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2008 Fiat Panda 4x4 1.2i Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

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A little while back I tested a bog-standard Fiat Panda and while it was slower than a real panda, it was also a damn sight cheaper to buy or run. So on balance, I liked it very much. Since then, though, a couple of things have caused me to look once again at those initial findings. First of all James May, my colleague from Top Gear, has bought one, which means there must be something wrong with it, and second, I know what that something is. Yes, the Panda is very good in town and very good, too, in snow and ice. It is also a great deal of fun on small rural back roads, because even if something does turn out to be coming the other way, there is always room to squeeze between it and the hedgerow. But the Panda is a very small car, which means it has a very small engine, which means it is absolutely hopeless on the motorway. As hopeless as I would be on the men's downhill course at Klosters.Driving an underpowered car on the motorway is one of the most dangerous things a man can do. It's up there with sticking your middle finger in the bottom of a sleeping tiger. It's very nearly as dangerous as driving through Alabama with "Hillary for President" written on the side of your car. The problem is simple. You come up behind a truck that is doing 50mph in the middle lane. So you think you will simply pull out and overtake. You therefore indicate, wait for a gap in the stream of traffic to your right and ease out. Textbook stuff. Worthy of a Mr Tufty safe driving award from PC McGarret No 452. Except you're in for a shock because although you have your foot welded to the floor and you're in third gear and the little engine is screaming itself to death, you are not doing what a scientist would call "accelerating". And now the car in the outside lane that was a speck in your rear-view mirror is leaving thick black lines all over the road as the driver desperately tries to avoid slamming into the back of the "effing a***hole" that pulled into his lane at 50mph . . . and then failed to go any faster. You're terrified that at any second it will slam into your tailgate, and this is doubly worrying when you're in a Fiat Panda because the tailgate in question is only 4in abaft of your most precious and vital organs. I use this as a general rule of thumb. If a car has less than 100 horsepower, it is never safe to pull into the outside lane if there is a car in sight . . . even if it's three miles away. If a car has less than 60 horsepower, it is never safe to pull into the outside lane at all. Sixty horsepower was fine in the days when cars had four wheels and a seat but now the average small car has so much safety equipment and so many luxury goods nailed to its dashboard that it weighs more than Bolivia. And to move a country, you need more than 60 horses. A lot more. As you may know, I'm not well disposed to the idea of governments banning things, except for beards and ginger hair and butter beans and Scotsmen sitting in Westminster and caravans and any talk of global warming by people who don't know what they're on about and the Toyota Prius and books with no plot and costume dramas on ITV and anything with Jade Goody in it and Ken bloody Livingstone, but the only thing that stops me from banning the Fiat Panda from the outside lane of a motorway is that May would become even later for his call times on Top Gear. Actually, there's another reason. Fiat has just brought out a more peppy version of its lovable little car that has — wait for it — a dizzying 100 horsepower. That's about a fifth of what I reckon is necessary to make progress these days, but hey, it's a step in the right direction.
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paulsonjeff (6 years ago)
Headlight is out
andy14landy (6 years ago)
Do you have a mental problem and honestly think your Jeremy Clarkson, or are you just messing around?
CAElite (6 years ago)
Try any other cheap 4x4 on the motorway and you'll get the same performance. Just this wont drink tons of fuel well doing it.
UrKo (6 years ago)
ali ste iz slovenije
AutoWorldTube (7 years ago)
a good solid car !
avtomobili001 (7 years ago)
@SientasLt go to google and write proart kranj and you will find our web site =) there are all the prices =)
Trent Jordan (7 years ago)
2008 Fiat Panda 4X4 1.2
The Sock Monkey! (7 years ago)
Whoa, no radio?

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