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Happy Birthday, Muppet Rock Style!

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The Muppet Show's Dr. Teeth and band play hard rock happy birthday to brighten your special day!
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Text Comments (26)
Bill Holt (10 months ago)
Are they saying some words? I can’t make them out! Darn!
Georgiana Hoerster (1 year ago)
Really a Hoot! Thank you
e r (1 year ago)
absolutely outstanding Dr. Teeth, I played this song thru my speakers and blew my hot gt's dress off into her birthday suit.
Valerie Hinsey (1 year ago)
from my son in Houston whom I have't seen in 12 years.
terry white (1 year ago)
To cute
kristi branecki (1 year ago)
Happy Birthday Michelle Samsula
Viera Troppova (1 year ago)
robin breslow (1 year ago)
Vittoria Sgambellone (2 years ago)
belli video
robin breslow (2 years ago)
August 5, 2016! Happy Birthday"
Eric LACROIX (2 years ago)
C'est bien pour notre millésime 66. Juste du bonheur
John Mullagh (3 years ago)
Joe Satriani!
Augmuse (3 years ago)
Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem are a kick ass band! Rock on Muppets!
jlucguitar (3 years ago)
génial   !!!!!
Graciosisimo y muy lindo!!!!....
robin breslow (4 years ago)
My birthday tomorrow!
Gautam Sharma (5 years ago)
thanks christine nd u can feel why u sent me this link :)
Yvonne Rocchio (5 years ago)
Wake Up.....Happy Birthday Lenny.......this should get the blood flowing again....xoxo Bev & Pete
tjbones1771 (5 years ago)
It's my bday and someone posted this link on my fb page. I would really like to know who the actual guitarist was in this clip?
Happy birthday to David, from Spain.
Sari Mercury (5 years ago)
Today is my birthday, and I absolutely LOVE Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem! Thank you!
Draco Volantus (5 years ago)
oday is my birthday is comment of the year xD
Doleful Lions (6 years ago)
Today is my birthday!
3sfts (6 years ago)
oh may god i saw this on my birthday.
Jeremy Patnou (6 years ago)
even though there is obviously no sax or synth in this lol XP
richy bains (1 year ago)
Today is simer birthday wish him

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