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How To Install Windows 7 Without A Product Key During Installation [Tutorial]

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How To install Windows 7 without a product key during the initial installation process. ISO: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_windows_iso_download_tool.html Reinstalling Windows 7 operating system is fairly a simple job. You prepare a bootable media, boot using the bootable media, select language and keyboard, accept license agreement, enter the product key, and select a partition to begin installing Windows. The problem with this traditional procedure is that you need to enter the product key. This becomes a bit more complicated if you have lost your Windows 7 DVD box on which license key is printed or if you have deleted the mail containing your product key for Windows 7. While there are plenty of applications out there to recover Windows 7 product key, including a free tool to recover Windows 7 product without booting into Windows 7, wouldn’t it be good if it was possible to legally re-install Windows 7 without entering the product key? The beauty of Windows 7 and one of the hidden features of Windows 7 is that this version of Windows can be re-installed on the same PC without having to enter the product key, legally. In other words, if your Windows 7 PC is working and bootable, you can re-install Windows 7 without a product key without the help of third-party tools provided that you have a Windows 7 installation DVD. Note that you must use Windows 7 installation DVD as a bootable media as a bootable Windows 7 USB doesn’t help in this method.
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