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1000 Melting Men At Berlin: Global Warming Awareness

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1000 little ice men recently made an artistic stand against global warming in Berlin, Germany. Such a show had previously been performed in Brazil where Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo carved 1000 little ice men as a project for the World Wildlife Fund. It has also been replicated in France, Japan and Italy, but this is the first time that the public has been allowed to participate. The short time taken to melt the little ice men brings across the message that the consequences of global warming are very real and could easily affect each and every one of us. For more readings and videos on creative designs and concepts, visit http://www.99fallingapples.com
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Fatima kaskas (3 years ago)
selvi bhaskar (4 years ago)
It's very good job, ( i am indian )
174x5 (5 years ago)
What a bunch of stupid bullshit. They all melt in 30 minutes proves sweet F all. The next day will be either warmer or cooler and they will melt over a different time span so what? Proves nothing.

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