHCP, SOAD, Audioslave, Rage against the machine, MCR, Arctic monkeys, The strokes and many more
Robin Johnston (3 months ago)
Hyena (3 months ago)
Motor head- ace of spades sounded spot on
Bell (3 months ago)
Despacito ?

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