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GTA 5 PS4 - NEW Mine Tunnel System Found NEW SECRET LOCATION & MYSTERY (GTA 5 Next Gen)

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Text Comments (394)
Explotato Gaming (9 months ago)
I tried blowing up the door but it didn’t work
ninja master (1 year ago)
Yes you can
Demonized (2 years ago)
that tunnel scary asf on god
Strex (2 years ago)
works online
Kapi C (2 years ago)
can u get in there in online?
Marco Corona (2 years ago)
ItsCruz Live (2 years ago)
Ive been there online
matthew carman (2 years ago)
yes you can go in mine online
Adrian lovesgloria (2 years ago)
yes you can do it online too
Daijha Jackson (2 years ago)
Topkid Conner (2 years ago)
I got stuck in and I jade to change character
Chxpo- Queen (2 years ago)
Tommyboy Tommyboy (2 years ago)
yes you can
Rhys Jackson vlogs (2 years ago)
You can go in online
sonny day (2 years ago)
is it brand new ? awesome really awesome brand new awesome video, new brand new awesome brand video new, awesome
dayton brown (2 years ago)
theres gonna be DeLorean at the end of the mineshaft
sonny day (2 years ago)
no theres gunna be_______________________________ NOWT
GHG - Kaptan Afyon (2 years ago)
Am i just the one who realized that his map was the middle finger? Lol.
#1JCole Fan (2 years ago)
lol I just realized it
Naruto709 Uzumaki (2 years ago)
it works online
SprinG TrapAsf (2 years ago)
the body isn't in online is only on single player
CallumAnd Jorjas (2 years ago)
That's so creepy bro
Dardan Danger (2 years ago)
Helped so much
TAG (2 years ago)
still can't find it..
DeSappigeEend Quack (2 years ago)
I can't even break open the door
Mofker GT (2 years ago)
+Jappelus it works on ps4 xbox one pc doesnt work on ps3 xbox 360
Efe (2 years ago)
or only pc
Efe (2 years ago)
work only ps4, xbox1 andpc
Androfier (2 years ago)
Is this a randomized thing that the body is there or not? Cause I went in that mine in story mode and no dead body.
Ugly Bananaa (2 years ago)
also online.
kfc gamer45 (2 years ago)
yes you can do it online too on the PS4
Jaden Wilson (2 years ago)
vanoss got in so yea its possible online
Good flop (2 years ago)
in der tunel geht es noch weiter nur si ist su
Steven Kratz (2 years ago)
You can
Brad Davies (3 years ago)
I'm online now in the mine shaft
Brad Davies (3 years ago)
Xbox 1 and ps4
Aiden (3 years ago)
works onley on xbox1 ps4
Josh Mccart (3 years ago)
You should do a video on what gta 6 could be like they might add a flashlight app to your phone for all the dark places
Mathew Guthrie (3 years ago)
body is story mode only
HockeyBro58 (3 years ago)
You can but the dead body isn't there
Nathan JD (3 years ago)
You can enter online
coldfire 71077 (3 years ago)
No the dead body is your character in LA Noir he is th detective
GHG - Kaptan Afyon (2 years ago)
No there is a mission for it that body is a friend of soloman richards
Konrad Bäck Davidsson (3 years ago)
I Know Rex Craig i am mot dumb😂😂
Poepie Strontje (3 years ago)
I walk inside but i didn't see a body
sherrie martin (3 years ago)
CAPTIN JJE (3 years ago)
on hidden mineshaft video you can go in it online ps4 edition by the way
Wood Yee (3 years ago)
You can
cuney hassan (3 years ago)
I have next gen, I can get into the mine but there's no dead body there?
pabloagth (3 years ago)
maybe it has something to do with L.A noie?
tim schellingerhout (3 years ago)
in online you can also enter it, it also works by ramming a car into it, but the body isnt there in online(at least in the pc version)
Konrad Bäck Davidsson (3 years ago)
Fuck you
Konrad Bäck Davidsson (3 years ago)
Is not working for ps3
+konrad däck davidsson no , you are just deaf
Konrad Bäck Davidsson (3 years ago)
+Rex craig i Know i am not dumb
T- REX (3 years ago)
Dum ass he said it would not work for ps3
Konrad Bäck Davidsson (3 years ago)
+Hallvar Lunde fuck you
Mr.Jeffey 2486 (3 years ago)
it look like a zombie.
helping a friend with the game on new Gen but I'm in the mine no body
Dylan Franquiz (3 years ago)
Yes u could do it online
Dylan Franquiz (3 years ago)
Yes u could do it online
Mark Scolyer (3 years ago)
the elevator in fort zancudo still does not open
Tim Javornik (3 years ago)
yes you can enter it online !
Johnathan Hadley (3 years ago)
hey you can enter the mine online on ps4
John Fletcher (3 years ago)
it works online I did it
NeilandCarey Hough (3 years ago)
Looks like Stubbs the Zombie to me.
itzCharli (3 years ago)
Guys... If you fail to ragdoll when you die, it is the same pose as the body...
ML Vergara (3 years ago)
I cant open it in xbox 360 i used rpg sticky grenade grenade and grenade launcher but i found a leonara johnson scrap
Julian Decampos (3 years ago)
That's because it's only for ps4,Xbox1, and PC.
On The PS4 The Map Is Change The Map Isn't Like Your Map So Can You Show Us The Location When You Beat The Story
LukesOnMC (3 years ago)
Yeah works online
Harinton Cruz (3 years ago)
how you enter online
VeoN Vortex (3 years ago)
Yes u can
Caleb Ragan (3 years ago)
Or just drive a car through the door
Thomas Holland (3 years ago)
I went in it and it was pretty scary Lmaoo my lil bro is like now I don't wanna go to sleep
Itz Jet (3 years ago)
Manuel Lopez (3 years ago)
When you go inside the tunnel does something jumpscare you
Cerwyn Lewis (3 years ago)
+oliver ritter is it big?
Caleb Ragan (3 years ago)
No but I drove my car into and throughout the mineshaft
he body refrences la.noire a rockstar games
Ghostlyman 53 (3 years ago)
Dead body is a murder mystery that once you figure it out it allows you to make your game black and white
Edamaris Cordero (3 years ago)
Yeah it does work online i just tried it
Collin Kors (3 years ago)
Wtf a bad video your map is not hole complete
Delighla Alvarado (3 years ago)
How come on my next gen when i go into the mine the dead body isnt there?😭
T- REX (3 years ago)
+Adi yes it it u blind ?
A (3 years ago)
It isn't there in online.
Jacob Whitlock (3 years ago)
yes you can
ELMER Rivas (3 years ago)
Why cant you make strang videos about xbox 360 or ps4
Bobo T (3 years ago)
My ps4 version had no body in the mine. That's weird. Is that an online thing only?
PredatorFrost (3 years ago)
Is this only on new gen
Pamela Cousin (3 years ago)
JAYRADO08 (3 years ago)
Yeah you can enter it online. I just found this tunnel and I been playing gta since it came out lol its pretty cool
Brawlee Sedore (3 years ago)
I've tried it online and it works
Gemz4life (3 years ago)
That dead guy have Michael Jackson shoe
Donovan Bell (3 years ago)
Yes you can open it
You can
Lieutenant Duck (3 years ago)
Might be a referece to LA:Noire? I know both of these games were made by rockstar, and that guy seems to be dressed from that time period.
Fox Jurgiel (3 years ago)
ioe of the tunnels i threw a molotov and something invisible caught fire and ran down the tunnel
Xerxes / Kronos (3 years ago)
MAN FUCK THE NEXT GEN CONSOLES! whether the ps3 doesn't have enough data or not its not that fucking hard to add in a damn tunnel. i'd rather have the tunnel than the damn heists as they have just broken the last gen console gta 5. fucking bullshit
M.O. (3 years ago)
Cheap ass upgrade
Nazzy (3 years ago)
+illiterate thug For an illiterate thug, you have some wise words.
illiterate thug (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Solorzano Get a bounty on you, hide in the far end of the  tunnel with your personal vehicle (most expensive) parked on the surface directtly above you in the tunnel, proxy mine the tunnel leading upto you every 50 yards, and then let the fun commence. Once somebody is walking around your car wondering where the fuck you are, ring a mugger or mercenaries. or put a bounty on them. Lots of fun
John S (3 years ago)
+Sharkasm what the hell do you wanna do in a tunnel with a dead body in it?
Xerxes / Kronos (3 years ago)
+GrandTheftAutoCheats get the fuck out of here.
Shameika Isaac (3 years ago)
You can go in it online
Fadreka Green (3 years ago)
Yes it can be
edward walters (3 years ago)
I completed the murder mystery
Ali Soboh (3 years ago)
Nice 👍
Samantha Leon (3 years ago)
U can't enter online :-(
Jenny Macgill (3 years ago)
Chris Cooper (3 years ago)
Synester 21 (3 years ago)
you can enter online
O_Lmao 209 (3 years ago)
You can did it
Batmanjim 85 (3 years ago)
yes it can be done online
Dan Data (4 years ago)
Looks like a nod to fallout 3 to me.
Dan Data (4 years ago)
Brian Hastings (4 years ago)
Walk through the tunnels long enough and the door you blew up to get in respawns fully hiding you inside
Brian Hastings (4 years ago)
You can get in it online but the dead body is only there in story mode
Dipper Nation_1 (4 years ago)
Online works
leann sumpter (4 years ago)
Yes you can do it online
shawn lopez (4 years ago)
can  open it up on xbox360
richard wright (4 years ago)
not really a secret if you show the world but awesome find
Tristan Vlogs (4 years ago)
Juking up be h

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