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Secret Hidden Tunnel Exploration Shanklin Isle of Wight (Derelict places UK) Secret Underground Cave

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Derelict places uk: Abandoned tunnel exploration Isle of Wight, secret tunnel hidden in the woods on the outskirts of Shanklin. Date of Visit: 18-05-2016 The tunnel is surprisingly long at the end of the bricked section it leads into a cave opening. The cave section goes on for approx 30m and then unfortunately comes to a dead end. Its thought to be a borehole built by the Victorians. Just beneath this tunnel is another (unfortunately still sealed) which I have been told leads to a large underground well. There are pipes within this tunnel which look as though they feed through to the other tunnel below. I haven't edited down the footage to give a representation of just how long this is. The footage of the cave section is not particularly good, it was extremely difficult to film in this section and there was significant waterfall.. The tunnel had been sealed for quite sometime however fortunately I was tipped off that someone has very kindly ground the lock off. This is not likely to stay open for long, please be aware it is very wet and muddy inside with several hidden pits. ****UPDATE 24-05-16**** This has now been re-sealed :( I would not advise taking any gear in that is not weather sealed, you WILL get it wet and muddy, and mind out for the bats ;) Gear used: Sony a7s full frame mirrorless camera system. Lens used: Sony 16mm E mount with Fisheye adaptor. Gimbal shots shot with the Nebula 4000 Lite. Last shot made with Panasonic GH4 (as its weather sealed) Edited in Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015 Graded with VisionColor OSIRIS M31 Lut Music Created (by me) with FL Studio 9 using Absynth 5 plugins. Please check out some of my other Abandoned Isle of Wight Videos: Abandoned Church in Sandown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn0P0iJWGFY Hidden Abandoned Tunnel Complex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Telj_jp4J1Q Abandoned Seaside Hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9jVPu2fPcs Shanklin Derelict Lift Buildings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7I-Ogj_E64 Fort Warden Underground Walk through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWvW4mMfDAQ Shanklin America Woods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY9WULaFHlk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch my newest video: EXPLORING UNDERGROUND MINE - Box Mine Wiltshire miles of underground tunnels! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_CNgMv_mZE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (146)
Na powaznie (1 day ago)
War time tunel ?
黄鸿杰 (1 month ago)
The tunnel is about 500m long
are you telling us that you walked several hundreds of meters crouching in that speed?
David Worgan (1 month ago)
Where is the wendigo
Regina Bell (1 month ago)
Thanks for the,enlightening Tour!
reminds me about a vision i had a couple of years ago. it was as if i were at a dark place, or perhaps just was very dark in my room, but yet i was in my bed one night and was like having vision with some creatures of light or something, i dont remember exactly was it was but anyway, after a while it was as if the vision was zooming out and what was left was a dark creature almost as if he most likely was a shadow and he was standing in front of me, and perhaps i felt or saw a door behind him that was opened a bit, but also he was like pointing towards me with his flashlight in his hand (and it was as if it was the source of the light before.)... then some weeks or days or perhaps even the day after, i went on youtube and watched a testimony where a girl was like weeping for 30 minutes or so, she said she had been in love with an angel for several months or the like, but now she had found out it was a demon and they were harassing her or something, she cried and looked terrible, and then she also said "and it was only a man with a flashlight!"... and kept crying. horrible.
Regina Bell (1 month ago)
What? Could they have used that For
Busca un túnel más largo mejor así haces un vídeo igual, porqueria
This was skipped about 40 times until the end. Boring.
Debbie Debbie (2 months ago)
WOW I can't believe you didn't have anyone guard the door you're a brave and fearless man! I hope you don't do that again without having someone with you, that you can trust!
Prairie Adventures (2 months ago)
Geez Louise, that's a long tunnel. What was its purpose?
Loren Johnson (2 months ago)
Very nice brick work, the tunnel probably have some military application during the war
Art Weaver (2 months ago)
Wow... It's a sewer. Obviously an abandoned sanitary or storm sewer tunnel. That door going in means it's almost certainly a sanitary sewer!
Mr Msl (3 months ago)
Great explore very well done 👍🏻💯 #urbex
chris bond (4 months ago)
This tunnel looks like it was built as a service access to the drain, that clearly runs below the floor of the tunnel, several openings can be seen.
Meko 77 (5 months ago)
Next time you exploring take me with you
Antoinnette Woodman (5 months ago)
I kept expecting to see ghosts :-0 too much ghost adventures for me I think 🤔
White Eagle (6 months ago)
Utility tunnel?
james f o'hare (6 months ago)
Had you have left of the weird music and repeat video it may have been worth the time to watch.
Georgia Kidd (7 months ago)
Wow I have lived on the island my whole life and I had no idea how many abandoned places their are to explore!!
t 1 01 (7 months ago)
Cool video.
Ali Mohammond (11 months ago)
what if someone one lock the door back up and didn't know you were in there!! that would suck!
Porcelain Porcupine (11 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic video, really unnerving though to think just how lucky you were not to get locked in!
UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick (11 months ago)
"Move Fast in the tunnels of the underground" Men at work
Sugarsail1 (1 year ago)
that's a boring tunnel
Nelapati Rahul (1 year ago)
brian hurkett (1 year ago)
Nice brickwork
Fidneus Diller (1 year ago)
Nearly three quarters of the way in I began to get that strange claustrophobic feeling just thinking about having to go back the same way. That was a very long walk. Nice effects though.
Seth Tyrssen (1 year ago)
Damn ... creepy sort of place, isn't it? Anyone know what it was for?
Something Victorian, the stained bricks, the dirtiness, there's no doubt. Although more than likely it has something to do with sewage and pipes for water ect.
morphine xxx (1 year ago)
Mia khalifas pussy entrance
Mike Cheeseman (1 year ago)
There used to be a few tunnels at Fort Albert that was used for storage it was also used in WW1 and WW11.
Wally Weener (1 year ago)
Its a freaking storm drain
Great video enjoyed
Public Public (1 year ago)
D.S. URBEX (1 year ago)
Robert G (1 year ago)
Jeesh. 4 minutes of nothing but tunnel until the end. OH well.
Marcia Dodd (1 year ago)
Just found this. Victorian bolthole? What did they have to escape from? And I also worried about what several others said: What if YOU had been welded in. OMG.
bri jones (1 year ago)
in portsmouth theres meant to be a lot of tunnels
Thomas Masterman (1 year ago)
Almost looks like drone footage!!!! Awesome vid....
my guess is computer animated
Rederfert (1 year ago)
Shit urself much?
Mike Gross (1 year ago)
I noticed little holes along the wall as you walked through, any idea about them?
Mike Cheeseman (1 year ago)
Mike Gross I was wondering if it was for candles.
Amos Maclin (1 year ago)
Vaso Beruashvili (1 year ago)
When tunnel ends and there is tight walls who has claustrophoby feelings like me? :D :P
rez maknae (1 year ago)
This reminds me of the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam though that one was low you have to crawl. Since the Cu Chi tunnels are now a tourist attraction, they made exit points every 20 feet or so. I would probably not go very deep into something like this if there is no exit point every now and then.
Yeah no exit point here apart from the way in, when I went in I also had no idea how far along the collapsed section went, I'd though there may be an exit, and there wasn't... Luckily I managed to get out alright it really wasn't very smart to go in alone, they've welded the entrance shut now so at least no one will get hurt trying to crawl through.
Stu Holiday (1 year ago)
I went in the thatched tea rooms in shanklin old village ... they have access to tunnels under the cottage (made of three cottages) it leads to the Manor House 700 yards away ... used for smuggling ... booty brought up to the chine to cottages and smuggled to the manor to avoid customs back in the day !!!
I'd heard rumours about tunnels running between one of the pubs and the chine but I wasn't aware of the tea gardens so thanks for sharing 👍... Might have to pop in for a cuppa and see if they'll let me in 😁
Al Walker (1 year ago)
its was obviously a drainage tunnel.
Paul Hadfield (1 year ago)
thats along tunnel, must have been used by military at one time, reminded me of a colnoscopy vid i once watched
E.J. Navarro (1 year ago)
Five years later and your still walking through the tunnel
JibbaJabbaJones (1 year ago)
The door to the tunnel look great.
Lee Jameson (1 year ago)
nice video disappointed it didn't go anywhere though, wonder why they built it ant what it was going to be when finished
Vicky Waterx (1 year ago)
was gonna give it a like but its got 420, im not ruining that.
Bb Cc (1 year ago)
I thought at first this was a WW2 tunnel, made by some guys who lucked out and didn't have to go to the front, cause someone wanted this endless nothing bricked....
A second nearby tunnel linked to this has recently been opened, check out my video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doRokxSYurc 😁
Nigel Perren (1 year ago)
My goodness!!! Were you on a moped or something? That's some fast footage
IKS Exploration (2 years ago)
wow amazing footage :)
Cheers... Big fan of your channel BTW 👍
Beautiful videos that make you there! Got a subscription !! Best greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
All that way for nothing!!
c123ray (2 years ago)
I am keen to learn about the history of these tunnels.
Jessica Radway (1 year ago)
Abandoned Isle of Wight I noticed holes in the walls that seemed pretty evenly spaced and paired at shoulder level. Any idea what those are?
There isn't much information around online most of the history I've heard is word of mouth or people's theories.  The most credible theory (I think) is that they were are boreholes built by the Victorians and used either as a water source/storage or to feed into the local chine ensuring that did not dry up as it was a big tourist attraction back then.
c123ray (2 years ago)
I am keen to learn about the history of these tunnels.
CO.AG Music (2 years ago)
Incredible video
Jayne Wood (1 year ago)
Abandoned Isle of Wight 7y
Jayne Wood (1 year ago)
CO.AG Musich6
Thanks! 😁
chris jellison (2 years ago)
watch my videos
Russ Dex (2 years ago)
your shoes would be fucked after that walk 😂😂😂
pat murphy (2 years ago)
where did that tunnel go to?...ty for the video! pretty cool
MrSIXGUNZ (2 years ago)
wow creeeeepy and cool !!!
Jamie Clemons (2 years ago)
Dave Amburgey (2 years ago)
drubber77 (2 years ago)
Lucky they didn't come and re lock it whilst you were in there!!
drubber77 (2 years ago)
Jesus. Can you imagine....just hearing the door slam shut and locked...the terror! i bet you'd struggle to get a phone signal. Just goes to show, you should always tell someone you know where you're going if on your own. I am a photographer and often end up in far out random places with no phone signal on my own and think, if i slipped or somehow injured myself i'd probably die a slow miserable death. Anyway on a high note, the weathers been great today here in Derbyshire 😂
+drubber007 Absolutely! They came and locked it the following day, so it was lucky/stupid
brianartillery (2 years ago)
Is that mud underfoot, or excreta?
I think (hope) mud... Given the location, I think it's safe to assume mud, as I believe its original intended use was as a borehole.
TheWeardale1 (2 years ago)
best youtube video i've ever seen..
YhousdRL 1 (2 years ago)
I want to know where in Shanklin
Jizza Mae (2 years ago)
how did you breathe
Aussie Drifter (2 years ago)
What a great video, I would love to find a secret hidden place like this & move in. ;-)
Unknown (2 years ago)
Dude, Nice video... but the music choice..... omg... no
Id love to visit some places im going in July
Alex Renshaw (2 years ago)
have fun
thats long
Alex Treasure Hunter (10 months ago)
that's what she said
Kenneth Hildebrand (2 years ago)
Your going to fuck around and pop out in Silent Hill.
Echelon739 (2 years ago)
Sooooo, what was it used for??????????????????????????????????????? most important thing to include you missed....
Rossi 9 (5 months ago)
+Nicky Z06 😂
White Eagle (6 months ago)
Hes kind of right though, the old legends all say the ancient ones we called 'Gods' /fallen angels, had places underground they hung out in.     And Hell was originally Enki's south African deep Gold mines.   (underground, and very deep, the further down you go the hotter it is).   Apparently when present mining operations, for either gold or diamonds, run across these ancient shafts , they just seal them up and change their boring direction.   Would be interesting if some one or group could do some extensive investigations in to these ancient mines.
xBangTanSwxgx DG (1 year ago)
Sebastian Hardt Did your brain kick in yet?
Shardt (2 years ago)
Monno Collo Did the drugs kick in yet?
Nicky Z06 (2 years ago)
Monno Collo drugs are bad
Liam Crawford (2 years ago)
Probably valuable materials down there aswell
Miika Mäentaus (2 years ago)
3:23 on the left wall there's a railroad symbol from fallout 4 xD...not even kidding
thanks for that, because this is probably a computer generated movie that they have done with technology from NASA or something. they seek to deceive the masses and have us trapped in a net where they control everything we do and they have come a long way in the darkness. after a quick google search the symbol that looked liked it is stated to be a symbol of "secret communication" or "deaddrop" https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/2/27/Railroad_Railsigns.png/revision/latest?cb=20170222181526
Andrew Towell (8 months ago)
Wicken symbol
dposer10 (1 year ago)
it's in at least 2 more places as well
RYANGamingz (1 year ago)
Miika Mäentaus OH HELL NAW.. Could've sworn I killed every last one of em =/
idot (1 year ago)
Oh shizzle
shari102476 (2 years ago)
OMG I had a panic attack watching this. Ugh!!!!! Toooooooo claustrophobic for me
likely computer animated. Nasa have a relationship with game makers and they focus on our children. beware and protect them in the name of Jesus.
I'm actually the Stig (2 years ago)
Literally making my Heart beat!!!!!!!!
JibbaJabbaJones (1 year ago)
I didn't see the big deal. I just seemed like a long ass walk. now at the end , crawling up in that confined dangerous area...screw that mess. I see videos of people cave diving and crawling through these small slim areas and I'm like hell no.
NIGEL PASSMORE (2 years ago)
Well if it's not beating, your'e in trouble .
Jordan Howard (2 years ago)
Secret tunneeeeeeeeelllllllllllll
AndyVisuals (2 years ago)
On my list to the places to visit! Thanks for the upload!
Tim von Lindenau (2 years ago)
The tunnel is great. But without the music would be the video more exciting. Thank you for uploading.
John Ambrose (2 years ago)
class man well filmed,but still getting issues with the soddin buffering circle,sort it out virgin media,cmon now
tony pino (2 years ago)
Waarvoor dient deze Tunnel
Luke Dorey (2 years ago)
Where abouts in Shanklin is this and is it still accessible??
NIGEL PASSMORE (2 years ago)
Is this Greatwood Copse ? Reason I'm asking is because there is a well in these woods marked on OS maps, anything to do with this ?
Its in the woods along Bonchurch road opposite the layby. Its fairly well hidden in there you'll want to follow the path around to the right to find it... Unfortunately not long after this video it was sealed back up, however I am not sure if thats still the case or not.
neil phillips (2 years ago)
Wicked filming, , quite a few years ago up Totland, the road collapsed and reviled a massive tunnel 4ft by 8ft , easy big enough for a man to walk through if not two, i was told it was a storm drain,.i don't believe that for an instance, it was to clean and dry down there ,it was probably 10ft down from road level and built out of quarry stone just a bit expensive and extravagant for a drain, i would like to find the entrance to it ,as you never know what could be down there, i.e. rooms, ...Thanks for sharing the film.
Thanks Neil :D
neil phillips (2 years ago)
Main road and entrance to Totland bowling club, you most probably need to hunt for a manholes in the area, , good luck with the hunt.
Really interesting Neil! I don't suppose you could tell me approximately where about in Totland this was? Sounds like something I would certainly want to go have an investigation of... Thanks for watching :D
paul mollett (2 years ago)
From "Victorian Shanklin" by Alan Parker, Shanklin Rotary Club 1977; "The original water supply was from the Greatwood Headings at the bottom of Cowlease. In March 1865 the Board accepted the tender of Mr. Bemjamin Harris of Landport to carry out the water works. Further steps were constantly being taken to maintain and improve the water supply. These steps included the construction of a new storage reservoir at the water works in 1885. In 1893 four men, including the contractor, Mr.T. Parsons, and his son, lost their lives through being overcome by gas during boring operations at a new well in Greatwoods, and a relief fund for the bereaved families was established"
seems more like a computer animated film for me. the dude is not pointing his flashlight to interesting spots, like the hole in the ground when he walks over it..
Virginia Lanning (5 months ago)
Abandoned Isle of Wigh
That's a really interesting piece of information. Thank you Paul. :D
Davidathm Grosminet (2 years ago)
nice vidéo ^^ can i have the music of the start please ? so tripping *_*
Isleofwight Dave (3 years ago)
Awesome! Did you have anyone to guard the entrance door ? I`d be worried that someone would have locked me in haha. ATB.
its probably computer animated
Isaura Sepulveda (3 months ago)
Isleofwight Dave typey
ScooterZn (7 months ago)
Take along your own heavy duty lock and put it through ONE of the hasps on the door. That will prevent the door from being closed or another padlock being used to lock the door. You'd also hear if anyone tried to cut your padlock off with a disc grinder and have time to get back to the door.
Ted Gilbert (2 years ago)
Jolly Good Aa
Jolly Good (2 years ago)
Isleofwight Dave You went in there alone?!?! Good God man!! Your brave. I won't even go in the kitchen with the light off!!
SwgLekk (3 years ago)
That is absolutely amazing. Any idea what the purpose for the tunnel/cave was? Any history at all on the place? Thank you for making this video, especially since you actually risked your life to go into the cave at the end, that is some considerable rockfall and with all that water seaping more could have fell literally at any time. You could have been crushed or the tunnel exit could have been blocked and easily trapped you inside. Hope you let somebody know where you were and to send help if you didn't return right away.
June Khuadkeaw (1 year ago)
SwgLekk กากวดยวกวกวส่กใสเหกทงกส
Laurence Baker (2 years ago)
Do you mean the Layby on Cowleaze Hill, or the layby at the top of Cowleaze at the start of Bonchurch Road. I believe the wood is owned by Shanklin Estates (Shanklin Chine etc.).
Jamie Russell (2 years ago)
The tunnel below certainly does have a well :) I went there with my dad when I was real young.....maybe mid/late 80s? The water was crystal clear and you couldn't see the bottom but there was a ledge where you could walk around the well. Also the tunnel opened up to be much much wider than the one above it.
+SwgLekk Its thought to be a borehole built by the Victorians. Just beneath this tunnel is another (unfortunately still sealed) which I have been told leads to a large underground well. There are pipes within this tunnel which look as though they feed through to the other tunnel below. The cave was pretty sketchy, and the rock was certainly not stable! I had told several people where I was going and gave an approximate location as to where I was. Thank you for watching! :)

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