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UNDERCITY New York City urban exploration w STEVE DUNCAN, dir. Andrew Wonder

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This is a film I made after some adventures underground with Steve Duncan (undercity.org) last summer. We also have a teaser video which you can watch on my vimeo page (vimeo.com/​5752275). Steve and I just completed another underground expedition with Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge (en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Erling_Kagge). It was featured in a three page article on the front page of the NY Times metro section and was written by Alan Feuer (nytimes.com/​2011/​01/​02/​nyregion/​02underground.html). We were also covered by NPR's Jacki Lyden who's report will be aired on 1/2/11 and posted on NPR's site. Shot on a canon 5d mkii with canon 24 f/1.4 (version 1) with the zacuto rapid fire, Zoom H4N and a sennheiser g2 wireless lav. The zacuto was really great at being there when I needed it but also staying out of the way. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Thanks for watching!
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Matt Busch (8 hours ago)
Awesome, just awesome. When you're trying to sneak try not to hum. Dead giveaway sneaking is taking place. 🇨🇦
Supremez lord (9 hours ago)
So what are these guys doing?
Im MTS (10 hours ago)
Awesome film, too bad it didn’t get the attention it deserves.
Roman Gillund (18 hours ago)
I have a friend that BASE jumped off the very top of the GWB
Daredevil (22 hours ago)
Subscribed. You’re a cool dude and I appreciate this video
Yasha Mashiach (1 day ago)
man did he earn that thumb up brave soul climbing that bridge like that whole vid was epic but i know there is more to the underworld of ny than was shown
15seconds99 (1 day ago)
I'm good right here eating cookies tyvm
Jerry Klein (1 day ago)
Cool video bro!! Would love too see more...very entertaining!!
Climax Bonfire (2 days ago)
That guy is pretty cool, also mad props to the camera man also. It ain’t easy being adventurous as an adult
Bryan Duran (2 days ago)
He would make a dope graffiti artist.
LegoPlayz :D (2 days ago)
This is amazing
Accel Well (2 days ago)
It just made me remember why I love the night time so much. Hey fellas real talk this was a boss video thanks for posting it
resevil2396 (2 days ago)
This really needs subtitles
Jamie Macphail (2 days ago)
people need to find some one who looks at them the way this guy looks at this old underground
Keith Mathews (2 days ago)
Honestly one of the most interesting videos I've seen on here in a long time.
Vucari (2 days ago)
I love this video keep up the good work !
Eric TheRed (3 days ago)
27:10 still trying to get my stomach out of my throat, and cant stop that DJ Shadow.
Max R. MaMint (3 days ago)
19:28 the Cats saved her!
Kryptnyt (3 days ago)
I liked the video. The tresspassing charges are reasonably strict though. They'd have to shut down all train traffic to clean you up if you got hit, and your mess could potentially trail from impact position until the train is able to stop. Shutting the train systems down every time someone wants to commit suicide sounds very expensive, so keeping people out is totally reasonable in my opinion.
Franki Santos (3 days ago)
I hope you carry weapons. That place looks like a magnet for thugs.
Alexis Cou (4 days ago)
The second he said the thing about the train cars being to long to go around curves my autism recognized him as a Train Autistic
Aidan steel (4 days ago)
Be careful going into confined spaces and sewers. The displacment of oxygen can make you pass out instantly and make you suffocate as you cant escape
Setä Sytkäri (4 days ago)
Going up isn't that bad, coming down on the other hand...
will walkr (4 days ago)
This was one of the first videos I loved on Vimeo.
Facts Family (5 days ago)
The bridge part was cray
Solidus 316 (5 days ago)
yea screw that bridge climb
Yoda Hightalker (5 days ago)
this reminds me of that one level in half life with the moving tram carts. you should have brought a crowbar
Yoda Hightalker (5 days ago)
doood crowbar you had gordan freeman are you
Farty Person (5 days ago)
Steven Granati (5 days ago)
Yes it’s awesome to random people. Work down there for 9 years and you’ll figure out it’s a disgusting filthy danger filled work place. Not many betas or woman.
Komega (5 days ago)
Michael (5 days ago)
Dude... you'd be amazed at how far a button down shirt, tie, orange vest and hard-hat will get you. If anyone asks just say you're surveying and then give a wrong address close by. When they tell you-you're in the wrong place, apologize and mozy on your way free as a bee. It would also be perfectly normal to have lights and a camera as a surveyor.
Benjamin Antman (5 days ago)
New York City's own urban Bear Grylls...
Sinquah (5 days ago)
where's all the undead?
TAKLA (5 days ago)
this guys fucking crazy wtf
Chris Slader (5 days ago)
mark arm and kyle mooney had a kid
lock john (6 days ago)
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John Masalle (6 days ago)
Spelunking. Mountain Climbing. Sorta.
bucki58 (6 days ago)
13:00 You need to take off all your cloths first so they don’t get dirty.
joshua rivas (6 days ago)
Ilove how you treat the homless as actual people and not just bums... Even went as far as to interview them... Ireally reaspect that man... Good vid #subscribed...
joshua rivas (6 days ago)
I'm drinking so please don't judge my misspelling as I'm not able to decipher how to edit my comment atm
Austin Vickers (6 days ago)
If I ever visit New York, this is the kind of guy I would want to show me around
Daniel C (6 days ago)
man, i should have been filming my graffiti missions. it was like this but x100
Pat B (6 days ago)
This guy is an idiot
MAJOR PAIN WAYNE (6 days ago)
Looks like the bridge i climbed in Gta V even looks like the game when he gets to the top with the lights.
pablo alfaro (6 days ago)
Lol driver wasn’t finna pay no damn ticket or get towed
Barbitas (6 days ago)
Sneak 100
CallMeMrX (6 days ago)
17:34 is a really interesting shot
tspectuning (6 days ago)
All I thought when he went up on the bridge overlooking manhattan was Spider-Man, reminds me of when we did some roof top exploring in queens except not as extreme
Jeff TheMudGod (6 days ago)
That was awesome! Holy shit a two joint video my brother! Be safe out there..
A B (6 days ago)
When in doubt, follow the cats
CU EDITS (6 days ago)
Miguel cracked me up with the story about making the kids run away scared lol
TubeLadin (7 days ago)
Love the footage but this guy is sooo over dramatic
dustin Overstreethair (7 days ago)
I'm surprised you didnt find dead bodys everywhere in that ghetto city honestly.
Kahlil Almendras (7 days ago)
ok timeout, shoutout 2 tha cameraman for shootin and climbin, DAMN!
Great 👍
Osualdo Cedano (7 days ago)
The bridge wow amazing
PixelatedGal (7 days ago)
When he said “fuck” and the camera man was like “fuck?” His souls left his body💀 he probably thought the train was coming on the tracks they were on
melissa coverstone (7 days ago)
His poor mother. Yikes the bridge!
Eddie D (7 days ago)
If u had a yellow safety vest an hard hat you wouldn't of had to run from anywhere
Alexei Kim (7 days ago)
hey if you want to see some shit"" ....... beware please go to 23rd station underground. ...make sure to bring guns
Quincee 33 (7 days ago)
I saw a doc on the Sewer Kids of Bucharest, Romania. That was really interesting. Around 1,100 kids living underground in Romania. Most having Aids or very least HIV + . These videos are quite interesting.
roxy dudoe (8 days ago)
The cat story is golden
TheTails63 (8 days ago)
I wanted to see more underground and less you.
Lumine (8 days ago)
I love the sounds in these vids and idk why
Urban Photography (8 days ago)
Good clips....check my site...https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6Gzl8WwYlgV9SEY-hLx9VQ
MD Interactive (8 days ago)
Jesse W. (8 days ago)
Fuck climbing that bridge. Nope.
Ambient Walking (8 days ago)
Joshua Tree (9 days ago)
Wow man. Seriously. Nice work.
Alex Wilton (9 days ago)
C. iNat (9 days ago)
i thought the thumbnail was Henry Winkler
Wayne Rocha (9 days ago)
Don't you find it hard to climb with such gigantic balls? Don't they weigh you down?
jordy2d (9 days ago)
What was this filmed on? and with what lens?
cris nyne (9 days ago)
i call these snotcicles. ha! this dood wild
DOMINATOR (9 days ago)
looks like the first 5 minutes of half life 1 gameplay
Tim Byles (9 days ago)
Those green tiles are amazing.
anthony dinota (9 days ago)
Who cares if regular people see u. Most people wouldn’t care at all. Actually you want a pass to do allot of things wear a blue hard hat with con-Ed on it and wear a yellow vest.
Mario Mendoza (9 days ago)
This guy is a savage.
Dennis Godaire (9 days ago)
Thank you ... I've traveled on NYC's many times ... I would like to see a 100 + hour presentation ... but, I'll enjoy 27 minutes.
҉ (9 days ago)
Yournext 2012 (9 days ago)
Andrew wonder you are a nut job and you are way out of line good video 👍
ginormousbones (9 days ago)
Thank you for sharing and doing this, so I don’t have to :-) pretty awesome
This was entertaining and awesome! thank you
Vivian Vixen (10 days ago)
"I don't think we should do that... but let's go." Literally my life's motto ^^
Sam Choy (10 days ago)
Shadow 171 (10 days ago)
this is soooo good creepy but no homeless people or scary creatures lol amazing video lol
nustada (10 days ago)
*why are we whispering*
Übermensch (10 days ago)
Why they wasting electricity on the lights in there?
anthony-y (10 days ago)
The fuck, I just realized this is from early 2011, this shit is 8 years old. Wonder how those people are doing now.
cplunajr745 (10 days ago)
Oh em geee! Steve is a cutie 😍
trythis (10 days ago)
great first date ideas!
Un Bearable (10 days ago)
Is it just me or does the audio suck so bad as to make some sections incomprehensible? Subtitles would help here.
SaltySugarPunch (11 days ago)
thoes shitcicles hanging from the ceiling tho
Gonzalo G. (11 days ago)
this is one the best urban exploration videos ever.
Nevruz Celik (11 days ago)
To funny. 20:31 this is long time ago right No this was this was 1982
Me Mes (12 days ago)
1:51 is that a iPad
Marky Darky (12 days ago)
This guy is fucking awesome
silt sunrise (12 days ago)
Put on a vest and helmet, and you'll blend in better.
UndoFilms (12 days ago)
Responsible yet daring ... what a cool dude.
Johnny Ray (13 days ago)
Thank you.✨🙏🏻✨
GlitchY3 (13 days ago)
This reminds me of a scene from the movie *Cloverfield* when they went through NY underground tunnels

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