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For Your Info - Retrieve windows product key from bios- Lazesoft Recover My Password

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Please like and subscribe to jtgravityRC for more videos! Thanks! Cheers! If you have a PC with the product key stuck on the bottom of your laptop or no product key because it is WIndows 8 (For windows 10, you don't need the product key as it is stored in the Bios and can auto check when installing) and you still have the original windows disk from the seller (For windows 8, it somehow doesn't allow re-installation from iso downloaded from internet even if you can recover the product key from bios) and you need to re-install, you can recover the product key from Bios using this software. Just follow the instructions in the links below. I am putting this up from my experience of reinstalling my own pc with a dead hdd. This is miscellaneous category of my channel. If you like this video, please consider supporting this channel by buying products from these sellers (if you need to buy any). Thanks. Banggood https://goo.gl/8snqM1 Gearbest https://goo.gl/qm8y9d Follow instructions from here: https://goo.gl/u7rF89 Download Lazesoft for home use - free here https://goo.gl/eiR3CL
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