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Gangsters, Guns & Zombies (full-length movie)

79 ratings | 14140 views
Brit horror that pits the scariest bunch of gangsters alive against an army of the undead in the ultimate gangsters vs. zombie showdown! We follow a getaway driver for a group of gangsters who finds himself up against an unexpected enemy when his latest job coincides with the start of a zombie apocalypse. (2012) Main cast: Vincent Jerome as Q Huggy Leaver as Tony Fabrizio Santino as Crazy Steve Cassandra Orhan as Cassie Frank Rizzo as Pat Charlie Rawes as Muscles
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Text Comments (6)
Christine Cristobal (29 days ago)
Fatiha Dieflow (3 months ago)
No subtitel man Btw this so funny xD RIP Steve
Danielle Pulido (4 months ago)
Nice movie...got Steve...
Hunter X Manga (4 months ago)
Crazy Steve and Q were my favorite characters RIP steve
Sunshine Mambollo (4 months ago)
Hahahahaha so funny 😆😆

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