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Create an Update query in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

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You may also like this: http://bc393wylrusazm13hj275jax02.hop.clickbank.net/ This video will allow you to update the staff wage within a relational database. The instructions are suitable for a Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or any other relational database out there. Easy steps on how to create an advance query in Microsoft Access which can be also applied on other relational databases. Updating wages based on a specific amount e.g. £10 or $10 or 10 euro or even based on a percentage e.g. increase the wage by 10% (ten percent). https://a-webdesign.com/
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Text Comments (6)
Ioannis Ntizoglou (10 months ago)
Rita Maharjan (2 years ago)
thanks man
A Webdesign (2 years ago)
+Rita Maharjan No a problem, glad you found it useful
MatthewX (2 years ago)
can you help me with 2008?
A Webdesign (2 years ago)
+MatthewX not a problem just let me know how?
A Webdesign (3 years ago)
Oper, please note that it does work in all MS Access versions. Please let me know what problem you have so I can help you. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the only language for all the relational databases. So therefore your comment 'not work in access 2007' is incorrect. Speak to you soon.

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