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Elder Scrolls Online Smithing Guide / Tutorial Crafting Styles Armor Weapons Part 1

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Hi everyone. I have had to re-upload this video as the other one was having endless monitization and commercial rights issues. Please consider supporting the channel on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h In this video I run you through a tutorial of how to blacksmith in ESO. I cover, materials needed to craft in weaponsmithing / armorsmithing. The general overview of the smithing system. How the STYLE slot works. And creating more powerful items for higher levels. Yes ESO has awesome graphics, it is just my computer that is letting us down here. I was lucky enough to play ESO Beta. This is the third in a series where I will do my best to make tutorials regarding ESO crafting. Please Like, Share, Subscribe, and Comment if you have any questions or info that could help me or any other players. Also with this being one of my first video I am very open to constructive criticism, if anyone wants to lend some pointers to help me with future videos that would be awesome. Peace out -Camel
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Text Comments (71)
Wanderingwalker 1990 (15 days ago)
Started as noble knight, I now spend more time burglarising homes for supplies 🤷‍♂️😂😂
werewolf914 (1 year ago)
I'm stupid I guess I should just check shops, I went to craft Medium armor and had no clue what the little picture of the Material is, also wasn't sure how the style thing worked, I have a punch of Ore and Daedra Hearts and stuff, guess I just needed to go though til I find the Wood Elf one which I could've sworn they were all redded out, I always get tripped up on simple things because I tend to over think everything.
GuardianXwolf (1 year ago)
I had bought the (crown crafting motif 4 : nord style) but I cant find I need help
GuardianXwolf (1 year ago)
They totally fucked up on smithing
river hupp (1 year ago)
Hey i bought some styles, but i don't know how to learn the types? Any help?
Anthony Bragg (1 year ago)
How to learn to make things please tell me I think I'm a noob 😔
Anthony Bragg (1 year ago)
SmashedWorm64 I know now
SmashedWorm64 (1 year ago)
Anthony Bragg same
Demon FromSun (1 year ago)
anyone here play for ps4? if so wanna join my guild? in 6 days i will be arriving at the ritual sight for werewolves and biting a random person. i will be there at 8:30-9 p.m. eastern time USA.
Daniel Houle (2 years ago)
Hikigaya Yukinon (2 years ago)
give example differen use 7 igot and 11 igot
LiveLoveLift92 (2 years ago)
They fucked up smithing and enchanting so bad in this game its sad. Wtf were they thinking.
Fepe The Prog (2 years ago)
I ended up looking at all of the racial styles and picked my race off of that
Fepe The Prog (2 years ago)
Htedomsa Cat (2 years ago)
good explanation the style thing hung me up too
Dia Shooter (2 years ago)
What's the video when u explain how to obtain an extract the materials?
Warren Stanley (2 years ago)
why are you a female
werewolf914 (1 year ago)
Unless you're gay or a straight female why would you not choose to be female? I mean if you're putting tons of hours in a game would you prefer staring at some dudes ass the whole time or a Chicks? Best part is you can adjust the size so it can be just the right size for you, I usually only play as a Dude if I'm Role Playing say an Orc Berserker or something like that.
RedFateMon (2 years ago)
Because real players of Bethesda always choose the female gender
Hunter Strom (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot, me and my friend just got the game
Gary Miller (3 years ago)
xlnt vid.  thx.  thumbs up
Mark Donald (3 years ago)
But where do you go to make stuff. thats all i want to know
CypressPlays (3 years ago)
I am a nord but i want different style than nordic i want deadric
Kevin Avalos (3 years ago)
Ava Carrillo (3 years ago)
I wish Xbox one blacksmith had daedra hearts and all that
GGbro (3 years ago)
+Chance Davis No it doesn't sell daedra hearts
Sinister Beauty (3 years ago)
How did you get your blacksmith tell sell you every style
Archie Francis (3 years ago)
Can weapons be renamed?
Angelo Paone (4 years ago)
I know how to learn it: 1. go into a house 2. search drawers 3. normally there would be lockpicks style ores, and recipes but also motifs 4. read it to leran the style ore!
ryan neish (4 years ago)
where can i find the style ores?
Nick Greene (3 years ago)
+ryan neish the blacksmith sells it
Channel 3 gaming (4 years ago)
soo you can still pick up random herbs from the floor and use them in potions and you can still mine ore from mining points like in the console games?? cuz i played the beta and i couldn't find any points to mine and picking up plants seemed like it was absent for me. maybe i didnt play the beta enough but i couldn't mine or make potions so i assumed it wasnt there.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
Hey man i've nominated you for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you have 24 hours!!!
Mikael Schwartz (4 years ago)
So to go from making Iron armor for my character so the next one, High Iron is it? I'll just have to have the appropriate number of High Iron ingots, right? If I'll keep it in the same racial style and all that, new, better ingots should be the only thing that's needed for the next type of armor?
Mikael Schwartz (4 years ago)
+camelworks Gaming Ah yes ofc! I've gotten the hang of it now :)
Camelworks (4 years ago)
You will also need one point in the blacksmithing skill tree that allows you to make steel weapons and armor (steel is what is created from high iron ore).
Isaac Moone (5 years ago)
Mate someone's nicked you're video
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Where has this video been nicked?
Ferret (5 years ago)
how the fuck did anyone get stuck on crafting? it's basic as shit
Sebastian Machado (5 years ago)
Also can you one shot enemies with a bow like in skyrim or any other elder scrolls?
Sebastian Machado (5 years ago)
Is there deadric weapons? Because the tab had no weapons in it it was blank. If so do they look like what they did in skyrim?
Angelo Paone (4 years ago)
+Sebastian Machado  I think you need to be in a higher level for that.
Camelworks (4 years ago)
Hey mate I have a video up showing you what all the daedric weapons and armor look like :)
Guilherme Schumacher (5 years ago)
hello! congrats for the vids! helped a lot! now, a question: how do i research and how do i use what i've learned? and one more thing: is there a way to deconstruct weapons to learn enchants? ty
Guilherme Schumacher (5 years ago)
+camelworks Nice, thank you for the answer and atention! i'll check ur other vids. About the research, why all traits are locked to me? i need to have the proper weapons/armor to start the research? thanks in advance!
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Okay enchanting is done through a completely new system which uses runs and glyphs, I have 2 videos up on it that explains how that all works. To research something you need to go to a crafting station and click the research tab. Select the item you wish to research, click on the re-searchable trait, select the item with that trait, research it and it will take many hours to complete. once it is complete and researched, you can apply that trait to the item you researched it off, when you are crafting. You also need the corresponding trait gem, so each different trait has a gem, so if you want to add a specific trait you need to have the corresponding trait gem as well.
grtormand3 (5 years ago)
You also gain significantly more inspiration (crafting XP) by deconstructing items from another player. Research "crafting buddy".
TheItrollyoutodeath (5 years ago)
I think they set the price to high on this game, no way it's worth that much. Very good crafting guide vid :) Thanks
Aidan Whyte (5 years ago)
anyone figured how to make steel ingots yet?
Kevin Wranning (5 years ago)
+camelworks yes plz ! 
Rafael Branch (5 years ago)
+camelworks yes! :D
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Yeah for sure mate would you like me to make a video or how to make steel?
Rafael Branch (5 years ago)
+Kevin Wranning i also want to know that
Kevin Wranning (5 years ago)
+camelworks how do u get high iron ore then ?  
Kavorius Kavorius (5 years ago)
How many tiers of materials are there? Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Orcish Daedric? If what I watched is correct and the styles apply to armor too? Is it possible to have an Iron Daedric Cuirass? I might be getting ahead of myself but let's assume what I said was correct. If that's 5 base materials and there's 12 styles that's like 65 different styles of heavy armor cuirass.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
I do believe this is possible - okay so there are 9 different refined materials. There are 14 different craftable styles. And also keep in mind there are 5 quality levels which also change the appearance of the item. So considering 9 materials, 14 styles and 5 quality levels - we will see 630 different craftable armor skins. And also each special crafting locations' armor set has a unique skin as well. So there is tons and tons of different looks going around :)
Mike Jones (5 years ago)
What were the endless monitization and commercial rights issues you were having?
Camelworks (5 years ago)
It said i needed to prove my rights and owner ship of the video, but the drop down box to select and send youtube my proof was greyed out. So i couldn't send them my proof, and i kept getting warning emails saying I had X amount of time to prove my rights. SO i took it down myself and reuploaded it - No issues since.
Lems (5 years ago)
I found a book that let me craft khajiit when I am a Nord
Suki Maki (5 years ago)
I'm a Khajiit race in ESO, and when I try to smith/create items, it doesn't show up with any material under the "have knowledge" tick box, however it DOES show all the basic items I can make under the "have item" tickbox.... So my problem is, I have the items needed, which are the iron ingots and style ores, but do not have the knowledge on HOW to make any items? I thought all basic knowledge was unlocked? Or am I meant to find a crafting recipe for the items?
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Strange do you have the trait slot selected to "no trait"? You could be trying to make an item with a trait when you haven't researched any traits ( don't know how to make items with traits ).
Vlad Huxley (5 years ago)
That's not how you find crafting style, you need to pick up a book (item) not a lore book on the ground. Those books are usually inside the chests, the ones that look like in the starting area and also inside nightstands.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
+Vlad Huxley Thanks for all of the help mate, I've now made a video on the racial motifs :)
Vlad Huxley (5 years ago)
Well yea it's a rare drop, but if you know where nightstands are you can come back to that place every once in a while to check it. U Usually it drops lock pick or a couple crafting style gems.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Wow that is lucky, I was looting everything and more!
Vlad Huxley (5 years ago)
I found 2 in the nightstands
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Oh really? So the motifs are found in chests and not on the ground? I read in a forum that they were found on the ground. Thanks for the comment man! Hopefully i can find one in this up coming beta.
John P (5 years ago)
To create other styled armor, you need to find racial motifs books that let you be able to create to create whatever armor the book says once read.
Camelworks (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comment John :) I also cover motifs in smithing part 3
nygus nygusek (5 years ago)
finally :)

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