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Top 5 Largest Ice Breakoffs - Glacier Collapses

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► Top Fives is a Disney Partnered Channel! The power of mother nature can be amazing! If you've ever witnessed an ice break-off like this, let us know in the comments below! *Original content produced in studio by JJO Video Media* Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) Expose Labs (CC), Alaska State Government (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/topfivesyoutube Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.
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Text Comments (622)
Miguel Baptista (8 hours ago)
clapping the death of our planets balanced ecosystem.
Patrick Bateman (19 hours ago)
I say melt the glaciers. What have glaciers ever done for me?
gilles maljournal (2 days ago)
Les gens rient et applaudissent alors que c'est une catastrophe du au réchauffement climatique ??
Ro Mc (2 days ago)
Do research on gulf stream going out
Jacob Chapman (2 days ago)
That damn squirrel
TheJamsh (3 days ago)
The colour of the fresh ice underneath the calving faces is possibly the most beautiful thing ever.
DPB1947 (4 days ago)
I know it's awesome to watch these, but do the people who are clapping realize that each calving brings us closer to the end of civilization?
Geoffrey Lee (5 days ago)
Captain Obvious is here too.
Don Berry (5 days ago)
That's a normal cycle. A thing about weather is that with full time year around coverage you see and hear about every event. So we are programmed maybe.
Max Flou (6 days ago)
why do they clap and laught...stupids -_-
Lady B (7 days ago)
Why are people clapping and excited?? Isn't this bad??
Bumin Soyoguz (7 days ago)
All idiots are laughing for destruction of the world.
M Roseman41 (8 days ago)
Those waves are amazing!!
Dev Kumar (9 days ago)
Very good video
Gilberto Santos (9 days ago)
Pessoas ficam aplaudindo a destruição do planeta.. Meus Deus..
Benyamin Yisrael (9 days ago)
watching this video helped me realize that I have a mental health issue
oOI- GILESY -IOo (10 days ago)
Imagine there was a space ship behind the ice the broke away people’s reactions would be great 😂😂
Amirabas Amirabas (10 days ago)
Just celebrating their extinction!!
Amirabas Amirabas (10 days ago)
Why do they clap?! Crazy!
Mihai Petrisor (10 days ago)
That damned squirrel
Philomena Cesta (10 days ago)
This is so sad
Haris Hodzic (12 days ago)
6:40 is that some kind of monster ?
G. (12 days ago)
Mother Nature. Could be very beautiful and deadly at the same time.
Cristy Jacob (12 days ago)
#1 was so devastating.
BSGT2TREKFAN88 (13 days ago)
1:15 in - tell me that looks like older groot's head/face!
cplai (14 days ago)
This one should replace #2 in your list. https://youtu.be/bsAqqHQcJyU
Kapila Nawaratne (15 days ago)
You really celebrate that?
Tay eu (15 days ago)
this is not fun to watch them break off.but is fun to watch the end of humanity finally came
바람 구름비 (17 days ago)
빙하가 녹아 사라지는건 지구의 재앙인데 웃고떠들고 함성지러면서 좋아할 일이냐?
21LAzgoo we (17 days ago)
This is sad
Ryan Je (18 days ago)
so cool to watch.....amazing....I'm jealous of the people who get to see this everyday.
Brian Smith (19 days ago)
Thankyou Tone.
Brian Smith (19 days ago)
why would anyone put a thumbs down on this? Beautiful camera shots. It's nice to see water come back to life.
Maick (21 days ago)
To the butthurt crying ... THIS IS A PROCESSION THAT HAPPEN EVERY YEAR!!!!
Rebecca Stratton (21 days ago)
Am I the only one who finds this natural occurance so emotional? There's a certain type of sad in this.
LLeoBaka (21 days ago)
Je comprend pas ... en quoi est ce drôle de voir des glaciers fondre !? :o êtes vous conscient que notre fin est proche !? bande d'attardés ! :(
Nethmi .G (22 days ago)
Laughing at the face of our future demise! How ironic🤦🏽‍♀️
Nethmi .G (13 days ago)
Global warming is increasing this process
This is a natural thing thats been happening for millenias
TungstenCarbideTmpr. (23 days ago)
Imagine two polar bears ,sitting there with a hummer and a chisel and with evil smile. And sea lion is swimming there ,is being like” come on you two, hurry the f**k up”! And then with high pitch voice whispering-“oh sh***t, this is gonna be so awesome on YouTube”.
ifthqar khan (24 days ago)
6:45 was that a whale
TheOrangex88 (24 days ago)
I wonder if Al Gore was there with those people who are clapping, and he said “No clapping! This is what I’ve been warning you guys about! I’m super cereal!”
john adams (25 days ago)
The seas will rise again, wiping out most of us, and then in 15k years or so, it will freeze again, and the cycle will turn another revolution. And there is nothing that you can do about it.
Mon H (27 days ago)
*claps for Mother Nature*
Bill Doe (27 days ago)
Look at all the judgmental people. Yet they’re posting from their phones and computers that are powered by electricity that was generated in a coal facility.
David C (27 days ago)
is that really funny?
AA (29 days ago)
Wow the part at 5:30 is really incredible to watch. Music is good. Bravo !
Jim Perry (29 days ago)
What astounding videos. After watching this, just for a moment think about that moving Ice Fall climbers must traverse when taking the climb up Mt Everest. That is pretty intimidating and one the more dangerous parts of the climb. Climbers do not clap when those ice slabs cut lose.
Kevin Lukesch (29 days ago)
6:38 is this a giant whale or a submarine? if its ice where did it come from?
薛陳月美 (29 days ago)
People clapping at global warming
KOHL GUY (29 days ago)
WOW! It's so amazing ! Simply wonderful .
LunatiK At Le Mans 24H (29 days ago)
how can this thing be fun to watch ????
W Jerin (1 month ago)
save nature....
Michele Johnson (1 month ago)
That was a beautiful video some fine camera work... Great job!!!
MYinfinitig35 (1 month ago)
Number one was from the documentary Chasing Ice. Really good documentary.
Ritchie Dummett (1 month ago)
People clapping and laughing at their enjoyment of paying to see our earth melt . So sad .
Ben Chipps (1 month ago)
Wow your #1 video was like watching the “Crackin” awakening from his long slumber....
panzamartin (1 month ago)
The "New Age" music is horrible !! Only the sound of the icemountains would be more then enough !!!
panzamartin (1 month ago)
It would be good to know where theese videos were recorded !! Specially, when this compilation was realy made for educational and informational purposes.
michel vansteenberge (1 month ago)
Triste et dramatique
slaggerthord31 (1 month ago)
Kinda sad
Tracy Keenan (1 month ago)
Erick Moreno Gutierrez (1 month ago)
This is actually sad?
malangope (1 month ago)
number 3 was much bigger than number 2
anuj rajput (1 month ago)
This is not good we future
めんどくさい (1 month ago)
pause at 7:34 notice a human form?
antony Mwangi (1 month ago)
why are the crowds celebrating
diana kh (1 month ago)
That really sad
Mr. Nick (1 month ago)
So sad...
Rohit Singh RAJE (1 month ago)
this is sad
pez cueson (1 month ago)
Why are they clapping? lmfao
LJ Entertainment (1 month ago)
Random Dude (1 month ago)
Fucking ads in the middle of the video? -1
thlippy11 (1 month ago)
The Earth is heating up yay!
mc finn (1 month ago)
The worst thing about these videos... comments.
Honfy Lam (1 month ago)
People cheering and clapping SMH.
People applauding for our upcoming doom 😂😂 Soon all that Ice will melt and overflood the biggest cities
Lookslikecars (1 month ago)
4:30 You can see "ET" written on the Ice - a sign? 😯
Joey Kirby (1 month ago)
Vika Engel (1 month ago)
Why are people saying that this is amazing ?! This is earth crying for help !
Костя Aльфа (1 month ago)
WOOOO. HAHAHAHAH! CLAP CLAP *meanwhile the planet is getting hotter and hotter* WOOOO!!!!! *people clap and get excitement from witnessing them fucking up the world*
sduncan000 (1 month ago)
Would be so much better without the cheesy music - lets hear the sound of the ice
DANIEL S (1 month ago)
1:30 miraaa!!! de quien te burlaste
hkmp5s (1 month ago)
I can't wait until all the melt so we can develop the land and build chemical plants there.
ben switzer (1 month ago)
What causes climate change
Adam Nixon (1 month ago)
Let's cheer and whoop for global WARMING. Idiots.
mayinh74 (1 month ago)
So, this is the edge of the planet!!
Shadow Knows (1 month ago)
Anyone see the bunny at 3:24 ?
Mark McElwey (1 month ago)
People! These are glaciers. It's what glaciers do, have always done, and always will do. They flow. Absolutely NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with global warming!!!
Refzz (1 month ago)
Calving at this rate is unusual. Yes calving has always occured but nowhere near the present rate
ManueL Torrez (1 month ago)
People so stupid why this is scare
Luke Griffith (1 month ago)
6:36 Is that Moby Dick??
Xenith Xenaku (1 month ago)
What music did you use at 6:02?
Rajesh Golder (1 month ago)
lets do more global warming
Love it all I can just taste those Irons in the air.
Blue Peters (1 month ago)
Uncle Willy (1 month ago)
Hans Van Baren (1 month ago)
O o jouch, o o, jouch, jouch o o
ankit mathur (1 month ago)
They are clapping as their end is near.. I can see it coming..
Guillermo Martinez (1 month ago)
It's cool but ain't NOT cool. We fucking Our Planet,look around.
Salmanul faris (1 month ago)
Danger ..sitvatian another port Cupture Sea
Yummy Beats (1 month ago)
Global Warming mirrored.
Stuart Hancock (1 month ago)
I believe the science behind man induced climate change, but anyone who thinks this is evidence of that is just stupid. Glaciers falling into water is an natural as rain coming out of cloud.

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