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5 outfits you could wear to a rock concert! ► Subscribe for more crappy punk rock, concerts & clothes! https://goo.gl/H4MUtv - OUTFIT 1 - Beanie - Vans http://fave.co/1BYPQRZ Biker jacket - Vintage/DIY Long shirt - H&M men Choker - Ebay http://fave.co/1D2wnxW Blink 182 Necklace - Ebay http://fave.co/1EUyNTX Grey jeans - H&M Creepers - T.U.K. http://fave.co/1Gl5LAq - OUTFIT 2 - Jacket - Bershka Choker - Ebay http://fave.co/1D2wnxW Crystal Stone Necklace - Ebay http://fave.co/1cwXbkq Necklace - Blink 182 http://fave.co/1EUyNTX Misfits shirt - Ebay Belt - Zara Shorts - Zara Boots - Dr. Martens http://fave.co/1Gl5UUr - OUTFIT 3 - Jacket - DIY Shirt - Unif http://fave.co/1CpFU1N Choker - Ebay http://fave.co/1D2wnxW Necklace - Blink 182 http://fave.co/1EUyNTX Concho belt - Forever 21 Jeans - Primark/DIY Boots - Steve Madden http://fave.co/1wb3aPw - OUTFIT 4 - Beanie - Vans http://fave.co/1BYPQRZ Choker - Ebay http://fave.co/1D2wnxW Necklace - Blink 182 http://fave.co/1EUyNTX Striped shirt - Monki Blink 182 hoodie - Ebay Belt - Forever 21 Shorts - Levi Boots - Dr. Martens http://fave.co/1pBttt6 - OUTFIT 5 - Denim Jacket - H&M Choker - Ebay http://fave.co/1D2wnxW Necklace - Blink 182 http://fave.co/1EUyNTX Shirt - Urban Outfitters Jeans - Primark/DIY Shoes - Vans http://fave.co/1Gl6stx - MUSIC - Royalty Free from Premiumbeat.com - STALK ME - Twitter: https://twitter.com/_rocknrollerr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rocknrollerrblog Instagram: http://instagram.com/rocknrollerr Le blog: http://www.rocknrollerr.com/
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Text Comments (141)
Ladika Citi (1 month ago)
i like the third one
Ladika Citi (1 month ago)
i like the third one
These are all basicaly the same outfit
кушать российские ?
J 7777 (3 months ago)
I hate Rock n Roll
spring cox (5 months ago)
Y as queen
Loren Dela Rosa (7 months ago)
Juwew-wy, I love you already.
Oumayma Ghali (8 months ago)
U are more like a punk girl more than a grunge rock
Mari Holfmann (8 months ago)
Go to 1:02
Hannah Jane Veliz (9 months ago)
The flipaclip music😂💖
Loralei Flint-Newby (10 months ago)
I love your misfits shirt
Jess M (11 months ago)
I would wear these out 🤘🏻
Nanami-chan Yuki (1 year ago)
Ik vind het 2de en de laatste zo leuk, mij favoriete X3
Artcraft Gifthouse (1 year ago)
I like the studs
C.I.A. Official (1 year ago)
Is it ok if I wear my michael jackson thriller jacket I bought it costed a lot of money but its worth it ;)
C.I.A. Official (1 year ago)
Can show how to do a rockstar punk outfit like you where doing but with a preppy look aswell please reply :)
joahnna lirio (1 year ago)
#2 😍
Alyssa Gardiner (1 year ago)
Alyssa Gardiner (1 year ago)
Punk Never Die (1 year ago)
2 and 5 😊
ACE eastwood (1 year ago)
I am only taking inspiration so the 3rd outfit I like with the lepord skin jacket.
Charles Aleksanteri (1 year ago)
alone Misfits \m/
Salma Albazoni (1 year ago)
What if u go to a matallica concert
aitana (1 year ago)
the fourth was my favourite, bracearse the hoodie of blink 182 is 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Romaaan (1 year ago)
ACrackInTheWall2006 (2 years ago)
You have very beautiful thighs. You look great in black stockings.
Jessie Powell (2 years ago)
i NEED that studded leather jacket
Valeria Diaz (2 years ago)
i love it
Janekkela (2 years ago)
Wow!!! This is cool! Hello from Russia!))
Khalani Reed (2 years ago)
The last one was definitely my fav for a concert!
Milly Zapata (2 years ago)
u rocked with all of the outfits!! ;)
Audrey Hepburn (2 years ago)
EBay <3
Tessel van Dijk (2 years ago)
Where are you from? I'm Dutch and your accent sounds like mine.
Ňøtøriü (1 year ago)
Tessel van Dijk lol ik ook
Tessel van Dijk (2 years ago)
Aah wat leuk :)
Rock n Roller (2 years ago)
Ik ben ook nederlands :D
Andre Tempest (2 years ago)
i love these outfits but how am i supposed to mosh in those
xx rhea (2 years ago)
so I have dance (we have to dance for a school event) and the theme is rock/alternative and I needed help with outfits ❤ thank you for this video.
Lethal (2 years ago)
did you put the studs on the jacket yourself?
Samantha V (2 years ago)
BLINK 182 necklace omg!!!!!!!!
Samantha V (2 years ago)
4th was my fav bc of the blink182 hoodie hahaa
Gabi (2 years ago)
love the misfits shirt
Josh Nelson (2 years ago)
The last one
Aria Fitzgerald (2 years ago)
Red Hot Chili Peppers...Next Friday!
Dani Lynch (2 years ago)
Lately i've been obsessed with rock bands and wearing leather jackets and rock cloths basically Thank you this helped alot 💘
Rock n Roller (2 years ago)
Felicity Urselmann (2 years ago)
love the leather jacket with studs and leopard print-awesome
angelicawhat (2 years ago)
Virghitler (2 years ago)
You have a nice shirt
FRANKIE (2 years ago)
i love bershka :O
Katie w (2 years ago)
Love the blink stuff!
isa n (2 years ago)
Judith Acuña (2 years ago)
Omg u look exactly like Kelly from Misfits, the one with chav accent, lol.
Bish_imma_cow (2 years ago)
You style us literally the same as me
Bish_imma_cow (2 years ago)
Omg that leather jacket 😻😻😻😻
Bethany Francia (2 years ago)
Torn between wearing a) jeans and a t-shirt or b) a similar outfit to #2 in the video. Idk :(
Rosana Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Where do u get the blink 182 necklace
Evelyn Eden (3 years ago)
Na één zin wist ik dat je Nederlands was haha! Je roze haar is fantatisch
Meg Green (3 years ago)
The outfit with the Misfits t-shirt <3
Desenfoque Burdeo (3 years ago)
creo... creo que le gusta Blink182
Ashlee Hook (3 years ago)
You're really likeable. Like in the first 3 seconds of watching this video, I hit the like button. :)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Abi c ahw thank you so much <3
Isabela Rubio (3 years ago)
your outfits are killer ;)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Isabela Rubio thank you so much :D
XxLucijaxX (3 years ago)
I love your style so much
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+XxLucijaxX thank you so much :D <333
Samantha Rae (3 years ago)
I have to watch these for outfit inspiration because all the others are girly and not my style love the outfits by the way your styles amazing
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Dark Angel thank you so much :D <3
Kalia Lee (3 years ago)
Omg, the second outfit is just 😍😍
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Kalia Lee thank you so much :D <3
Marina González (3 years ago)
oh my god i need the blink182 jacket and necklace😻😻😻😻😻
The BeBe (2 years ago)
+Rosana Rodriguez From E-Bay :))
Rosana Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Do u know where she got it
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Marina González All ebay!! :D haha <3
Ya'elleLücht (3 years ago)
Are you dutch? :) (I am)
Ya'elleLücht (3 years ago)
Vond de video super leuk btw :)
Ya'elleLücht (3 years ago)
Nice 😍😍
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+FashionFilter Yes! :D
deadfriday (3 years ago)
omg i love your blink necklace
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+deadfriday ty :D I got it on Ebay!!
Marena (3 years ago)
BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude i need your jacket!!! And the necklace
hxmmingsway (3 years ago)
I absolutely adore you
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+hxmmingsway i love you
Keriann lettieri (3 years ago)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Marisol Luna YAAHS <33
Brooklyn Snow (3 years ago)
4th is my fav
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+trendy slendy ty :D <3
Habeeba Ayub (3 years ago)
Second one definitely x
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Habeeba Ayub <3
What is your favorite rock band? And punk?
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Maria Lavigne Blink 182!!!!
Eloisa Del Moral (3 years ago)
Muchas gracias me has ayudado bastante :'3
Elizabeth - (3 years ago)
Where did you got your Blink necklace, i absolutely love it xo
Elizabeth - (3 years ago)
+Rock n Roller Thank you :)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Eliza Hemmings I got it on Ebay!! They pop up every once in a while, just keep your eyes open :D <33
Brianna Elfe (3 years ago)
The last two were my favorite they were great
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Brianna Lestrange <33
LucysCorner (3 years ago)
Loved all these outfits, you're so pretty omf😍
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+LucysCorner <33
Ashley Laflare (3 years ago)
the last one 😍
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Ashley Diaz <3
CallmeDaylight (3 years ago)
Oh god, you are so fucking awesome! Love your video's already, keep this going! :D
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+CallmeDaylight thank you so much!! <3
no wjes (3 years ago)
hey are u from denmark or nederland? :D Love ur style btw!!
pasi8800 (3 years ago)
the last one was my favourite!
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+pasi8800 <3
Justyna Parchanska (3 years ago)
With white top! 👽👍🏻
ten minute makeup (3 years ago)
The 2nd one was my fav!
Saskia van der Hoef (3 years ago)
The second and the last one were my favourite! Those Dr Martens and Vans looked so nice with them :)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Saskia van der Hoef <3
catamashii (3 years ago)
The 2nd and the last one were my favs! You have such a cool style. ^-^ <3
universally speaking (3 years ago)
I love the third oneee. Think I'm gonna wear something like that to my next concert :) <3 I would love you to do another Jamming with Jenny ♡♡
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Nobody's hero yaaahhs <3
crowbrat1 (3 years ago)
i cant decide dammit! they're all cute! :)
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+crowbrat1 <3
katsudonn (3 years ago)
Outfit goalss <333
Hannah Jervis (3 years ago)
Outfit 3! You dress so gosh darn cool in general though.
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Hannah Jervis <33
xSlsox (3 years ago)
the last one was my fav! mainly beacause it reminds me of Jenna <3
Caitlyn Court (1 year ago)
xSlsox Jenna McDougall? Also I love your profile pic!!
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+xSlsox Jenna <3
Lori Sloan (3 years ago)
I am obsessed with that studded leather jacket in the first outfit. I just love your channel.. You ROCK girl ! !
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Lori Sloan :D <333
Elsie Cheyne (3 years ago)
This may seem like an odd question, but could you please do a video in dutch with subtitles, maybe? Its just I'm learning dutch!
Elsie Cheyne (3 years ago)
That's alright, it was a request not a command! don't worry 'bout it xx
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Elsie Cheyne Ohh that takes sooooo much time! I'm so sorry but I really don't want to do that :$ But if you need something translated, I'm here to help :D
Alina Sorochan (3 years ago)
the last one :)
Emmelie Herwegh (3 years ago)
Ohhh die all black Dr. Martens zijn leuk! Ik heb ook zwarte, maar dan met de klassieke gele details. Die outfit vind ik ook het leukst, samen met de op een na laatste :)
Yui Reiko (3 years ago)
3rd outfit was soooo good
Vastez (3 years ago)
Shirt + jeans all the way, rest will all dissapear in the black pit
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Vastez hahahahaha true :')
Lunacy (3 years ago)
Yes that UNIF shirt is my favorite!
Rock n Roller (3 years ago)
+Lunacy :D <3
mixedmymedicine (3 years ago)
De tweede is leuk! :D Echt mijn style ^^ <3
Lieke Jongenelis (3 years ago)
Last oooone, because; Vans C:

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