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Everything Wrong with Guns in Movies

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Text Comments (4566)
ArkangelBAYEM (1 hour ago)
I'm currently writing a novel, and what you mentioned about bullets not penetrating water; I actually have a scene where one of my characters is underwater, looking up at a guy who he could easily kill if not for being submerged, and he actually takes into account that even though he's close enough for the bullet to exit the water, it would be at such a stupidly low velocity, it would either completely miss, or just bounce off of him lol
Joshua Lennep (6 hours ago)
Yeah one problem with your theory. Most of the time an action scene isn't approached from the perspective from the person being shot, it's from the shooter. Secondly, you can call it a silencer, a can, or a suppressor. You still know what they are talking about. You dont look smart when you point that out, you look like a douche.
KONGKronosYT (6 hours ago)
There's a scene in John Wick 3 where a guy is shooting bullets in water and the bullets slow right down after being shot. Cool to know it's based in fact. Not surprising with how good the gun play is in those films. Clearly somebody who knows a lot about guns is involved.
-Doctorwjo - (8 hours ago)
If you jump in Water and they have subsonic bullets you are effed as well :D
Josef S4a1in (8 hours ago)
Sherlock Holmes got the ear ringing right
bob joeshmoe (8 hours ago)
Flippy (9 hours ago)
John wick 3's pool scene
Louis Surgi (9 hours ago)
My least favourite is when guns never go to slide lock. They just click when most pistols and rifles will lock the slide or bolt back when the mag is empty depending on the model.
Tsukuru Tazaki (9 hours ago)
Yea man I hate loundess
Darth KEK (9 hours ago)
Not all guns recoil equally. If you watch FPS Russia you can see him fire a pair of AA12's (fully automatic shotguns loaded with drum magazines) and he handles it amazingly. (It's due to the springs of the AA12). https://youtu.be/WOoUVeyaY_8?t=170
William Galaini (9 hours ago)
Also, I've never seen bullets spark unless it was a tracer round.
Broxalax (8 hours ago)
As long as there is a ferrous meterial in either the bullet or item being struck, there is a chance to spark. There are also other materials that can spark.
Grayson Haynes (9 hours ago)
7:30 aha they spelt loudness wrong... "loundness" aha
Erwin Schrodinger (9 hours ago)
7:54 The only video game outside of some BRs and sim type games I can think of off the top of my head that has a mode where reloads are done correctly in that regard is R6 Siege, they have a mode called "tactical realism" where instead of a set bullet count you have 4 numbered magazines, and whenever you reload you just cycle to your next mag, but if you end up back on a mag that you used all but 3 bullets in that's all the mag will have in it. It's interesting, but really does throw you when you are used to traditional video game reloading logic.
J Padgett (10 hours ago)
John Wick 3, Trailer 2, is any of it CG, it all looks real
Izzy Jones (10 hours ago)
zacc (10 hours ago)
7:31 Loundess
Maxtron 22 (11 hours ago)
They mentioned jamming but they forgot to mention the specifics. So when you fire a gun for a prolonged amount of time there is a build up of carbon especially when firing automatically this carbon gets into the working parts and complete buggers up the weapon system(also yes they are guns but technically no they are only a sub class of gun. A gun is actually one of those big fuck off pieces of artillery that you see)
Luke Thomas (11 hours ago)
8:12, I'm literally Playing EFT as we speak in a factory scav raid and for some reason I got really hyped when he said it hahaha
TiagoTiago (11 hours ago)
You guys should make a video called "Everything is bulletproof", and you have people using all sorts of fragile objects as shield and fake slowmo shots of those objects being damaged the way bullet proof stuff is damaged (like bullet proof glass, thick metal plates, strong rocks etc) while still behaving like the normal materials when interacted with by anything that isn't a bullet.
TiagoTiago (11 hours ago)
I've watched video where a guy shot with suppressors, and the Ding of the bullet hitting a metal target was actually louder than the gunshot sound itself; and it was just a guy showing off his gun with a suppressor, there was no reason to fake the sound...
Denis Laflamme (12 hours ago)
The sniper scene in Breaking Bad is realistic
Klaus Gartenstiel (12 hours ago)
which one?
Tyngchinchilla Chang (12 hours ago)
Another great example of sniper shots sound design is in breaking bad. The zing of the bullet is heard first followed by the impact n followed by the actual gunshot itself.
schwartzy65 (12 hours ago)
In many european country like finland men have much better understanding how weapons work ect because every man (almosy) goes to mandatory military service
IceCracker (12 hours ago)
The accountant is quite accurate about gun sounds.
Just Stopping By (13 hours ago)
9:12 pffft, are you tell me that Enter the Gungeon is teaching me wrong
RabidTribble (13 hours ago)
okay but my heart skipped a beat when he leaned on that computer monitor jfc
sushileaf (14 hours ago)
Nice name drop with Tarkov.
Z-Man Overstreet (14 hours ago)
True stealth https://youtu.be/lnzt9mijxLE
Floppin (16 hours ago)
7:34 it says "Loundess"
Stevie P (22 hours ago)
Bullet penetration... kinky
Goose (23 hours ago)
Everytime someone spills gas i throw my cigarette in it to show them theres nothing to fear. Its a myth.
Brielberg (23 hours ago)
Do you hate women
AlphaXXI (23 hours ago)
Archer is basically the only case I've seen where they take the fact that you'd hur your ears into consideration.
Kellen Brennan (23 hours ago)
Saving private Ryan did it right
teal panda (1 day ago)
You can still make a gun silent.
AKLumps907 (1 day ago)
You could have sub sonic rounds in JW2.
Ahmad Doumani (1 day ago)
This video is so bad they don’t know that the matrix isn’t the real and just for the reference movies are the camera prospective not every person prospective
Tom Carpentier (1 day ago)
Shad Jensen (1 day ago)
R.E.D got the bullet penetration right at the start.
Zac Bennett (1 day ago)
9:52 So, Hawkeye wins?
David Soto (1 day ago)
In Iraq I got the blessing opportunity to feel a lot of guns, lots. The .50 Cal sniper was the worst. I wanted to cry, I was withing 10 ft. radius without ear protection. After many firefight, we would be in the cafeteria with ringing ears and bloody uniforms. The grenade launcher had some serious recoiled. Guns jammed as a common Pokemon card. Also, got free PTSD. Lucky me!
Dreams0fChaos (1 day ago)
How about movies that show casings hitting the ground in slow motion and they are blanks, good example battle la where the .50 cal shells hit the ground you can see of octagonal shape in them.
shovelware (1 day ago)
The sound thing is fine as long as you're showing one perspective. But hearing the bang when they shoot the gun, then hearing it again at the receiving end is silly.
Haien (1 day ago)
My number one gripe in movies is that people rarely get effected by the insanely loud sounds guns, machine guns etc makes. Just being near a gun fire could completely incapacitate someone it`s so intense.
Sheng Jiang (1 day ago)
firefox5926 (1 day ago)
9:03 adreniline... its a hellava drug lol
shivansh saumya (1 day ago)
When someone shoots at you from 200m you don't live to see or hear my dear......... ;)
Aulkraen (1 day ago)
It’s not as bad as 80s/90s movies where everyone had no reload and unlimited ammo cheats on.
ThatTempesTGuy (2 days ago)
Why do they all sound gay except the ginger?
Aadin Heals (2 days ago)
I'm a hunter... so I understand this so much. During hunting season you experience the real sounds of guns everywhere from every direction. I also live less than a mile from an indoor/outdoor shooting range... so when I see movies I try to just try to enjoy movies if I think about it, it would drive me nuts.
Odin Satanas (2 days ago)
Well OLD cars, definitely, solid steel Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde was effective in shootouts because he had a BAR, beefy as hell high caliber rifle, and he could punch through car doors the cops took cover behind, and their .45 Thompson's were useless against the doors
Odin Satanas (2 days ago)
Loving his classic original Metal Gear shirt haha, with knockoff Michael Biehn solid snake I've never heard of Rush, just the F1 movie I was hoping you'd cite enemy at the gates haha, amazing sniper movie
Jeremy Siegel (2 days ago)
Glad to see I'm not the only person who constantly forces others to endure Tarkov recommendations.
Monster Fueled (2 days ago)
its called a silencer
Zambicus (2 days ago)
Is the example at 3:50 even valid? The camera teleports to the target mid-shot. You can hear how they had to fuck around with the echo of the gunshot at the camera's first position to make it be realistic - but this just highlighted another piece of unrealism, namely the impossibility for someone to teleport hundreds of meters from a gunman to the target he hits. The net effect is a scene that is possibly even more unrealistic than the untampered one. Everything he said is true, but find a better example, c'mon.
ChoppersBBQ (2 days ago)
Boris the Russian used plugs before he fires his revolver, only one i can think of off the top of my head.
Outland (7 hours ago)
Oh yeah!!!!
lindholmaren (2 days ago)
7:30 Loundess? I hardly knew her!
Dylan Maurits (2 days ago)
Silencer and Suppressor are both the right term for it if I'm not wrong. I think the inventor of the silencer called it the silencer.
TJM the Great (2 days ago)
John wick 3 does the bullets in water perfectly
Casey Brace (2 days ago)
John Wick 3 has a realistic bullets underwater scene. Be cool for a review of that movie from the crew
Congrats you debunked the myth of there being multiple shooters in the vegas shooting by explaining how the firing and echos of a gun work.
TetrisClock (2 days ago)
If you want to shoot someone in the water, use subsonic rounds. The force of the water will destroy a supersonic bullet at a pretty shallow depth.
Hiski Hämäläinen (2 days ago)
I used assault rifles etc in the military and my comment is that a rifle is not very loud if I stand behind it when they shoot. Even standing next to someone but behind them when they shoot I would not get ringing, but if you stand in front (not meaning getting hit) of the barrel or right next to it it will be very loud and damaging. So it just depends really. Also the kick back is not much in a rifle like that at all because they are designed to take the kick out of it. It depends on the gun. Also if you shot a Desert eagle through a dry wall, the chanse of the bullet flying straight after the wall is kind of slim. It would probably change its direction at least a little bit. So it would be difficult to get the shot like that.
Eli Malinsky (2 days ago)
In terms of bullet penetration, it really depends on the firearm. A pistol bullet won't be able to penetrate through sheet metal such as that of a car, but an assault rifle bullet will definitely penetrate. Pistols don't have much penetrating power in comparison to assault rifles.
catoblepag (2 days ago)
Wow. That John Wick "suppressor duel" scene could be the stupidest, most unintentionally hilarious gunfight I've ever seen since Equilibrium (the gun-fu fight at the end).
6T_FOR (2 days ago)
2:40 did she just look down the scope with her eyepatched eye
Aïke (2 days ago)
"In today's society I think most people have a pretty good education on have to use a firearm" Me, an European who hasn't nor intend to even hold a weapon: Yes... Totally...
kira angle (1 hour ago)
Ha, must not live in france
Joshua Heffernan (2 days ago)
7:32 loundess
UNSCpillarofautem (3 days ago)
John Wick is pretty close, a lot of it is experience based. Also a good suppressor on a small caliber hand gun is pretty close to being as silent as a gun can be, assuming subsonic ammo.
enilenis (3 days ago)
When I worked on sci-fi show Continuum in one of the scenes the comper made gun cartridges eject sideways from a P90. I argued for the shot to be corrected for realism, but they insisted the shot framing worked better for shell casings shooting sideways out of a non-existent port. And that's how they aired it. The first episode reviewer instantly picks up on the fact the gun doesn't work the way it should and clearly it was done due to incompetent CG work. Brilliant!
DoctorMcKay1 (3 days ago)
The thing that bugs me most about guns in movies is how they always rattle every time any character moves.
Nathan Sinnott (1 hour ago)
right? someone adjusts their aim and the gun makes a slide rack sound. like wtf?
squeakz YT (3 days ago)
Michael B (3 days ago)
You also forgot to mention the heat that guns produce, especially with suppressors. One scene I like is from John Wick, Willem Dafoes character after firing a sniper rifle with a suppressor a few times, he licks his fingers before removing the suppressor. Not the most accurate, but with things like that they try to make it more believable.
Carson Hoy (3 days ago)
Was that actor Trevor from GTA 5??
Joel (3 days ago)
Talking about blowing one's ears out from gun fire, there are...maybe one or two scenes in Snatch where the character Borris the animal/blade puts in ear plugs before he uses his gun. When I first noticed, it gave me a pretty good chuckle
Daniel Palmer (3 days ago)
Most military have electronic earmuffs and headsets. Guess it kinda depends on their operation though, there's guys that pound mortars off all day with nothing but fingers to protect themselves -.-
supertotoro (3 days ago)
Have you ever seen Steven Seagal shoot a gun for real? It's like he doesn't know he is not in a movie. He shoots like a action movie hero, insanely accurate
supertotoro (3 days ago)
I disagree I think. I think Hollywood does it right with the sniper scenes. Of course they are not wrong in this video, but I mean that Hollywood is mixing the sound correctly. First they shoot, and then they change to the target getting hit, but even if you as a viewer are next to the target still I think you are looking at it from the shooters perspective and so therefore having the sound mixed as you are next to the shooter makes more sense to our brains.
0 1 (3 days ago)
so you have a video on sound in games?
James Bowen (3 days ago)
i haet it when the loundess of guns braeks my eardurms.
White Devil (3 days ago)
What's the movie at 3:19?
Kyle Soler (3 days ago)
What would be hilarious is if some hero goes in a battle zone thinking all the stuff that happens with guns and explosives in movies are real, ends up dying 5 minutes through.
PatriotGabe (3 days ago)
The only point I disagree with is sound. I've worked around squad-size+ elements with M240s, M249s, and M4s and up close without ear protection the only thing that'll deafen you outdoors is the 7.62mm rounds from the M240, depending on how close you are. If you're more than ten meters away then you should be good. Indoors is definitely another story though. I was once in an exercise clearing a small downtown-ish area holding the second floor of a building and it became unbearable once the M240s and the M249s started rocking. Even with the M4s, it was pretty loud.
Godmah 7 (3 days ago)
Who plays Tarkov!?
Marc Gorter (3 days ago)
flipity flop (3 days ago)
Lots of people in the comments know about guns. I know you guys need to get sound dampers. Jeez
Ze Rubenator (3 days ago)
You should try firing a silenced sten gun. It's a truly silent gun, almost frightening.
Noahdaceo (3 days ago)
Silencer and Suppressor is interchangeable as the companies and even the original patents use them both.
Skitacion (3 days ago)
Bruh this dude just said something in the matrix was unrealistic... ITS THE MATRIX!
r0bw00d (1 day ago)
He said as much.
MadMac24 (3 days ago)
Saving private Ryan sniper scene got it right
Rohann van Rensburg (3 days ago)
Great video! I remember this trailer from a while back that did a half decent job with the speed of sound element. https://youtu.be/S9ueuIULfj0 A few things though: 1. A suppressor's functionality is highly dependent on design, size, integration with the firearm (i.e. think the manufactured HK's with built in suppressors), and especially ammunition. Subsonic ammunition is *extremely* quiet with a suppressor. I.e. a suppressed MK23 with subsonic .45 is mostly the sound of the slide clicking back and forth. Still audible in an open room, and the bullet impact will always be loud, but it's very quiet. A suppressed, subsonic .22 is another story altogether. Those used to be mid-crowd assassination tools. They're incredibly quiet. 2. A suppressor is also useful for masking direction, i.e. for snipers. The Canadian Forces are supplied with a suppressor for their massive .338 Lapua rifles, and at longer (800m+) distances it does a good job of hiding where the shot came from. Boatloads of bullet noise, but no "rolling thunder" 3. Rainbow Six always did a good job of magazine cycling (at least the early ones). You'd have i.e. 5 mags and by the time you roll around to the half-depleted 1st mag, it would still be half depleted. No one throws their magazines away in real life. You get in boatloads of trouble in just about every organization.
Toasty McSauce (3 days ago)
Bro, Neo is the one. Recoil doesn't exist for him.
Tobytyty101 (3 days ago)
9:37 John Wick 3 anyone?
Maurizzio Bravi (3 days ago)
It actually sounds cooler when its realistic which is the exact opposite of what I was expecting
matt eckert (3 days ago)
Hell if a round goes by you still traveling supersonic it'll make your ears ring too.
fiskfisk33 (3 days ago)
dont forget though, that with a bullet faster than sound, the sonic boom of the incoming bullet will be far louder then the weapon sound at a distance this video has a very nice example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRsSWlOp8E4
deleted44 (3 days ago)
My pet peeve is how hollywood portrays shooting through glass. Like they'll take straight shots through glass without issue when in reality it makes your bullet do all sorts of crazy trajectory changes, especially with windshields. When shooting through a windshield you're actually taught to burn three bullets to create a hole in it and then shoot through the hole.

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