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Top Secret Spooky Underground Tunnel or Bunker - Part 4

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I returned on my own again. This time with x2 4D Maglites with bulb upgrade kits throwing out 440 lumens. Also tried out a first person head cam. This actually shows you guys what it is like to walk around in there. Also ran a colour correction on the video so it looks a bit more normal. It's a short video but shows the secondary smaller tunnel and the ladder system in the main room. I'm hoping some team mates come next time and we can finally crack it - maybe find a way out? Or a way in?
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Daredevil (10 hours ago)
Finally turned off that damn purple lens...acting like the rocks were purple lmao
Norby Urs (1 month ago)
Just saw your video about the tunnel featured in "Top 5 Scariest things Caught on GoPro Camera" (https://youtu.be/RJoT-pszIxQ?t=248) ... Good Job, i liked all the clips from the tunnel "series"
StreetZips (1 month ago)
+Norby Urs Thank you. More videos coming in 2019!
Norby Urs (1 month ago)
+StreetZips Thought so that's why i left you the link ... Thanx for the awesome content and also courage. Many thanx from Arad/ Romania
StreetZips (1 month ago)
Ha, never knew it was featured!
Matt Matt (2 months ago)
yap this video nice and creepy
nathan whitworth (3 months ago)
It looks like some kind of Major drainage system , but its huge . And whats with the massive inspection doors ? very strange . Do you have any more information on this ?
StreetZips (3 months ago)
I went back a few weeks ago with a snake cam! Uncovered some more secrets - video will be up hopefully on Friday - Hell Tunnel Part 8!
The Bandit (3 months ago)
i must confess this is better than most horror films lol
Mary Johnson (4 months ago)
I want to see pt. 7!!! And please , when u do make pt. 7, go up the ladder!!! I want to see what is up there!!! Go all the way up and into the room at the top of the ladder!!! Bring a freaking group with you and a bunch of high powered flash lights! And perhaps a weapon, just to be on the safe side!
Marshal Dillon (4 months ago)
This has to be underground the Rothschild's illuminati house!
Boris Ho (5 months ago)
This is where Government keep their giant earthworm​, the one which gave birth to Donald Trump!
charlotte smith (6 months ago)
Any chance you can do another one of these videos
StreetZips (6 months ago)
Hell Tunnel 8 will be done on my next holiday in 3-4 weeks!
leroy johnson (9 months ago)
Whoever dragging that metal was definitely following you
TheGamingDrummer (10 months ago)
Those metal noises are cars driving over manhole covers because that’s a storm drain or a missile silo
ill web (11 months ago)
White people crazy
Kraft Zero (1 year ago)
Tbh i would go in there with a bmx or something to go through a little bit faster. Or to get out faster just in case.
Rose Lynn (1 year ago)
Where are these tunnels
issa vibe (2 years ago)
did he ever use the snake can in the center chamber??
Kisu Ant (2 years ago)
keep expecting pyramid head from silent hill to appear when I hear that metal dragging noise. creepy! I think you are brave. you wouldn't ever see me down there. even knowing I find it very interesting!!
sort of look like an old missile launch faculty..... either way pretty ballsy to go there by yourself...... muhahahaaaaaa
Cool Gamer21 (1 year ago)
It's a drain
Tolis Pap (2 years ago)
Can you make a video to see what is above of tunnel?
dooli1981 (2 years ago)
At 4:27 it sounds like a cough or a sneeze from another person.
debayous (2 years ago)
That metal noise is a ghost, they used to use chains but times have changed
BLOOD SHOT (2 years ago)
i dont know its a pick axe but in the video he said it sounds like a pick axe so i said he was pretty calm considering thats what he thought.
TheFallen (2 years ago)
Figured out what the noise is. Its when a car drives over the metal lid.
thebongmaster (1 year ago)
The sound was added in post, each time it was "heard" it had the same level and echo, if it was real it would have had different levels and reverberation in the locations he was in.
Cool Gamer21 (1 year ago)
The "metal lid" is a manhole. I've been in a tunnel, and it doesn't make that noise. It makes a loud thump noise
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
I never thought of that
Lauryn Horne (2 years ago)
outlast 3 comfirmed
Lauryn Horne (2 years ago)
0:21 that's what he said
Marquise Mcdowell (2 years ago)
why is it always just metal noises
sounds like an old sewage drainage
Cool Gamer21 (1 year ago)
Ikr! Stupid people thinking it's a missile bunker!
WorloK (2 years ago)
bro whats behind that trapdoor its bugging me so bad i love these vids man
D.J. 81 (2 years ago)
What country is this tunnel in Europe and where at so i can look it up im from the States Plez. Im a big fan hurry and make part 7
ibdalia (2 years ago)
Hope it is not a blocked sewer n it gives way. ;-)
Jaygo (2 years ago)
OMG it's Pyramid head from Silent Hill
Jaygo (2 years ago)
you must have exceptional medical insurance.
VR2 WUT (2 years ago)
too horrible ⊙▽⊙
Alternate Account (2 years ago)
Bro get some better equipment you know this is the 21st century right there are plenty of cheap affordable flashlights that would beam down that tunnel and as far as a camera you can get a great one for 600 bucks if you know where to look.
imthattinyalien (2 years ago)
fucking creepy
fleetwoodray (2 years ago)
These must be some kind of overflow or runoff system. If that's the case, better watch out or you might just get in deep trouble.
BLOOD SHOT (2 years ago)
seem pretty calm considering the sound of a pick axe being dragged on the floor i would need a clean pair of shorts
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
how do you know it's a pick axe? ever drag one over the floor before?
Rockshox (2 years ago)
cant be fake you can hear the metallic sound echoes
Mae Dionisi (2 years ago)
something "Weird" here I believe.
R797 (2 years ago)
If the noises are real, you better be packin the next time you go in buddy.
ReezyBuz (2 years ago)
ReezyBuz (2 years ago)
Abd i though kill a bidlg spider was scary
TmgBruh (2 years ago)
Get a portable spotlight
frank patton (2 years ago)
+CreateGaming fuck spot light, get a shot gun.
HOUNDDOG179 (2 years ago)
TheThruster24 (2 years ago)
Looks like extensive city drainage, probably full of crackheads.
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
thankyou ma'am
TheThruster24 (2 years ago)
+Nicholas Reando Ah, in that case you have been forgiven.
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
just kidding, it's this damn auto speller on my phone!
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
+TheThruster24 what the fuck are you, and English teacher? cut me some slack, I grew up in a trailer park
TheThruster24 (2 years ago)
+Nicholas Reando *my*
Neon Lights (2 years ago)
how do you find your way back?
MISSION PASSED (2 years ago)
sound like a metal pipe rolling around, weird
ScrabbleMonster1 (2 years ago)
This is where the giant spider pops out and eats you :O)
Dept. of STEM (2 years ago)
Okay, where is the 7th video? I want to see what's in that room at the top of the ladder... Been waiting years. Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Marshal Dillon (4 months ago)
It goes into the Rothschilds illuminati cave!
Ragnarok (2 years ago)
Who is dragging that piece of metal??.... You have to find out man. Cant stop with this. We need to know man.
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
alot of times pipes will make noises similar to the ones you're hearing when air is going through them, sometimes they'll even shake too
Lauryn Horne (2 years ago)
+The Magic Bush there is 😵 alot of echo
Ragnarok (2 years ago)
Send a drone in there with live feed. Tell me if you need help.
The Magic Bush (2 years ago)
+Carrion 666 Sounds pretty fake too since there is no echo
Khym Khym (2 years ago)
never a time to go in omg
Flower (2 years ago)
Did you find out what the metal sound was ? creepy ..
SEIKA (2 years ago)
whats scary about a tube of concrete? there is writing all over the walls throughout pretty much the entire length of the tunnel. it's not like demons spawned and built a carefully measured tunnel leading to some ancient occultist grotto.
Skullbreaker (2 years ago)
I have to say, you have balls. Nice video, again.
Ragnarok (2 years ago)
Could you fix a rc wehicle that you could send into areas you dont want to explore yourself? I know how to get a direct link and get recording on a harddrive outside the tunnel. My expertice is what you want in the parts you wont dear go. But we realy want to find out what that thing that makes the noice. . With me you would not need bigger budget. I can send drones in there.. It does not matter if it where to hit anything. It has protected props.And will stbilice itself in a sec. But you need someone like me.. And you want to know what that metal being dragged are right?? Im only in for the info. Not money. Just the adventure. I have some experience that could be gold worth for you!
sara allsopp (3 years ago)
the metal sound is his balls of steel clanking!!
4:51 look like a hangar and an entranc or exit but for what and why i would go up if its possible.
Blitzz2000 JRB (3 years ago)
What is the purpose of these tunnels ?
Big Nigga (3 years ago)
This is a missile launch site. You can see the metal chamber where the ladder is. You can see that some lights are still on after the cold war......
TheGamingDrummer (10 months ago)
Cool Gamer21 those aren’t pipes those are bolts in the wall
Cool Gamer21 (1 year ago)
It's a storm drain. Those holes are probably smaller drains.
A.Mak (2 years ago)
+Wilhelm Keitel That would be dope when he looks up in the parts of the ceiling where it looks like some sort of light to see some nuclear missiles.
Big Nigga (3 years ago)
Must be in Russia somewhere in Arctic circle
sc0tte1 (3 years ago)
I've watched all the parts of this so far, I really wanna know what's up there! I subbed so hopefully you go back...have you tried pushing the cover up?
DiablosGunTime (3 years ago)
+sc0tte1 I agree, do a return video and look what's beyond it!
Isak Kulker (3 years ago)
5:07 is it blood?
Ethan Cusimano (2 years ago)
Looks like it
FrankChibu (3 years ago)
Thought about leaving a few camera's (trailcam?) behind on your trek, retrieve on way out and see if anything moved behind you? Crazy metal noises!
Fenix (3 years ago)
I'd take some spray cans and mark the way on the walls in case you get lost!
Scott Brodie (3 years ago)
Make part 7!!!! This is best stuff on youtube. I'm sick of watching fake ghost videos. These videos you've made are pretty Scarry and not fake. please make part 7.
The Bandit (3 months ago)
+s brenan You've not been scared. your full of it
Jay Ritch (3 years ago)
I wonder who's making those metal noises. It's either a human or a spirt. Pretty scary.
wardope (2 years ago)
+Jay Ritch (Jjonathanhart) its most likely a cooling tunnel. or sewage tunnels for some plant.. it's Most likely not some top secret plant as ther are next to no security. altho its build in newer time. and the metal noises are either from the plant above or rats.
Renan Mandelo (3 years ago)
The metal noise sounds like Fake. It is The same resonance everywhere. Is the same in the main cam and in the Head cam mic.
Aiden Resnik (3 years ago)
dear streetzips can you tell me the location of this place? its really cool. Also, along with your head CAM you should use one of those lights you can put on your head. thanks!
bobob (2 years ago)
you ever going g to go through that damage hatch
StreetZips (2 years ago)
+Lucifer Satan Probably not, the only reason being is the dangers involved with getting there. I actually fell and split my leg open the last time I went and I couldn't sleep at night if someone got injured out there.
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
+StreetZips when are you going to explore it 100%? why do you keep going only partway thru & turning around? also, do you get scared or nervous in there?
imthattinyalien (2 years ago)
+StreetZips why is that sir ?
I want the lcoation too im from Greece so im not gonna enter this tunnel anyway :P
Brad c (3 years ago)
might be some NSA stuff
Not looking for exact local, but are you State side? (US)
Dept. of STEM (2 years ago)
+cdjheaven He is from the UK. This tunnel is in the UK.
good point
cdjheaven (3 years ago)
+Oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor In Part 5 he says his "torch" light lasts an hour. We call them flashlights State side, not "torches". I am guessing UK?
Anas (3 years ago)
Satans hollow
Judy Hammond (3 years ago)
I feel claustrophobic, just watching this! And panicky. Wouldn't catch me in there. NuhUh! Each time you come to another tunnel opening, I panic. Which way? How to get out? Will you EVER get out? Too much. I could never do this. YOU are CRAZY! How did you know how to get out?
THEG (3 years ago)
das ist ein Abwassersystem und kein Bunker etc.
LeFauxPanneau22 (3 years ago)
How were you able to fit in the tunnel with balls as big as yours?
Frost Tea (3 years ago)
StretZips, when can we expect a return to this place? Do you have any friends that are willing to go along? Do you plan on investigating that metal sound? WE HAVE QUESTIONS.
Beastmodeon (2 years ago)
+StreetZips just do it !! :)
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
+Kratoz Gamingz you bring the shot gun I'll bring a bid, sharp knife a U.S. Navy SEAL friend of mine gave me, a .45, a hi powered flashlight with plenty of batteries. well get through this thing, Man, I wanna explore this so bad!!
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
+StreetZips I want to go!!
Nicholas Reando (2 years ago)
I know. he keeps us in suspense huh?
Iron Maven (2 years ago)
+Kratoz Gamingz lol!! a pocket knife and a 12 gauge...you ARE from here in the U.S! 😂
tahir (3 years ago)
if this is not staged, you have nerves of steel. Just watching these videos is going to give me nightmares.
Abi Folkes (3 years ago)
so brave going on your own and keeping your composure, that metal noise is freaky though. good luck for anymore vids like this one x
M Wing (3 years ago)
Just a city drainage system.
XION BUILDER29 (3 years ago)
its a sewer are the tunnels that are to cross the border
lefty brokehandz (3 years ago)
If you decide to go again I'll roll with you hit me up [email protected] we find out together
phil uk (3 years ago)
omg! you're mad, don't look back it freaks me out..i'd be shitting myself i if lost my bearings...now up the ladder that noise below no where to go, so that's then fucked me up, that sounds like that dude with the long axe from silent hill dragging it
Sasquatch (3 years ago)
greenham common by any chance ?
Vsvp_ Asap12 (3 years ago)
Vsvp_ Asap12 (3 years ago)
oh helll noo that metal noise is freaking me out I know its not a machine because it sounds like its following u
DiablosGunTime (3 years ago)
+Douglas the basement dweller Exactly what came to mind when I heard it!
silent hill pyramid head
Heaven Leigh1 (3 years ago)
doomddomp (3 years ago)
here some things id like to see 1.Better flash light 2.go up that ladder and open that dam fucking door 3.if there more to explore plz do so and maybe take a friend with u with some extra and better 'flash lights' :I
PROBERevealer (3 years ago)
Stop playing in those sewers L☻L
st.louis (3 years ago)
Street zips if your friends family have gotten married an move away ok why don't you form a team ask any one that would like to join you at your adventurers tunnel discovers I'm sure theirs a lot people who would be glad to join you an please bring a gun with you for safety.you no you can not continue doing this all alone eventually you might encounter with creatures you not ready for all alone.just saying you better of bringing more. People with you.
HeyItsIram (3 years ago)
+StreetZips i would to and at the beggining why didnt yiu run that metal was loud
Mason Slate (3 years ago)
+StreetZips I'll be apart of your Tema
StreetZips (3 years ago)
+st.louis edwidge It would be cool to have a team. Would make an interesting set of videos to document adventures where other people are afraid to go. I'm going to try a different camera setup next time for a third person angle. Would be interested to see what you guys think of the angles and experience and let me know your favourites. I have a new torch for next time 'Tiny Monster 3800 lumens'.
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
Time to go, dude, you could have said something, like, hello, who ever you are, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just looking around, I'll leave if this is your place to live.
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
Really, you still on the ladder once you hear that.
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
Mad Skillz Mike (3 years ago)
+Optimua Prima i was like OH MY GOD!!! lol
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
You been in that same area like in the second one, try a different route.
KillTheCurse (3 years ago)
Could those noises possibly be animals dragging metal?
Alden Hays (3 years ago)
That's a theory but what animal could drag that (heavy sounding) piece of metal?
jackrabbitslim614 (3 years ago)
You should carry a scooter for the dry areas dude.
Sarah Phillips (3 years ago)
U can get lost in there
Robot Raptor (3 years ago)
did you say this tunnel was close to the moors in the uk? i live next to the moors theres a few spooky tunnels like this, theres one close to me called the standedge tunnels which are about 4 miles long, i think you can still go down them, quite spooky though, search them on google images
Sol (3 years ago)
Sounded like metel being driped on by something overflowing.
tina louise (3 years ago)
they look like tombs to me
Jerome Becerra (3 years ago)
Bro is this in California!!? im dying to know please
Daniel J (3 years ago)
Better flashlight.... seriously. :/
st.louis (3 years ago)
Fido139 Your puppet is so funny looking are you on face book by any chance on face book I'm star st Louis on face book just saying
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
And bring some company too, at least three guys
StreetZips (3 years ago)
+StreetZips Now I have a Tiny Monster so a total of 6000 lumens for video 6!
Optimua Prima (3 years ago)
+StreetZips and bring a weapon and a someone else with you, just in case something comes up behind you, you both will at least have weapons, come on ppl, use your brains, don't go in places alone, always bring something with you to protect yourself, and stand your ground when you hear weird noises, I won't be a scary cat and just run once I hear something.
StreetZips (3 years ago)
+fido139 This vid had 440 lumens, part 5 has 2200 lumens, makes a huge difference :)
EspritTraceur (3 years ago)
Metro 2033 ? :D I want the 5 part.
StreetZips (3 years ago)
+EspritTraceur It is on here called 'Hell Tunnel', it's all filmed in first person, so watch with the lights off for the full experience :)
Gordon Freeman (3 years ago)
I am surprised you didn't encounter any ''head crabs'' in those tunnels! LOL!
DarthMalluum (3 years ago)
do you ever get scared in there?

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