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World's Hottest Substance Vs Coldest Substance

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Text Comments (35764)
MrBeast (8 months ago)
Subscribe or I'll have the viking kill your fish
What if i already am
Darlin Alvarez (25 days ago)
The lunatic Cultist (27 days ago)
I don’t have a fish. I’m subbed already
Know The Unknown (1 month ago)
I don't have a fish you uncultured swine
Romero Ragsag (2 months ago)
+Johnathan Rodriguez shut up
Diabetes For you (20 minutes ago)
Damn that chevy
Explorer Tiger5 (46 minutes ago)
Cant believe u did so much stuff to the wall and house or somethin 😂😅
Dan tdm (2 hours ago)
Hi Jim aka mr beast
Sander johannsen (3 hours ago)
Fire on grass:👌
my fortnite account and cookies are gone
Angon Katwang (5 hours ago)
9:34 😂
Gacha Kyutie (6 hours ago)
This is why beast doesnt have any neighbours
MNMisra Misra (8 hours ago)
3:11 legit thought it was blood🤣🤣
Olivia De Lucia (9 hours ago)
im very satisfied
Carla Crews (9 hours ago)
Who is the person flexing if you are only following 2
Ronan McPherson (9 hours ago)
Mr beast ninja i love you earlier he killed ninja with fireworks.
slama mama (10 hours ago)
when your wife gets pregnet 4:17
Issaih YT (10 hours ago)
I wonder how much Mr.Beast janitors get paid
Nicole Moore (10 hours ago)
TROY WHO (11 hours ago)
3:37 LMAO 😂
Brandyn Cronin (11 hours ago)
Family friendly pink guy and friends
Rusty Variable22 (11 hours ago)
Boo Jake 👎👎👎👎👎 Your right Jimmy
Lord of Russia (13 hours ago)
finally pepsi can be put to good use
Coloto :v (14 hours ago)
-330°? The minimun temperature you can reach is -273
Coloto :v (13 hours ago)
+shlistenburg the 0 Kelvin or 0 K os the lowest temperature could exist 0 Kelvin equals -273° It can nota exist -274° or -330
shlistenburg (13 hours ago)
what about on other planets
STORMY (15 hours ago)
Worlds hottest substance is plasma
Daily Tripp (15 hours ago)
6:04 what?
luna reacts (16 hours ago)
Todoroki in a nut shell
Gamer 572 / Mobile (16 hours ago)
10:03 : pause it and you see Chris is wearing shorts.
Owen Fish (17 hours ago)
Why did you use the game pigeon song
Connor Laws (20 hours ago)
The alone meme
Ethan Pastian 2.0 (20 hours ago)
And that’s how bottle rockets where made"..
The Suspect (20 hours ago)
yolodanstagueule (21 hours ago)
-330° is impossible the lowest temperature achievable is -273,15° Oh wait sorry you're just using the retarded measurement system
Jimmy Chant (21 hours ago)
but mr beast i dont have a fish and anyways im a subscriber
Galaxy Playz (21 hours ago)
william tanttari (21 hours ago)
ï domyt have fish
Universitalitise _ (22 hours ago)
Want a cookie Cost- Nothing because i aint greedy
Marvel Prodigy (22 hours ago)
This was back when mr beast hated PewDiePie
Foxy gamer (1 day ago)
Pepsi means is ded... Read this upside down Isded
Jimmy Chant (20 hours ago)
Top Trendies (1 day ago)
If you don't fail you get cobblestone if you fail you get obsidian.
ElliottCory (1 day ago)
2:55 they destroyed your yard
why dont firemen use this to end fire?
Bulletproof Solider (1 day ago)
I do follow your Instagram and subscribed to you but I don’t have that much mussels :/
Unknown Doggo (1 day ago)
Eshal’s House (1 day ago)
How dare you do that to a precious Harry Potter Book!
Quartzcpw (1 day ago)
The baby is the one that threw the rock
Jesbkjesbk (1 day ago)
0:28 "says F word"
Michael M (1 day ago)
Why You Said The F Word?
Chaos Jay (1 day ago)
Harry Potter is better then shrek but the bible is better then any movie basically
SyspiriX _ (1 day ago)
U forgot about pewdiepie vs t Series
Reynold Tan (1 day ago)
I love your videos MrBeast
Pink Unicore (1 day ago)
I don't have fish
suzie young (1 day ago)
then kill me!! I'm only a bug
Cactusanian Cactus (1 day ago)
Jello mini gun
Tristen Ng (1 day ago)
6:41 nice visible penis line bro 😉
Elemental Wolves (1 day ago)
Sky No last name (1 day ago)
Mrbeast: constantly doing dangerous things people near him: WHAT IS UP WITH JIMMY
Luke Mozeleski (1 day ago)
At 8:28 I literally spit my cereal all over🤣🤣🤣🤣
xKOS13YTx (2 days ago)
Pabrosof Gousparl (2 days ago)
Gang Slammer (2 days ago)
did you just draw the tiger in paint 3D
S d XGamer (2 days ago)
How did you do that cannon
Brian Smith (2 days ago)
Noobpro360 (2 days ago)
how did a storm trooper hit you
OH Gam1ng (2 days ago)
Do you moisturize ?
Fuuled BY Chocolate (2 days ago)
Don't kill my fish
Fuuled BY Chocolate (2 days ago)
Don't steal my cookies
ANDY PROFFER (2 days ago)
See how long y’all can go without electronics
Mr Gamer2060 (2 days ago)
Mr Gamer2060 (2 days ago)
peaceingmark (2 days ago)
5:47 song is Virtual Riot - Energy Drink
Bella Yancey (2 days ago)
hes a awesome jerk
Leo Games (2 days ago)
8:26 thank me later
Savion Reid (2 days ago)
cold vs. heat. Cold rekt heat
Yeager Fassl (2 days ago)
I’m satisfied
David Greenaway (2 days ago)
Why you wanna kill ninja
Alexander Piotrsson (2 days ago)
JIMMY paper is made out of wood
Cole dustin (2 days ago)
Lol who else thought he was actually gonna ram his car into the wall
Emily G (2 days ago)
chaotic evil
Brogan Close (2 days ago)
You get Obsidion
Oskarinis (2 days ago)
i thought they going to get obsidian
Mya Tagalicud (2 days ago)
How about you could use the liquid nitrogen for all the fire skins in Fortnite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
georgy bitaev (2 days ago)
marko (2 days ago)
rock wins
Shirag Hovsepian (2 days ago)
U guys made a volcano of soil when u put the pic of ninja on it
Christian in 't Veld (2 days ago)
{\___/} ( * - * ) ( - )( - ) Subscribe to pewdiepie
Wendy Carrasquillo (2 days ago)
Jake the Viking sucks
Ng Say Keong (2 days ago)
Logan is better than you
Devan Vargo (2 days ago)
ClassicKristoffer (2 days ago)
JUL3S C0RPUZ (3 days ago)
pewdiepie gonna lost help him
Caesar Casares (3 days ago)
You should do liquid nitrogen vs chlorine trifluoride or dicyanoacetylene
crying ca5 (3 days ago)
10:41 I will pretend I didnt hear that... ;-;
Gacha Moosic (3 days ago)
sub to pewdiepie.
NS (3 days ago)
It does
Physko Zycklo (3 days ago)
Thank you for using harry potter
Aiden Lecouras (3 days ago)
# Red Bull
Shawn Castillo (3 days ago)
Redbull gives you farts
The Sloppy Tuber (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie vs T Series

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