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How to play Living on a Prayer By Bon Jovi

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Text Comments (31)
Mihir Bapat (1 year ago)
The prechorus is repeating the g note
Lightravage 27 (1 year ago)
Thank you, this is very helpful
TheRoyalPotato (1 year ago)
Imperial march
Golden Rule (1 year ago)
Definitely the easiest tutorial I have found on here!
Golden Rule (1 year ago)
Thanks mucho! Love it. Do you have a vid on the easiest way to cover the song JUMP's solo? Thank you!
Robert Hill (2 years ago)
Request : First part of "You win Again" by Jerry Lee Lewis LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!!
Samurai Pigu (4 years ago)
bumblebee286 You call it gay but at least he didn't have to watch the video first!
Ch Ouelle (6 years ago)
What about the ending, when it goes higher?
itdatanow (6 years ago)
and then F at the end...
Samuel Vichenzo (6 years ago)
hey, i am a new piano player and im wondering if you could make a piano tutorial on fur elise i know how to play some of it but i need ur help. and also i have learned two of your songs already... thanks for the help!!!
Pam McClain (6 years ago)
Do i hear you calling A key as being E also?? Other than that, I love your tutorial.... Correct me if i am wrong, been taking keyboard lessons for a year and I REALLY need a song to play within the next month at a classy restaurant that my instructor plays..... I will be singing as well..................... I only ask because I am all about learning from ppl like you! Thanks!
Jason Payton (6 years ago)
acctually the intro is you do a Cm but it uses these notes with a synth F# E B And play these notes while holding Cm C D E Thats the real intro
Lucas Russo (6 years ago)
can you make keep the faith from bon jovi?
grove4mylife (6 years ago)
Justin Long (7 years ago)
so when are you gona play living on a prayer...
twgirl1 (7 years ago)
MrDarkangel903 (7 years ago)
you're to FUCKING PRO'!!!! congratz and keep doing those greats videos!! :)
Ann Psuturi (7 years ago)
thank you for a tutorial.Can you make a tutorial for any Nickleback songs?
coolchesse6011 (7 years ago)
you told me to put a comment on here sooo i did.....yep
Viktor Stille (7 years ago)
drunken man:D whit sleight of hand 3:24
GridOR (8 years ago)
thats the piano we use in school during music class! btw nice video
Flavia Andrade (8 years ago)
you did a great job thanks i really need help thank you
JAF Flores (8 years ago)
could you do Always? It'll be cool!
Bráulio Emilio (8 years ago)
Could you do a lesson on Sonata Arctica - fullmoon?
Jon Erik Josephsen (8 years ago)
cool voice! nice tut
Colin Synoz (8 years ago)
@julien5019 i can give u the intro but no bass
Derek Peterson (8 years ago)
@julien5019 i actually already have one, you can find one on my channel
Derek Peterson (8 years ago)
@funnylemons99 i actually already have one it is on my channel, its one of the newer videos
tkmrbump (9 years ago)
@Casstiel94 I have a read my midn tutorial on my page for the synth if u want it :)
Tobias Storli (9 years ago)
Yeah do things from The Killers MR. Brightside or somebody told me =)
Jade Nesta (9 years ago)
yeh! so shuv it up ur arse, and thank you for the tuturial xxx its gr8

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