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Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic

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This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice. “Wild ice skating,” or “Nordic skating,” is both an art and a science. A skater seeks out the thinnest, most pristine black ice possible—both for its smoothness, and for its high-pitched, laser-like sounds. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Black ice is recently frozen, and can be as thin as 2 inches and still support the weight of a skater. Like a dome or arch, the support comes from the sides rather than the top, and the water underneath prevents the ice from breaking. But, experience and careful advance planning are key. Factors including temperature, atmospheric conditions, and even satellite images of the Earth’s surface are considered. It’s complicated, but appealing to mathematicians like Ajne. Even with preparation, there’s a risk of falling in… So it’s best done in groups, for safety. Read about the science behind Nordic skating in "How Skating on Thin Ice Creates Laser-Like Sounds" https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/activities/winter-sports/skating-thin-black-ice-creates-sound-nordic-spd/ Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic https://youtu.be/v3O9vNi-dkA National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (10 months ago)
Black ice is recently frozen and can be as thin as 2 inches! Do you think you want to try Nordic or wild ice skating? Make sure to try in groups if you do!
StealthyMonk (1 day ago)
I feed off the risk, so I do it solo with heated blades.
The Mindskinner (3 days ago)
I don't think they mean everyone on the ice. More like take turns at different spots. Need a couple of people just in case.
William F. (3 days ago)
What is 2 inches? Is that international system? Do yo take your position on Paris meridian? What refer the 0 in Fahrenheit scale? Should we remind Mars Climate Orbiter or Air Canada 143?
L V (20 days ago)
National Geographic I can’t swim nor ice skate, so count me out.
George Georgakilas (22 days ago)
+Kian Nielsen it is almost 2 inches
Anna Bhate (2 hours ago)
It's echoing and i like it
Rich Asay (5 hours ago)
It’s not that rare or difficult to find these sounds. Lake Lowell in southwestern Idaho produces these same sounds well into winter, simply by skipping rocks across the surface of the ice. Nice dramatic effects with the complex mathematics and satellite technology required... lol. NatGeo has fallen so far from its origins...
el andy (7 hours ago)
It's just too much fun to stop. Have to wait for darkness to begin obscuring your visuals of the ice.
el andy (7 hours ago)
I rememember such sounds with fondness, recalling my youth in a New England town.
Bruce George Peter Lee. (15 hours ago)
It's all frozen ice. Not just that place lol
Brittney Jones (15 hours ago)
This was freaking me out omg i thought he was gonna hit really thin ice and fall into freezing cold water
XCR MAN (16 hours ago)
What is this idiot doing?
There’s nothing “otherworldly” about it
ShadowHunterx (18 hours ago)
YouTube’s recommendations are weird but this sound is so cool! *literally* Im just scared it’ll crack under him😂
coleen bean (18 hours ago)
He makes wanna skate on thin ice now,,,
That Nicka (20 hours ago)
That’s the sound of it Kraken
Ben S (20 hours ago)
Mother Nature is amazing
Mobb Deeper Odell (20 hours ago)
Jesus walked on water...Ajne skates on it....right on bruv
Adam Lanerfeldt (23 hours ago)
1.7 inches thick for the muricans wondering
Evaa404 (1 day ago)
This is beautiful, I would love to go there.
Rodger benson (1 day ago)
Jesus did it ..why cant he !
Samus Kerrigan (1 day ago)
no explanation for the sounds, great video Nat Geo... ¬¬
TEN (1 day ago)
who wakes and says imma risk my life doing this
Samuel Hippolyte (1 day ago)
1:43 u can actually see the ice bend as he passes over it :o
alittlemoreme (1 day ago)
Sounds like impending doom.
Schy Mark (1 day ago)
Those sounds are the sound of ice cracking and settling. Only reason he doesn't fall through is the speed at which he travels
Sergey Timets (1 day ago)
503 503 (1 day ago)
Kind of wanted to see him fall in....
Jimmy Creznic (1 day ago)
Same sound as the Potomac in Virginia last winter.
azzorzer (1 day ago)
1:39 "can be as thin as two inches" at 1:19 that is thiner than 2 inches.
gktjq149 7 (1 day ago)
all i hear is ice cracking
Pedakin (1 day ago)
"You'd better watch your step from here on buddy! You're skating on thin ice!" Boy I sure wish I was..
Jace Keavy (1 day ago)
Anyone else randomly get this in their recommended, not disappointed tho
John Watt (1 day ago)
This is the first time I've seen YouTube electronics mess up, with the added bonus, of seeing something National Geographic that not only is wrong, but is poorly produced. I typed my comment about the ice sounds I heard first, but it says "1 second ago". The second comment I typed says "55 seconds ago". I also know I typed them apart further than that. They do display in the order I typed them. okay... okay... you can say get a life if you want to.
John Watt (1 day ago)
Here in Ontario, black ice is thin ice that freezes on roads that you can't see, blending with the pavement. I can't imagine new ice anywhere being anything other than completely transparent, unless someone put black dye in the water. They should have touched a mike to the surface, getting far more sounds, and much louder.
John Watt (1 day ago)
On of the most amazing and loudest sounds I ever heard was caused by ice. The ice on the Welland Canal was over five inches thick, hiking along there after the sun went down. There must have been a big Niagara Falls hydro water diversion that lowered the water level. All of a sudden I heard a big crack that sounded louder than the cannons at Fort Erie, and it kept going along the side of the canal, fading into the distance, miles away. Incredible! I went down to take a look and the ice along the bank had sagged down onto the stones, with a big crack between it and the ice that was still floating on the middle of the water. So I took a drink.
Nathan Paske (1 day ago)
Just sounds like normal ice. Plus, 1.75 inches of ice is not safe.
hawkdiehard (1 day ago)
Alarming to see the ice flex....!
screechfoxes (1 day ago)
it sounds like when you hear bats on a bat detector
GREBZ Dubstep (1 day ago)
star wars on ice
FRLDY Z33 (1 day ago)
You’re on thin ice, Mister
Martin (1 day ago)
1:43 love how you can see the ice buckle under his weight here.
Jack W (2 days ago)
The wave-like movement of the ice is so evident at 1:44 wowwww
lazygamer (21 hours ago)
Jack W That’s awesome
Andreas Lindmark (2 days ago)
Madd Genome (2 days ago)
Seems like a really great idea
Johnson videos (2 days ago)
they find his body yet?
Enchanted Wenis (2 days ago)
He uses math and sometimes satellite imagery to plan out his routes. Bull to the poo, bro puts his skates on and skates while hoping for the best. Get over yourself Nat Geo. But great video nonetheless
Shannon Sisk (2 days ago)
That’s insane when you see the whole surface bend and flex
Danielle Berger (2 days ago)
If you fall the ice will break and that's the tea
I’m so heavy that I’d probably break the ice just by looking at it
Mónika Miklós (2 days ago)
NEVER. Du darfst niemals.
Ryan Resendez (2 days ago)
This is cool to me because I've fallen through
Сергей М. (2 days ago)
что это за коньки у него такие??
Apex Xepa (2 days ago)
That how star war gunfire sound made
Josh Brown (2 days ago)
Grab the black foot
drskinnyp (2 days ago)
Bea Guy (2 days ago)
I'd be wearing a life jacket just incase...
ArmouredElephant (11 hours ago)
don't think that's a good idea, if you fall and go under, you might get stuck
Alyssa Sweeney (2 days ago)
*That's the sound of people disliking YouTube Rewind*
Rodin (2 days ago)
honnestly these noises are terrifying, usually means you are about to fall through
Rodin (2 days ago)
happens in canada all the time, not news to me
Congo Bee (3 days ago)
You Shuck? Laser sounds nice
damieN (3 days ago)
Sounded like MUTO is hatching again..
keithtko (3 days ago)
My classmate died skating on river when ice broke. It was over 50 years ago but I still remember the day like yesterday.
Leon landson (3 days ago)
Beautiful glory to God almighty
Letrantantai Le (3 days ago)
Sound like a star war gun shoot each other
Foamy (3 days ago)
They secretely made the lake from flex seal
Toby (3 days ago)
1inch = 2,54cm -> 2inches = 5,08cm, he measures the ice to be 4,5cm thick?! Thats another 11% < 2inches. Do you even math?
289pinto (3 days ago)
Satellite imaging isnt going to help you wtf
JUU MAMA (3 days ago)
1,000 ways to die
Paul Davis (3 days ago)
Arghhh is it really bugging anyone else where they know that sound from!! And no not starwars lol
Paul Davis (3 days ago)
It came to me atlast! I remember walking across a foot suspension bridge a long time ago, and when alot of people were on the bridge the cables made an identical noise to that!
Car Pal (3 days ago)
Stormtroopers are here!
Lucitaur (3 days ago)
This is recreation, not art and science.
Kiwi Slicer (3 days ago)
Sounds Like Blasters from StarWars shooting
What about the erie harmonic sounds the ice sometimes makes when freezing
Himawariee (4 days ago)
And NASA thought it was alien ..
Life around us (4 days ago)
Anthony Jordan (4 days ago)
Sounds like my stomach after taco bell
Roy Toledo (4 days ago)
dj kommode (4 days ago)
Skatin on thin ice....
Cactus Folk (4 days ago)
Wow it’s so satisfying to watch. The view incredibly beautiful
LubiGee (4 days ago)
Sounds like flash beams from Star Trek
MachoBuffalo (4 days ago)
Rdr2 anyone?
tigercat10158 (4 days ago)
Tyler Taterka (4 days ago)
MachoBuffalo lmao
Hambuzzz Moisty memes (4 days ago)
The sound is from the special type of skates he’s using
GTASLAYER033 (4 days ago)
Sounds like power lines snapping
Steve Parker (4 days ago)
Jallen (4 days ago)
Would Love To Visit
Kami Chan (4 days ago)
In 2030 he can't do this anymore 😐
Ezra Przytyk (4 days ago)
Why is that
The best thin ice is apetor thin ice.
suboT (4 days ago)
#201978 Episode of Why is this in my Recommendation
ames Baek (4 days ago)
I would love to skate there😍😍😍
Annakist76 (5 days ago)
Our lake makes the same beautiful sounds when we skip rocks across it :)
Ghost CAT (5 days ago)
Forty five millimeters FALLS THUR THE ICE oooops....
BADJUJU (5 days ago)
Rail tracks also make this same sound when they are moved that is before fixing it as a proper railway path.. I have heard this and it's really otherworldly..!!!
NOSTALGIC (5 days ago)
Jesus is like..."hold my wine"
the yzarc (5 days ago)
Yeah but what's it sound like during a hockey game?
420 Friendly (1 day ago)
Considering you wait until the depth is acceptable to such weight. Otherwise you hear terror
420 Friendly (1 day ago)
Like stones being rubbed together and slightly chipped away, with waves rising and receding in a shallow water to create the back and fourth of breezers, the crack of dead branches hitting a wood hut along with a swift snap of smaller, brittle branches, and followed by a gust of wind whipping through a willow tree?
jim halpert (5 days ago)
Going to try this tomorrow as the river behind my grade school just froze over today
jim halpert (4 days ago)
ALEX JONEZ thanks...my Mom and Dad said "no", so I can't.
ALEX JONEZ (4 days ago)
please dont die..
Geo T (5 days ago)
An ideal lake for global warming deniers as the years pass.
Qianimate (6 days ago)
they performed surgery on a grape
gary dean (6 days ago)
What an assehole!
Kaden Hauge (6 days ago)
While the cam was on the ground and he went by you could see the ice flex
EggLord667 (6 days ago)
You're skating on thin ice mate
Traditional500 (6 days ago)
Otherworldly sounds? If you're an Atheist that makes no sense as Atheists don't believe in that stuff. Pray for Salvation to Christ the Lord!
Limited Edition (6 days ago)
Ice invaders.
El Guapo (6 days ago)
I believe at 3 inches ice is strong enough to support a vehicle.

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