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Best of Milan + Paris Men Spring/Summer 2013 - Fashion Week Review | FashionTV FMEN

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Download the FashionTV+ app, and stay tuned: Itunes: http://apple.co/2oxd0Bo Google Play: http://bit.ly/2n6KruT Join F-Club : https://f-club.com/ Chat, meet and find models, celebrities and fashion icons now! Get discovered and become famous. SEE MORE: http://www.fashiontv.com/FashionWeek http://www.FashionTV.com/videos MILAN - FashionTV has your highlights from Milan Men's Fashion Week and Paris Men's Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2013. Catch backstage, front row, and runway action from shows like Z Zegna, Dsquared2, Costume National Homme, Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna, Frankie Morello, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Dirk Bikkembergs, and Missoni. In Paris, John Galliano, Maison Martin Margiela, Kenzo, Lanvin, and Rick Owens. Z Zegna's collection melded unique fabrics with light colors paying attention to the casual suits and luxe sportswear. Dsquared2 showcased models in low slung pants, leather jackets, and trousers, with denim and tailored shirts that brought out the rebellious bad boy Dean and Dan always excel in. At the John Varvatos collection, the jacket and military inspirations do the talking--in white! The Greek and Roman gods are in full effect at Versace! Ennio Capasa's Costume National Homme collection was inspired by David Bowie's trip to Mombasa in the 80s. Ermenegildo Zegna's collection for men has a new interpretation of silk and couture. Frankie Morello's gold and black punk collection is edgy and street. Massimiliano Giornetti presents a vibrant and colorful collection for Salvatore Ferragamo focusing on bright colors and sherbet shades. Dolce & Gabbana stands out from the back, using real Sicilian boys to display their Sicilian-centric pieces for men in the upcoming season. Dirk Bikkembergs collection for Spring 2013 focuses on extreme contrasts between synthetic and organic. The colors and prints are once again, in abundance at Missoni. In Paris, John Galliano's overexaggerated cloud and floral prints are accented with matching bowler hats. Maison Martin Margiela is streamlined, easy, and masculine with a hint of dressy in prints and fringe. Kenzo's mismatched prints and tapered pants have an effect. Lanvin's leather, white, and metallics have a punky, clean effect. Rick Owens has the minimalist effect, with a lighter touch than past collections, which were more dark and gothic. And yes, the skirts are there! SHOP http://shop.fashiontv.com CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com Appearances: Renzo Rosso, Diane Pernet (Fashion Blogger), Francisco Lachowski, Fernando Cabral, Arthur Gosse, Victor Nylander, Alexander Beck, Peter Bruder, Jeremy Young, Karl Morrall, Charlie Timms, Linus Gustin, Robin Ahrens, Adrian Bosch, Ermenegildo Zegna, Robin Ahrens, Adrien Sahores, Henry Watkins, Benjamin Eidem, Salieu Jalloh, Robbie Wadge, Johnny George, Alexander Beck, Danny Beauchamp, Dan Caten, Dean Caten, Broed, John Varvatos, Mathias Bergh, Simone Nobili, Donatella Versace, Anna Dello Russo, Joseph Turnbull, Ryan Burns, Jacob Coupe, Thomas Hoefnagels, Vincent Banic, Zhao Lei, Vince H., Clement Chabernaud, Anna Zegna, Linus Gustin, Nicolas Ripoll, Adrien Sahores, Massimiliano Giornetti, Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce, Joe Graham, Dirk Bikkembergs, Angela Missoni, John Galliano, Alber Elbaz, Rick Owens FashionTV "Fashion TV Best of Milan + Paris Men Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week Review FashionTVFMEN FMEN Models Renzo Rosso Diane Pernet Francisco Lachowski Fernando Cabral Arthur Gosse Victor Nylander Alexander Beck Peter Bruder Jeremy Young Karl Morrall Charlie Timms "Fashion Videos" "Fashion Show" "FTV Models" Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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Text Comments (90)
Ulf Utstrand (1 year ago)
this is bikini shit.
side2 Side (4 years ago)
WOW 2013 are announced proudly the trashiest style of all time!
side2 Side (3 years ago)
+Mary Shih I'd wear this in my bedroom with my girl.. else hell no :D
side2 Side (3 years ago)
@Mary Shih i remember there is haute couture which makes out an unwearable things just as u said to show the designer's skills but this here was sold in their shops... i guess :D
side2 Side (3 years ago)
@Mary Shih if that was fashion then i am proud to say i am not :D
santiago sanchez (4 years ago)
theblackberry72 (5 years ago)
I only liked the bomber outfits from versace.. imma go with raf this time. Clean, simple and minimalistic
kratosbrakes (5 years ago)
i dont know much about fashion but all these outfits look weird, il never wear them
Faustino Esquer (5 years ago)
I used to watch this video for the music, and now there's nothing! :'( 
ethyl1234 (5 years ago)
ohhhh the models though...damn
ahmed q. (1 year ago)
Hey models how to be like.5'10 foot .cause i need it
Wang Nei (5 years ago)
T-shirt is the best.. Simple is everything..
Marc (5 years ago)
beautiful colection
Sebastian Wendel (5 years ago)
Is it the fashion that distinguishes humans from animals?
frenzycon (5 years ago)
I second that. It looks like he hired the entire village to walk his runway
Karasho87 (5 years ago)
D&G, galliano, ferragamo and versace are shit
Isaiah Wade (5 years ago)
Whats the first song?
c-fabian sharpe (5 years ago)
me too for a change good grief
Rubén Arana (5 years ago)
I love Dolce & Gabanna
Ricardo Tatum (6 years ago)
Georges has a point but in my humble opinion I felt this season pretty dull, unimagimative, unrealistic and boring. The designers ed to put more effort into creating new clothes next season.
george castillo (6 years ago)
es fácil criticar como siempre , hay muchas piezas buenas y cada quien toma algo y lo incorpora a su estilo, así de simple
Stacey Sharron (6 years ago)
"what is this, the big nose convention?" probably somebody from the crowd during the Dolce & Gabanna show.
Funkycraze (6 years ago)
All talentless designers making horrible clothes. Are they designing for men or women. the models posture are horrible. No essence of masculinity. it's a man's fashion show, show us style, great cut, ties, shoes, come out your gay stricken mind and create magic, everything does not have to revolve around your sexuality. Tom ford is proof, he is gay but he understand masculinity and none of you talentless queens have yet reached his level, they all need to get fired!
PerrrsianCat (6 years ago)
I like seeing non-white models... We need more variety please!
Ira Raviv (6 years ago)
Monti Fiori - Caro Capitano
Ira Raviv (6 years ago)
Monti Fiori - Caro Capitano
W0G0FWARR (6 years ago)
Versace collection looks like a bunch of gay gladiator's
antongrad (6 years ago)
Awfull clothes! Sooo unrealistic...like gay psico clowns on mushrooms...wtf with the lobster in the chest? And the psico men in drag? And the skin thight metállic pants matching with the shows and Beisball cap? Horrible!
Jack Elliot (6 years ago)
Versace has such a douchie looking collection, IMO .
ProteusX2 (6 years ago)
Exactly :) Agreed.
Luka Kemoklidze (6 years ago)
what's the song from 4:20?
Chuck Harrell (6 years ago)
YES SIR!You stand up for Ms. Versace
游騰威 (6 years ago)
WHO can tell me Dsquared2 song? plz love it so much~
Ohmar Ponce (6 years ago)
11.37 im in loveee
Kostas (6 years ago)
Ermenegildo Zegna top shirts and suits as always .
Cameron Howard (6 years ago)
Its about being relaxed, its about being dressed, its about all of the shit clothes we're about to show you
jubbajoo (6 years ago)
do these guys actually know any men? loving the roman toga boxing shit, not. next season's hot tip: insane gay clown wear. going back to boxing videos
Harvey C. (6 years ago)
Skirts and dresses never look good on men, gay or straight!!!
Andréa L. (6 years ago)
Missoni song: Heart of Glass by The Puppini Sisters
Mr9Happy (6 years ago)
@pojrhmo yeah right damn you guys this is nothing. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you check this out bit.ly/WeFF4M?=mvmuquo
eleonora chaladze (6 years ago)
enjoyng shows amazing job
Paolo Gopez (6 years ago)
omg versace's collection was amazing!!!
Sof Corts (6 years ago)
i'll tell you all the songs i know on the video antidote - swedish house mafia please - umlala somebody new - the amplifies caro capitano - monti fiori hilary duff - reach out dont make a fool out of me - kitty, daisy and lewis favorite song - colbie caillat give me all your luvin - madonna out of my mind - b.o.b ft niki minaj its my life - the amplifies call me maybe herat of glass - the puppini sisters shakin all over - wanda jackson sexy and i know it starstrukk 3OH!3 ft katy perry
micahfl123 (6 years ago)
sharkskin dress pants always stay in fashion.
Jerome Aguila (6 years ago)
who did the cover of 2 princes by spin doctors at the Kenzo show???
Eli Ramirez (6 years ago)
ahh my lover again 2:22
Eli Ramirez (6 years ago)
Ahhh jesus christ my lover <3 00:27
Cou Cou Fitzgerald (6 years ago)
vs Zegna ;O
Cou Cou Fitzgerald (6 years ago)
Costume National
kam henry (6 years ago)
Omg the guy at 11:06
kam henry (6 years ago)
Who is the guy at a 11:06
kam henry (6 years ago)
Loving the hats with the smart suites
Alexander Torres (6 years ago)
The Amplifetes - It´s my life <3
James Ruiz (6 years ago)
Dolce & Gabanna, i didn't like it at all
EE La (6 years ago)
what's the song for lanvin?
Julian Large (6 years ago)
Thank You :D
hearzone1337 (6 years ago)
the song at 12:01 is "The Amplifetes - It´s my life" ;)
micahfl123 (6 years ago)
I like the Francisco lachowski collection !!
Julian Large (6 years ago)
12:01 song name????? Please!
BIGKAJUNNA (6 years ago)
Who is sing call me maybe this version ??? Male Voice !!! pls ???
Viktor Hugo (6 years ago)
4:00 Whats the name song??? Please!!!
ItsPohz (6 years ago)
The Amplifetes - Somebody New
Pu TSANG (6 years ago)
John Varvatos's song plz????
ItsPohz (6 years ago)
cover by Dorine Levy :)
ItsPohz (6 years ago)
two princes - spin doctors
Pan Yan (6 years ago)
which version of "call me maybe" is it??
leofunk00 (6 years ago)
kenzo song?? someone knows?
leofunk00 (6 years ago)
Good lok´s for Dirk Bikkembergs and Dsquared2 collection, and need to know that band sounds in the runaway of kenzo
Frank Rueda (6 years ago)
Awesomee!!!! I love ittt!!!!! But i wanna see all the men collection of the new york fashion week! And if someone can tell me the playlist of all reviw that be awesome too!
Zilero (6 years ago)
Lisa Brueckner (6 years ago)
no go for it!! :)
Lisa Brueckner (6 years ago)
Lerman Montoya (6 years ago)
What's the song for missoni????????????
Rene Rösch (6 years ago)
The outfit at 2:50 - 2.53 is JUST insane, I love it!
Chris Frost (6 years ago)
Living for the versace fashion show!!
EE La (6 years ago)
tell me all the song please :(
fashioncares4caverages (6 years ago)
All men collections are very fun, but Versace is the best. The underwears & swim brief are the bravest & hottest items for 2013.
Leo Solis (6 years ago)
Frankie morello, salvatore ferragamo d squared :D
Leo Solis (6 years ago)
Name music frankie morello?
Nik Amiin Imran (6 years ago)
Oh god.. I wanna be a male runway so bad... But im only 15 :-(
loladze18 (6 years ago)
When are the studs on clothes??
julio hernandez (6 years ago)
Nacho Butchart (6 years ago)
Z Zegna & Ferragamo are my favorites
gpsanta (6 years ago)
OHHHH GOD, Versage and Morello awesome!!
Musique3579 (6 years ago)
Fantastic fashions!
TheNOKTAMBULAA (6 years ago)
Frankie Morello, Dsquared2, Versace, oh i could go on.
J Pinto (6 years ago)
Salvatore Ferragamo <3
FTV (6 years ago)
Which men’s collection was your favorite this season?

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