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good girls go BAAAD! [females]

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second collab! this time the theme is multifemales. we would love feedback & comments! make sure to leave one, and if you haven't, make sure to subscribe :) also, thanks to lightningxdisaster, fhpdomingo, and xGlowingHeartx for filling in. ● parts (in order of appearance) FORAVAMPiRELOVE - Jessica (True Blood) Adjectivalfulx - Santana (Glee) jumavipe - Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) fhpdomingo- Alice (Hellcats) TwiOth288 - Olive (Easy A) xDisposable - Katie (Skins) devays405 - Jess (New Girl) lightningxdisaster - Blair (Gossip Girl) InevitableDarkFlame - Moira (American Horror Story) smska1995 - Cara (Legend of the Seeker) fhpdomingo - Zoe (Hart of Dixie) ChemAttraction - Alisha (Misfits) BossxInc - Katherine (The Vampire Diaries) Miro0oMariam - Serena (Gossip Girl) devays405 - Faye (The Secret Circle) TheDarkestxDreams - Kahlan (Legend of The Seeker) sculdeurienne1 - Regina/Evil Queen (Once Upon A time) lightningxdisaster - Sarah (Chuck) pixiestickdreams - Effy (Skins) xosimplyvidsox - Rebekah (The Vampire Diaries) BreakingSilencex - Jenny (Gossip Girl) xGlowingHeartx - Nikita (Nikita) lrx001- Ruby 1.0 (Supernatural) devays405 - Quinn (Glee) ● info song - good girls go bad by cobra starship ft. leighton meester
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Text Comments (158)
Dude63 (1 month ago)
Funny Blair is in this and the actor sings in this!
Dude63 (1 month ago)
And jenny
Dude63 (1 month ago)
And olive
Dude63 (1 month ago)
Yasss quinn
Dude63 (1 month ago)
Yas Blair the iconic Queen Bee
Dude63 (1 month ago)
Yassss jess from new girl'
Dude63 (1 month ago)
Ariel Grywacheski (5 months ago)
Where is Harley Quinn?
Coffie (1 year ago)
02:29 Kaya Scodelario? 😱😍❤
D C (6 months ago)
it’s easy. i see effy stonem? I click.
panthère noire (1 year ago)
I was a good girl at the age of 6-11 but when my boyfreind break my heart,at the age le 13 i became à VERY BAD GIRL
lilly marieTM (1 year ago)
KlausDamon Salvatore (1 year ago)
1:00 series name please?
thecarneyfamily (1 year ago)
KlausDamon Salvatore gossip girl
nvmbal (1 year ago)
whats 1:17
Aurora Mosby (1 year ago)
lexasvcru Legend of the Seeker
Camille David (1 year ago)
Effy 😍😍😍
Deema Alsudairy (1 year ago)
Why the hell did u put Jennie from gossip girl she is the most annoying thing I have ever seen😂😂😂😂
Zaira Jimenez (1 year ago)
Blair, Katherine , Quinn , Santana , Effy❤️
Uciel Rojo (1 year ago)
at 0:03 where is that from?
Belén Andrea (1 year ago)
Blair is the queen
chilltime Manatee (2 years ago)
Bless this description box! Thank you for including all the fandoms and also doing it in order of appearance.
unheoly (2 years ago)
*Rebekah and Katherine are NOT 'good girls'*
alara (2 years ago)
i dont think Effy Stonem was ever good (or Santana there is more actually but yea )
Patrycja Morawska (2 years ago)
Patrycja Morawska (2 years ago)
ipek Aybek (2 years ago)
I liked everything in this...the I saw Serena
Amir Mostafa (2 years ago)
ya ..
kyara brightful (2 years ago)
thank u
Jill Peeters (2 years ago)
0:08 who's this? What serie/movie?
karina standal (2 years ago)
Jill Peeters Santana Lopez from glee
hels (2 years ago)
lol, Blair sing this🌚
kyara brightful (2 years ago)
What movies did you use
kyara brightful (2 years ago)
Thank you
Joanna Uppin (2 years ago)
kyara brightful They're all in the description
Rhys R. (2 years ago)
kyara brightful I only know three of the shows she used... which was The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Misfits and Once Upon A Time.
Srijita Sengupta (2 years ago)
But really Katherine made the good boys go bad. ;)
Leilani Davis (2 years ago)
I love this song so much 👑
Diletta Dile (2 years ago)
Eleonor the Royals 👌🏻👌🏻 you missed her
Moka Dantas (2 years ago)
this video is from 2012😑😑
Amanda Borges (3 years ago)
blair 😍😍
Cecillia Gomez (3 years ago)
What's the show with the made scene 1:13
No Escape From Reality (2 years ago)
It's from the first season of American Horror Story.
Alex64853 (3 years ago)
+Cecillia Gomez American Horror Story :)
Hermione Granger (3 years ago)
What show is 1:45
Fandom Fanatic (1 year ago)
I’m pretty sure it’s Vampire Diaries
Anna Williams (3 years ago)
Gossip Girl I think xx
Catiesa (3 years ago)
You, my friend, are AWESOME!! LOVED IIITTT
Kaylie Ramirez (3 years ago)
moira 😍
Diana ebrahm (3 years ago)
what's the first film ..??😦please tell me, ,
Merari Maldonado (3 years ago)
+Diana ebrahm :)
Diana ebrahm (3 years ago)
Merari Maldonado (3 years ago)
+‫همت أبازيد‬‎ True Blood.
What show? 0:36
alexis richelle (3 years ago)
Easy A? I think.
Ranae Mayle (3 years ago)
Antonio (2 years ago)
I'm Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?
Zorka Nišavić (3 years ago)
Who is that black girl? :)
iRosati (3 years ago)
I think it's Alisha form Misfits. or Alice from  Hellcats
Mi. (4 years ago)
0:43-0:45 She's not Katie,she's Emily with Katie's Clothes.
Maria Navas (4 years ago)
What show? 2:43
Mariana Fierro (4 years ago)
Gossip girl
Izzy Heran (4 years ago)
What episode of Supernatural was that from
Paris Wallace (4 years ago)
They put santana on there
Mi Ph (4 years ago)
Wait the girl who was singing is blair from gg because you said its leightoon meester or however u spell it
Mi Ph (4 years ago)
+Lucy De Dicco wow I never knew that soo cool :)
Lucy De Dicco (4 years ago)
Yep, it's  her, Leighton Meester "Blair"
Reda (4 years ago)
Lool bloom nice video. Didn't know you that horney girl xD
Jean Solis (4 years ago)
me   gusta
Xhexbug (4 years ago)
whats the film at 2:26 help
InfernalQueen (4 years ago)
Skins UK
Mariana Sertić (4 years ago)
This is badass! I especially like it that Jessica, Katherine, Faye, Regina and Rebekah are included. They're my favorite bitches!
UltraNicolet (4 years ago)
wow,that was amazing and so epic! Great work! Love it! 
clah piza (4 years ago)
+CasyDian I am pretty sure that he is from the tv show true blood bc he is kissing the girl that is from that show 
clah piza (4 years ago)
+DearMakaylaCountMeln 0:44 is a movie called easy A and 0:43 its a girl from the tv show the skins
clah piza (4 years ago)
sorry.0:43,i don´t know 
Daniela Chapman (4 years ago)
aaahhhh loved it
Tariq Mahmood (4 years ago)
lika7727 (5 years ago)
santana <3 faye <3 cora <3
PurpleNightProdz (5 years ago)
really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!amazing vid freddy  handsome!!!! <3
Xxxzzz (5 years ago)
Love it<3
Carine Emanuely (5 years ago)
Mariana Brito is Chuck, tv serie 
Hailey S (5 years ago)
Glee and AHS !!!
Lorannie Lorr (5 years ago)
Perfect song in perfect video :) I love it!
chicagobabe34 (5 years ago)
This is a cool video. i love this song, its just so catchy! :)
Greta Rossi (5 years ago)
thanks ;)
lucifershell2 (5 years ago)
Ruby yeah :) but you should have got the bit from season 4 with Ruby and sam
Шикарный видос. обожаю молокососов и отбросов)))))
Shadowcat982 (6 years ago)
Lina Gustin (6 years ago)
Krista {S04} (6 years ago)
I love Caroline,Alice,Faye,Rebekah,Katherine,Blair,Serena <333
poisonesse (6 years ago)
This was PERFECT asdljfkrspnf
Teoslava Mircheva (6 years ago)
I can't stop watching that amazing video<3
TheDevilProductions (6 years ago)
lol i never realized any of them were good girls xD
TheMoviePsychic99 (6 years ago)
ruby's part was my fav...especially when you showed her demon eyes xD
Katerina Ch. (6 years ago)
Yes unfortunately :(
Katerina Ch. (6 years ago)
It's Cara from the TV series Legend of the Seeker :) LOVE HER
Charlie Lines (6 years ago)
I find it fnny that you put blair in here because the person who plays her sings in the song xxx great video BTW
PandaOnLife (6 years ago)
If you mean 0:07 it's Jason Stackhouse from True Blood ;)
jessica Sevani (6 years ago)
i think it´s the serie chuck
ButterflyProdz (6 years ago)
this is so fucking amazing love it! <33
Sergeline Belizaire (6 years ago)
Love the sing, love the video LOVE it all. Good job.
Cold-as-Schnee (6 years ago)
LeaYume (6 years ago)
Aisling Keane (6 years ago)
I knew that you'd put in Ruby but I thought you'd put in Allison from teen wolf but other then that it was pretty much perfect
Mariana Brito (6 years ago)
does anyone know what the 2:21 movie?
LoveMeKissAndHugMe (6 years ago)
CAROLINE.... I wish there were more of her...
Alessia Geissbühler (6 years ago)
|| Gossip Girl || The Vampire Diaries || Legen of the Seeker || Glee || - Love them *~*
Mskitty19911 (6 years ago)
Very Nice Video <3 I love it!!! Two thumbs up Good girls gone bad! :) Hell yeah
reeseslightning11 (6 years ago)
Love the True Blood clips!! Jessica + Jason = a good girl gone bad.
kateemma22 (6 years ago)
Lara (6 years ago)
What series is 0:29
glittergirls (6 years ago)
seekinglegendaryfilm (6 years ago)
Omg Epic so subscribing:))))
odilechabrot (6 years ago)
AMAZING ! QF & Eff rule that fucking world.
whysoserioushhuh (6 years ago)
Evil Regal (6 years ago)
Amazin! Regina was the best, I love her! But all of the other's were wonderful too!
AS00400349 (6 years ago)
Fay from Secret Circle, the slutty maid ghost from American Horror Story, the Evil Queen, Regina, from Once Upon A Time!!!! AWESOME collaberation!!! Make more vids: You're INCREDIBLY Amazing at them!!!! :D
Aira Roz (6 years ago)
i like the part of legend of the seeker !
Frroggy1 (6 years ago)
WOW. This is so epic. It's like 1 person did the whole video by himself not 10(? i don't know how many people are in this channel :D) different people. I totally loved it. <3
Selfish848 (6 years ago)
miss Teen Wolf :) but it is beautiful
wildwhiteriver99 (6 years ago)
Posted on my 19th birthday! I feel so special. XD
Daniel C (6 years ago)
American Horror Story! :)

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