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Macro War

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Macro perspective of War ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET SOCIAL ► Instagram: https://goo.gl/eJmu4S ► Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/QxTTQ1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wars were part of our lives since the dawn of men, in this short video I used macro photography techniques to show a deeper and closer perspective of kids “toy soldiers” and reveal their sad and true meaning. I used burner to melt the plastic toys and very close zoom lens to show the process. speech by Charlie Chaplin - the great dictator. Gear used: Canon 70D, Canon 100mm macro and Canon MP-65. In the coming videos we will discover new macro subjects that never seen before! if you have any ideas for new videos, please share on the comments! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Cinematic Violin by soundprofi The hidden beauty of our world Monthly videos - Subscribe! ► https://goo.gl/cNjZI7
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Text Comments (3733)
Hayden GamingYT (8 hours ago)
This is like a president giving a speech to our beautiful nation of the United States🇺🇸
Xx_fiv3tw0_xX (8 hours ago)
1000 like= end to war dictators and nuclear weapons.also pussy's in these world we live in today
Lucas Larson (9 hours ago)
That’s the most harrowing thing I’ve seen in my life.
king HASHTAG (16 hours ago)
2mzainxd YouTube help
WangleLine (18 hours ago)
iz zy (23 hours ago)
this is beautiful
Ian Storbank (23 hours ago)
Dajan Lac (1 day ago)
Вы дибилы будто можно этак с игрушками
Elva Lazo (1 day ago)
No me quiero ir sr. Stark...ahre
lollypopkyd (1 day ago)
What kind of Liberal shit is this? Fuck you! You think your freedom came free you fucking asshole? You do not deserve the freedom that we fight and die for, just to keep your ass happy and allow you to post your trash on youtube. Come do my job for a day you fuckin waster of life. You're not worth the flesh you are printed on.
zzodr (1 day ago)
Lighten up Francis
a frickin ́ rabbit (1 day ago)
I don't feel so good Mr. Charlie Chaplin
Atomic S (1 day ago)
War is hell
Ship Raider (1 day ago)
Absolutely incredible video. Loved it from start to finish
The Stilicko (1 day ago)
Title of the video: man melts plastic army men with heat gun and plays Charlie Chapman in the background
bananaman 506 (1 day ago)
DeathBorn (1 day ago)
Didn’t know toy story 4 was so dark!
Daniel Gaming (1 day ago)
This is why i play call of duty ww2
Kebab GamersTv (1 day ago)
bu ne olum ?
David Brock (1 day ago)
Toy story just got real
Lazow the astronaut (1 day ago)
my 2 year old brother was crying wen he saw this video.....
It is a speech given by Charli Chaplin
ChipHyzi GVA (1 day ago)
You made my day...
Caty Mations (1 day ago)
This is actully hit me emotionally.
Akeno Watanabe (1 day ago)
Press "F" to pay respect
aln456 (1 day ago)
Its basicaly what Hitler said, of being slavered by the international clique. We fought the wrong enemy...
DoktorKebab (2 days ago)
Braking all those poor toy soldiers, though,.
Julian Wang (2 days ago)
How did he make them melt
Arctic Hawk (2 days ago)
I don’t know wth I just watched but I like it.
Curious Otter (2 days ago)
Ridiculous. Whoever spoke is ruled by his emotions. Weak.
Dwight K. Schrute (2 days ago)
Behind every war and genocide is a person like you.
Gnarwhal (2 days ago)
How did he melt the soldiers without damaging the cam?
Nedrick Salcedo (2 days ago)
Its so sad when they die
Trent Harris (2 days ago)
Come on together for victory As one yule fall but together we will stand against the wave of war not gor alselvs but for those who can,t protect them selvs and to help does who need it thats the meaning of being human unlike the others. Who are beast of darkness NETHER SEEN THEY CALL FOR OUR DESTRUCTION JOIN US. TOGETHER FOR VICTORY
Shimmo k (2 days ago)
Tbh this is the third time I watched this
MarcosTV Gabotero (2 days ago)
It is so side
shadow_ king (2 days ago)
It's beutiful
John Derowin (2 days ago)
When a nuclear bomb detanates
The Dark Artist (2 days ago)
And there’s the nuke.
yee man (2 days ago)
Hirosima in a nutshell
Matty Mckenna (2 days ago)
How did you make dis
xdas11 (2 days ago)
Man how can someone dislike this.....
juegos y mas :v (2 days ago)
Never dies legends <|3
Andriy Grez (2 days ago)
Мурашки по кожe,хоть я нe понимаю
Wing Dagger (2 days ago)
This would look awesome in reverse...
Mr.pineaple Gamer (3 days ago)
It look so real
mini_dino_gamer (3 days ago)
*thanos clicked his fingers*
infurmonis 1505 (3 days ago)
It hurts to see all those army men melt
Mr. Grenade (3 days ago)
Who was the speaker? And what was the speech?
André22 12 (2 days ago)
Charlie Chaplin in "The great dictator".
MangoTango (3 days ago)
This video is so creative and fantastic that it just leaves you wishing you would have thought about making a video this intense.
PORTER (3 days ago)
Wow that was deep, really impressive!
Noah evjenth (3 days ago)
I don't know what it is about it but I can't stop listening to this video🤣👌 you have my like👍
well damn (3 days ago)
well damn (3 days ago)
War, war never changes.
el gamer 556 (3 days ago)
Que sad
Diego Jared Gonzalez (3 days ago)
This video has a nuthsell... it is called battlefield I
Bruno Oliveira (3 days ago)
Simply amazing
Guilherme Dal molin (3 days ago)
So much pretentiousness in 2 minutes...”war is bad!”...oh where have I heard that been regurgitated before?...At least it was done in a more creative way,I’ll give you that...and I’m not even going to get started about the amount of pseudo-intellectuals in this comment section...
stale memes (1 day ago)
Guilherme Dal molin tHaT wAs dEeP
Zack Zero (3 days ago)
There he goes, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. Perishing everyone again into bits
konoplya61 TM (3 days ago)
Nuclear atack?
billy brown (3 days ago)
War is necessary. When diplomacy inevitably fails you will always need force to defend what is yours or attack enemies who would destroy u. I don’t believe many things are evil just because they exist but how they are used. War is necessary for there will always be something worth fighting and even dying for , there will always be enemies unwilling to see compromise and ppl always willing to put the needs of the few over the many. As long as there is good and evil there will always be war.
たけひろし (3 days ago)
Thrill Top (3 days ago)
Speech By Charlie Chaplin
Mr. Galaxy_4141 (4 days ago)
"Sir, I don't feel so good."
Personal Lte4 (4 days ago)
No sabes cuesta eso.$$$$$$😰😳😔💶💶💷💶😳
This is fucking amazing
michał haski (4 days ago)
Who one can give me this ?
L-D-S Animations (4 days ago)
Waste of plastic?
lazar beem (5 days ago)
World war 1 was happening then thanks shaped his ------- 😂
BobbyBobbingson (5 days ago)
The following Army Men were harmed in the making of this video
DarkDraken (5 days ago)
A realistic depiction of a nuclear strike
Nathan Walters (5 days ago)
Kakashi Hatake (5 days ago)
A lot of men die thinking the died for there country cause the got hit by bombs and stuff . Well yeah the died for their country but really to some people there kettle
Kakashi Hatake (5 days ago)
This is true
Alex (5 days ago)
Alex (5 days ago)
disadvantages animals (5 days ago)
me encanta
Rebzy 12 (5 days ago)
Jango Rebelde (5 days ago)
Remeber me fallout
Chauncie Favis (5 days ago)
Ww2 toy storie
Tutorial Master (5 days ago)
yo this is deep
Gamgan (5 days ago)
I did not expect this..wow
the poorly drawn noob (5 days ago)
If you think about Jake Paul Logan Paul lil tay ksi or some thing while watching this you will think this has no meaning
Danial Iqhmal (6 days ago)
Who give the speech
BAYMAX THE doge (6 days ago)
How were they melting like that?
that on gamer pic (6 days ago)
When toy thanos snaps
Profile (6 days ago)
fuck john mccain, may he rot in hell
Octimus _45 (6 days ago)
1:10 how
Hunter Franklin (6 days ago)
Yo this was good af
Kenny Anderson (6 days ago)
Vanessa Cedillo (6 days ago)
Vanessa Cedillo (6 days ago)
U.S. A.
Vanessa Cedillo (6 days ago)
MR Arsi LION (6 days ago)
Lil Sin (6 days ago)
wow using more realistic models this could be a trailer from a game or a movie 100%
Anthony Vitale (6 days ago)
Is it bad... That just made me think of my childhood...after a certain age I just melted all my army men just like this... Lol
delta blue (6 days ago)
Sick asf
bethic (6 days ago)
the great true of war
Philipp B (6 days ago)
This is pure art

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