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X-Men - Iceman's Powers

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Melmac101 (8 hours ago)
The first Elsa😁
Omarr Koroma (1 day ago)
Subzero type shit...
BLINK x BLACKPINK (1 day ago)
i ship bobby and kitty
andy lee (1 day ago)
Katara vs iceman?
Caroline Espinosa (2 days ago)
Bobby was not in x men apocalypse
초이다크호스 (2 days ago)
Ice age~~~~~
은재허 (2 days ago)
charlie aidan (3 days ago)
His nickname is ICEMAN! Who wouldn't know his powers?
CH4OSkise (3 days ago)
Tell me, are you of the Lin Kuei
CH4OSkise (3 days ago)
*Ice Man's Powers:* Ice
Cameron Bennett (3 days ago)
Uhm yeah. Frozone did it better.
쿠니류 (3 days ago)
Ace vs Aokiji ?
Lord Debrick (4 days ago)
He is an omega level mutant and he is defeated by some super centinals... Another character de-powered!
Darragh nolan (4 days ago)
OK he doesn't use his powers much
Daruma games 1 (4 days ago)
Catus Fearus (5 days ago)
*f r o z o n e*
Afiq Ibrahim (5 days ago)
Aokiji vs Akainu
Tyler McNeeley (6 days ago)
The funniest part was that the guy that plays Ice Man in these films was in a thriller film where he died. It was called Frozen, and it's about three people getting stuck on a chair lift at a ski resort in the middle of winter.
Death And Hate (6 days ago)
2:30 Sub-zero win
GAMER (7 days ago)
3:03 destroyer from thor
Tea Time (8 days ago)
Gene Code (8 days ago)
Princess Elsa
Milk Man (8 days ago)
Better than Elsa
Peter Parameter (8 days ago)
Aokiji vs. Ace
SteamPunk Playz (9 days ago)
3:00 who’s that
Cj Skate (9 days ago)
1.40อาโอคิยิ ปะทะเอช
Vishal Rana (9 days ago)
India best dramebaz
Immortal Wolf YT (10 days ago)
Oh it's getting freezing out here and that ice man guy he's chilling he's perfect for Elsa
Nguyễn Huy (10 days ago)
Aokiji real
Advent Advent (11 days ago)
Sub zeroo
Jariya Saelou (11 days ago)
Guava juice Forever (11 days ago)
Sub zero
Ron Ivan (12 days ago)
Ice and fire on same amount. Ice will never fail
Dimitri Valenkov (12 days ago)
cool :)
ngoc's Biên's (12 days ago)
ad cho xin tên phim
Giulia (13 days ago)
So he’s Elsa?
Monique (13 days ago)
tyler 780 (15 days ago)
Iceman is my favorite
Jzabehl DIaz (16 days ago)
He die?
THTA (17 days ago)
so he died =(
Shelma Finyang (17 days ago)
Fire or lice witch on i pick ice
HiDan AL (18 days ago)
Looks like Elsa finaly find her boyfriend
Lach Cool (19 days ago)
batman likes pizza (19 days ago)
My peoples
Bill Cipher (19 days ago)
Let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore I don't care what Logan will say let the storm rage ON!! Professor X never bothered me any way
Medina mojo (20 days ago)
Sub-zero before he hit puberty,,,,
Kaneki Ken金子賢 (20 days ago)
2:10 subzero vs scorpion
Dare Devil 37 (21 days ago)
Elsa who?
Kieron Berakkov (21 days ago)
One of the best Cryomancer I've ever seen.
Niller Kartofler (21 days ago)
Shit didn't know frozone was in x-men
Matthew Connors (21 days ago)
He’s a fucking snack
D. E.D. (22 days ago)
Wow that's so cool😀 I wanna be icegirl now
Reana Mangahas (24 days ago)
He looks like elsa from frozen
Elemental Striker (25 days ago)
Let it go let it go can hold it back anymoreeeeeee
Namthanh Truong (25 days ago)
Phim gì z ad
カスクソ (25 days ago)
Welda Sulaeman (25 days ago)
He's become Elsa's husband
Goofy Goofy (25 days ago)
Poor man's AC
King Paso (26 days ago)
He is so underrated
やみぃ (28 days ago)
Son Goku (28 days ago)
Lucky,no morning breaths
Geidy Berroa (28 days ago)
Jk killer frost's husband actually
Geidy Berroa (28 days ago)
Elsa's husband
AWC ABC (1 month ago)
Hay quá
Gold muller (1 month ago)
elsa haha
Ahad Moham (1 month ago)
very cooll...👍
Vote Red (1 month ago)
Gay Iceman is dumb!
Klara Nowicka (1 month ago)
ELZA, is that you?
Movie tar nm ki
CHn 2nqo (1 month ago)
nut zeeb (1 month ago)
Well....how will he gonna fuck?
Gwen Gonzales (1 month ago)
Mohammad Alice (1 month ago)
"perhaps you should go back to school." "You never should have left." OHHHH MY GOD. FREEZER BURNED
klarenz cobie (1 month ago)
Ice man's power is so cool ;)
Dhanisa Indrawan (1 month ago)
Khin Shwe (1 month ago)
Thanks icedude
Stalini Naufahu (1 month ago)
He is an Omega level mutant. That is, a level 5, like Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Franklin Richards to name a few. His feats in the comics includes freezing the ENTIRE world for a time and projecting his conscious through that entire plane of ice to see things. Yes, though within the Omega category he places far lower than a few other Omega's, I hate how weak he seems in the movies. I would've guessed he's an average mutant below Storm in these films.
Beautiful Sound GaminG (1 month ago)
remind me of sub zero
Damian Lopez (1 month ago)
He’s my hero
favorite videos (1 month ago)
Rochit Bhandari (1 month ago)
bkvas video hai
T T T T Target (1 month ago)
You should go back to school... You never should have left BURNNNNNN
Justin Louden (1 month ago)
jack frost be like
I think that Iceman is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel Universe and could compete, if not defeat, other superheroes like Hulk, Wolverine etc etc ... It would be enough to freeze the blood in their veins and they would die almost instantly. The blood, we know well, is made up of water in most.
Charles Aaron (1 month ago)
elsa? is that you?
Anything Everything (1 month ago)
The fpslen09 (1 month ago)
Elsa's son lol
Liam Hayes (1 month ago)
Honey where’s my super suit
Hmmmmm I wonder what will be *ICE* mans power
one Happy (1 month ago)
love life status (1 month ago)
Movi name
Lyonill PlayZ (1 month ago)
its peeyel (1 month ago)
tetsuya tsurugi (1 month ago)
ice man brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!it's very cold!
Flash cunt
Thốt Nốt (1 month ago)
I love the ice
Hok meng (1 month ago)
He is the male version of Frozen! 😹
YTderpypikachu 700 (1 month ago)
Look it's elsa

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