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Everything Wrong with Guns in Movies

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Text Comments (3993)
Matteo Onate (3 hours ago)
That very cool about the sound, but he careful about who is hearing the sound, if you're shooting it's Bang Hit If you got shot is Hit Banh
D Madd11 (15 hours ago)
also insurgency sandstorm drives the reload point home with 3 different reloads. Hold R - check mag level Press R - reload and stash old mag in ammo bag as is Double Tap R - Drop mag reload fresh, lose leftover rounds in old mag. Faster reload, but do it too often and pay the price
D Madd11 (15 hours ago)
hollywood has a clear cut agenda to make FIREARMS as scary as possible. They openly admit it. That being said, is it any wonder why they usually have revolvers letting off 20 rounds? bottomless 30 round magazines? bullets being bent around corners? NO. Cut the cord 3 years ago, and i don't miss it
Zakk 5150 (18 hours ago)
Rex McStiller (1 day ago)
I woulf love to see a scene, where a sniper set up his shot and shoot. And than leav befor the bullet hit his target.
Jed Alley (1 day ago)
"everything wrong with guns in movies" **does the same shit in their "tacticool relads" vid**
DRMSquared (1 day ago)
Ehhh... .22 cal with subsonic ammo and a suppressor all you hear is a click of a gun. Test it...
Dear Battery (2 days ago)
FBI has joined the chat
David Kling (2 days ago)
Well thank you...now I need to watch Quigley Down Under.
Not true a supressor on a 1911 makes it sound like an airgun you can hear the action of the gun more the the sound of the bullet.
Chemus Van Der Geek (3 days ago)
5:17 The original name is indeed 'silencer', as patented and sold by Hiram Maxim. A silencer suppresses sounds of shooting, rather than necessary making them completely silent, but unless you're sure your right, it's better not to correct others. Regarding how well suppressors work, it depends on the host, the suppressor and the ammo. Some hosts, when using subsonic ammo, can be nearly silent, especially those with long barrels and bolt or otherwise single actions.
KionKamon (3 days ago)
Nothing to do with the actual topic of this video, but the F-35 has ONE GAU-25 Equalizer, not 2
KionKamon (3 days ago)
Sorry GAU-12 Equalizer
Jesaiah Fredrickson (3 days ago)
At 9:09 Nino and Adrian are twins
Cavey Möth (3 days ago)
So gun aficionados do call long-range precision rifles "sniper rifles." I always thought that was just a video game thing. I always hated in games how "sniper rifles" are so amazingly powerful and accurate, even if they use the same cartridges as some "assault rifles." I mean, come on. Just because it has a scope attached to it, that doesn't transform it into an ultra long range one-hit-kill machine. Rifles are rifles, dang it! Enough with the weapon classes!
Robert Gallasch (6 days ago)
I just rewatched that scene from altered carbon, and the bullets went through the counter. although if it had several layers of metal inside it might have been able to stop bullets. but you could see the holes on her side of it.
blacksheepwall79 (6 days ago)
As far as cover behind wood and car doors etc. Just because the bullet penetrates the metal doesn't mean it transfers its energy through there. If i am going to be hit by a bullet I would like it to have had to havr passed through ad many solid objects as possible before it gets to me.
blacksheepwall79 (6 days ago)
The most egregious examples are when they clearly get it wrong on purpose to push a political agenda. In Captain America, Civil War they have Cap say... "They are using AR-15's" about the terrorists who are clearly firing automatic weapons at them. There is no excuse for that because they HAD to have a firearms expert on the set to tell them AR-15's are all semi auto. It was M4s or M16s i didn't look close enough... but it was clearly stated for the express political purpose.
blacksheepwall79 (1 day ago)
Because Cap is supposed to be the most well trained, smartest, soldier America has... And he can't even tell the difference between the military and civilian version of the MAIN RIFLE IN THE AMERICAN ARSENAL This is Basic Knowledge 101. This is like your Doctor not knowing the difference between a Scalpel and a Stethoscope, or your Mechanic not knowing the difference between a Fuel Injected car and a Carburated one.
Torguemada (2 days ago)
Not saying there couldn't be a political purpose behind it, but is there any particular reason why your expecting Cap to actually correctly identify what assault rifles the bad guys are using? Also nothing really stops one from making AR-15 full auto and that does not automatically make it a M4 or M16. But yeah could be political agenda or just as well could be a meta joke about general public's gun recognition(especially the whole press calling any and all assault rifles AK-47) especially since while the terrorist have multiple differend type of assault rifle's i dont think they actually have even a single AR based one.
Charlie h (7 days ago)
At 4:00 that gun is going to be firing subsonic projectiles so it would be the way round that it already is.
b0wgey (7 days ago)
Energetic Armament VOX Surpressor is quiet.
CatheteriZedEYE (7 days ago)
Johnny Joseph (8 days ago)
Haha I was having serious dejavu then realised this wasn't todays episode
William Martin (8 days ago)
Brandon Ogden (8 days ago)
8:00 Insurgency Sandstorm does that quite well, you reload the mag you fired 2 bullets out of and you end up keeping it at the ready instead of throwing the mag away and magically getting a new full mag.
cicada 3301 (9 days ago)
The martin isnt wrong because neo controls the reality so he can have no recoil if he wants
jared timme (9 days ago)
The number one thing that annoys me about the hammer is they always do it on Glocks and other hammerless guns like what are you pulling back? There nothing there
jared timme (9 days ago)
Also D the first patent calls it a silencer so technically they are silencers. Suppressor is just a more accurate term
Zeyad Karim (9 days ago)
The Accountant actually got the sound design for the snipers correct!
PRO’s Gaming (10 days ago)
The Newton’s law thing. Can you explain why when you launch a rocket launcher, panzerfaust, or panzershreak that there is 0 recoil.
jared timme (9 days ago)
So you actually have moderate recoil on them however they are self propelled so with a gun it uses gas pushing against the chamber to propel it. With a rocket it still pushing backwards but instead of pushing against the back of the chamber it propels itself out of the tube in a similar way to a gun but then uses rocket fuel to push itself. I recommend watching slow motion of a javelin launch cause it's a extreme example of what happens in these other devices
Metallic Luster (10 days ago)
at least PUBG gets most of this right
Corey Long (11 days ago)
What is the movie at 3:42?
faceless58 (11 days ago)
The weird part about taking cover behind tables and that stuff is that usually the bullets do go through in movies, but the bad guys draw a large human shaped silhouette in the middle where they dont shoot at all
Daniel Nobre (11 days ago)
I think most videogames never really evolved past “Doom” in terms of mechanics. Reload and ironsights are now a bit of a standard (finally) but other than that you can only get realistic physics and handling on niche tactical sims.
Thomas Backstedt (12 days ago)
later on in the movie Quigley, he shoots some riders who are chasing the natives, guy gets hit drops, then you hear the shot: https://youtu.be/pYVlDXQ4tFM?t=95
AmokBR (14 days ago)
“It’s a supressor nit a silencer”. “It’s a magazine, not a clip. No one cares, it doesn’t matter, everyone understands what you are talkyabout 99% of the time
DeadlyPeeta (15 days ago)
Everything *IS* wrong with guns in movies*
Austin Pikula (16 days ago)
Finally someone who gets gun physics and how wrong movies are
Pocket Games (18 days ago)
We should test that shot to the heart and run away story
Gold (18 days ago)
7:32 "Loundess"
The Pancakeman (19 days ago)
There are suppressors and there are silencers. The only difference is the terminology used when the patent is filed.
Xylophite (21 days ago)
Wow physics
Mr.clorox bleach (22 days ago)
actually recoil is when all the force of the gun moves back and makes it recoil
Agent Zero (23 days ago)
SCP 1471 wolf (23 days ago)
But What's about Arms 3 it's the most realistic shooter game
nathan thebe (24 days ago)
I still love u taticool reloads
Grant (24 days ago)
7:32 typo
Elijah Dowsett (24 days ago)
Ethan Chamberlain (25 days ago)
I shoot lots of guns. I'm so happy that finaly people are smart and know how firearms work.
Silver Smith (25 days ago)
Søn of Bîtch! Warn a mòthërfúckêr before they see a real shot in the videos. Dam... Im just listening to the science of it, but whaterver,. thanks for the Info about the shots, its good to know. Science!!
Silver Smith (25 days ago)
à song sort of like cheap but not bad, something you can just whip together, like that Leprechaun song "i wanna know where Da Gold at", 4  start. Yeah.. B)
Silver Smith (25 days ago)
3:57 to 4:05 is my trap for u dudes 2 create to f around with, haha, and the 'guy's face is one that will be thinking twice about things, awesome. =)
crypter27 (25 days ago)
They also get swords and bows wrong too!🎯🎯🎯
Vegtam The Wanderer (25 days ago)
TECHNICALLY. Hiram maxim, the inventor of the silencer, used the word "silencer" when describing his patent. Dont belive me? Look on the patent.
Jake D’Eon (25 days ago)
Suppressors are not for teammates hearing. Everyone has to wear ear pro. SF teams DO use them for stealth for it is harder to track a quieter sound
Devin Hallsworth (25 days ago)
My biggest gripe is how accurate handguns are in movies. The scene in pulp fiction where the guy bursts out and unloads an entire revolver without hitting the guys he's ten feet away from is more accurate to real life.
Kettle Bell Kyle (25 days ago)
You forgot lack of trigger discipline especially on the ads for the film of buddy cop movies .In the academy, they tell you , “ keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire recruit ! “
Supreme DeRpEy (26 days ago)
It's recoil not kickback.
Mark Cooper III (26 days ago)
"I think Die Hard 4 does that" *Proceeds to show a big rig getting its top half erased from existence along the the giant pillars being decimated*
Atef Hatoum (27 days ago)
You forgot the most important thing , infinite ammo
sai harsha (1 month ago)
If there's a bow and arrow you're fucked, Lol
Square Pants (1 month ago)
*silencers:* reduces firing sound *suppressors:* reduce muzzle flash
William Winder (1 month ago)
0:04 WHEN HYRAM MAXIM patented his invention THE MAXIM SILENCER IN 1902. Calling it a suppressor is inaccurate. What it does is suppress the sound of a firearm what it is is a silencer.
Flavio Martinetto (1 month ago)
It actually depends by the kind of rifle you are using in your film, the first supersonic guns have been used during ww1, the scene you used as an example is actually right. The biggest problems are suppressors and recoil.
Timber Justice GPVS (1 month ago)
Cool method: try to fire a pistol with a punch Pull the trigger first then you punch it and extend your arm straight and hard What does it do well your making the bullet to go forward faster and straight It will make the bullet penetrate more but the recoil gets bigger
gir489 (1 month ago)
The Accountant got it right. There's a scene where he's shooting at bad guys with a 50CAL and you see the bad guy drop dead, then hear a whizz from the bullet, then a KERPLOW from the gunshot.
aaron estrada (1 month ago)
You guys are the shit
karien took my lunch (1 month ago)
What about .22? That shit sounds like a pop
Jess Chan (1 month ago)
I have always noticed the reloading, or rather the lack of, in movies, which is why I got a bit excited when Owen reloaded in Jurassic World.
Jess Chan (1 month ago)
The sniper scene in Better Call Saul got the sound delay somewhat right, which kinda surprised me given that Hollywood movies often don't mix their sound that way like you say.
Aaron Bradshaw (1 month ago)
The matrix does not obey your logic because in the simulation anything can happen
Gamingknight XD (1 month ago)
Hey nice metal gear solid shirt
Tom Oliverez (1 month ago)
Never wore earplugs but a few times in Iraq even though we were supposed to (favored situational awareness over ear pro). That said, when the adrenaline is kicking, there is a natural “protection” afforded to your ears. Sometimes when I was feeling the rush and firing, I wouldn’t have the muffled ringing so often felt at the range or other calm firing situations where I’ve unfortunately not had ear pro for some reason or another. I looked up the phenomenon before and it’s called auditory exclusion I believe. All that to say I can understand movie characters not being affected by the loud noises as much during the heat of the moment.
Tom Oliverez (1 month ago)
+Jiří Dušek We were all issued ear plugs but I can't think of anyone that used them. The only people I knew who wore ear protection were a couple of the squad leaders who wore Peltors (electronic ear muffs that amplify ambient sound but muffle anything above a certain decibel).
Jiří Dušek (1 month ago)
Wait, in combat you dont wear ear protection?
Kevin Killion (1 month ago)
Suppressors and subsonic ammunition. The only noise that is easily audible is the slide racking and the bullet impact. No sonic boom from the sound barrier being broken.
mlgrocket (1 month ago)
rainbow six siege, has the classic "shoot one bullet and reload, lose one bullet in reserves" and the "shoot one bullet and reload, that mag as a whole goes into reserves, and when you load it again its missing one bullet" the latter is only available in custom games though
SharkShocker (1 month ago)
What the military needs to do is invest in giant plastic bubbles with like a foot of water in them and make it so that it's some sort of malleable plastic so the bullet can pass through it without breaking it. BAM! Giant protective shell. Joking, but curious if something like that could technically happen/work.
Zero (1 month ago)
You ever heard a maxim 9 with subsonic?
Bravest Nuber (1 month ago)
Lol they misspelled loudness
Mr. D BOI (1 month ago)
Technically they are called silencers. But I'ma let that go
Evangelical Millerite (1 month ago)
What is “Loundess”??????
Lil Fang (1 month ago)
7:33 spelled loudness wrong
raptorms773 (1 month ago)
Yeah but your only ok if you go deep enough cause bullets still enough force at like 2 or 3 feet of water so go deeper.
raptorms773 (1 month ago)
Yea i say that all the time when i see them hide behind cars im like those guys would be dead, those doors are sheet metal and ive seen bullets go through steel plates with no problem. Now your using 10th of an inch in combined thickness as cover. You see cops do this in real life they use their cars as cover but i belive they might actually have a plate in those doors that can take a couple rounds from a hand gun
raptorms773 (1 month ago)
Uou hear the bullet woosh and strike before the gun shot from a sniper well if your close to the striking bullet
raptorms773 (1 month ago)
Bull shit i have fired dual machine guns i can keep them roughly on target my hands did not go obe my head
Nate Anunciacion (1 month ago)
How about the fact that movies think that guns have infinite ammo?!?!?!
KDK Dragon (1 month ago)
7:33 Loundess.
Gefilte Fish (1 month ago)
Insurgency sandstorm has the magazine reload system wher if you double tap R it throws the mag away but if you tap it once it goes back in your pouch
BetaVista (1 month ago)
You guys are great directors. You should make your own movies or videos! Oh wait
Daredevil from Marvel Comics would die in reality! He could not really dodge bullets if he couldn’t hear the bullets before it him.
ErikLew (1 month ago)
Mach 2 !? More like Mach 5!
Luke McHenry (1 month ago)
Mmm love me some LOUNDESS 7:32
Cameron Hatch (1 month ago)
I like how the only ammo he said was 5.56 and 7.62 he probably only knew those ammo types from a video game
MoreThan 1alent (1 month ago)
I honestly don’t care about guns in movies As long they shoot And look cool
3rd Eye Studios (1 month ago)
7:33 Loundess?
Bunlar türk görmemis kulak birakmayiz biz tak tak tak...
AnnasStorybox (1 month ago)
I really get triggerd (bad pun intended) by the lack of trigger discipline movie characters show. Of course a street thug wouldn't care about that but soldiers and policemen are trained in firearm handling. One of the first things I learned in basic training is this part of the 4 basic rules of firearm safety: Keep the finger out of the trigger guard and away from the trigger unless you are aiming at what you want to shoot at and you are 100% sure you want to shoot! Take finger of the trigger if the target gets out of your crosshairs (or whatever sight the gun might have)! Just think about it: Trigger discipline could have saved Marvins life in Pulp Fiction. (Yea I know it's an awesome scene... )
PKRockinOmega (1 month ago)
Me and a friend of mine actually had a conversation about reloading guns in video games. While we were playing uncharted I asked him, "you know how when you reload guns you don't lose any bullets when switching magazines?" He then told me that apparently call of duty had a perk that had you lose bullets if you reload if you still had some in the magazine. I then pointed how weird it was that there was a perk to have the gun work in real life but at the same time made the gun less effective.
Trevor (1 month ago)
They are called silencers!!! look at the fucking patent by harem maxim .... skinny asian thots these days... am i right?
Nosok90 Marchenkov (1 month ago)
What about "demolition ranch"? They are real guns using.
Amazing No Commentary (1 month ago)
You guys should make a movie
Shinzu (1 month ago)
It's called both a suppressor and a silencer. Silencer is more of a trademark name thanks to Maxim design the first every gun suppressor and named it the "Maxim Silencer", while suppressor is the more technical term.
Reynold Maravilla (1 month ago)
any links of a gun channel video that supports the sniper sound??
Samurai Doge (1 month ago)
i have a problem with BO4 allowing u to shoot underwater and actually be able to kill someone.

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