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Europe’s First Sex Doll Brothel

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Are sex dolls the future of prostitution? Joel Golby heads to Barcelona to visit the centre of this strange battleground for the future of sexual politics. On one side, there's Europe's First Sex Doll Brothel that's opened up with Serge Prieto, the Sex Doll CEO, presiding over his legion of lifeless dolls. These dolls share a building with real life sex workers who compete for the attention of Barcelona's paying public. On the other side of town, there's the first signs of a sex doll resistance from a competing traditional brothel whose owner, Stephan, wants to maintain control of the market. Overlooking this turf war in the hills is the world's leading sex robot inventor, Sergi Santos, who along with his wife, the self-titled G Spot Maker, is pushing sex doll technology to its limits. Watch next: Making The World's First Male Sex Doll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFHZuCvvS4 Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (7311)
Michael ismyname (13 hours ago)
It’s like having you’re own android 18😍
M'hmd A. (21 hours ago)
The skeleton one has definitely been readapted from the Black Pearl.
M'hmd A. (22 hours ago)
So what’s the difference between necrophilia and automaton sex?
Val Tito (1 day ago)
women brought this about . they are to blame! hahahahahahah!!!!
toshi amiyumi (1 day ago)
it would of been interesting if he tried it out off camera and talked about it... i mean even if he does not cum or get hard he tried and can give a proper critique on these dolls for average men
nicholas collins (1 day ago)
Any girl who is offended or intimidated by a doll because of fear that certain men will prefer them more really needs to work in their self esteem. So what? Just go and get a man who does. They make male sex dolls also so if it comes a time when the majority of men want a sex doll over a woman then just get you one also.
MetalHeart8787 (1 day ago)
Geez what the hell happened? some guy get turned on by His GPS & wanted a woman that sounds like a Robot? LOLits interesting, But id rather have a REAL Woman.  I can just imagine some guy doing her & she says -  take  the Next exit
Joey Snow1 (12 hours ago)
some fellas want nothing to do with the drama that women bring to their lives.
fangwolf9209 (1 day ago)
Wait is prostitution legal in spain??
memo Nava Ramirez (1 day ago)
They are not objects.. are you sure about that?
Crabula (1 day ago)
Shibe World (2 days ago)
I think the biggest advantage of a doll is the fact that it doesn't age.
Devin eddy (2 days ago)
miresly777777 (2 days ago)
I'm on 3% battery here .......I'll be BACK😎
miresly777777 (2 days ago)
The voice suuuuuuckkkkks hahaha
miresly777777 (2 days ago)
Omg the legs on that friggin blonde doll!!! I would like to know hmmm who her trainer is???! 😐😂😂😂😂💀
dragon master (2 days ago)
Please Pull out when safe lmao
GEaR ALTER (2 days ago)
man this is so depressing , that guy was paying for being with sex dolls and a sex worker but didnt get any
n :0 (2 days ago)
you can really tell this reporter cares about consent
марiнет Klikun (2 days ago)
Shakuri (3 days ago)
I hope more and more men go to this and make it known to the world. It makes the process of selection so much easier.
Weird Unicorns (3 days ago)
Why all woman
Michayla Ariel (3 days ago)
that dude who makes them is actually insane on a verity of levels
Michayla Ariel (3 days ago)
*give me ur juice*
The Biz (4 days ago)
That guy was so rude
Monty Adams (4 days ago)
Well up your game then women!
Lisa Tenwell (5 days ago)
Some of the dolls faces...yikes. Scary
MIss K (5 days ago)
Harveste Cobb (6 days ago)
i wasn’t ready 14:34
Joe Williams (6 days ago)
Looks like I’m going to Barcelona.
denis avdic (6 days ago)
i was thinking it would be much cheaper
420. EXCLUSIVE (6 days ago)
Dudes crazy lol
420. EXCLUSIVE (6 days ago)
I much rather have a real women with a real booty!! This dolls dont match up to real women
A. Cortes (7 days ago)
This isn't how I wanted my life to be
Rosa Rangel (8 days ago)
The reporter looks like markiplier
JaceMD015 (8 days ago)
Now, If it comes with Blue tooth head ear phones it would be great!
nonbinary goat (8 days ago)
To be honest, I'm really fascinated by AI. Can you imagine holding a full, intelligent conversation with a sentient robot? That'll be so fucking cool. There is a risk of robots conquering and killing us like in the movies but there's also a space for empathy and compassion I think. Just like humans, if you treat a robot nice, they'll treat you well in return.
Claudia Wright (8 days ago)
Marshall WOne (8 days ago)
Good point. A man with his wife that sexually higher than his wife and his wife allows him instead of goes out there with other women which cause disease, or pregnancy. Good thought!!🤔
Marshall WOne (8 days ago)
It's going to improve, to where they talk, move, hold you, emotions, blow job, skins will be so close to real,. IM SORRY FOR YOU LADIES. because man NEEDSex, he doesn't have period, Woman wants sex, that's have period, moody, emotional, miserable, and argumentative which interferes with man logic he will turn to this option right here💃🏼👄🛏
Marshall WOne (8 days ago)
And you don't have to use Condoms which makes it hyper crazy Sell off
Marshall WOne (8 days ago)
Warning 🚨 To you Ladies, it's going to DEMAND of you Good CHARACTERISTIC to sustain your man very very SOON. using your period, retaliation, spiteful behavior, avoid phone calls, disrespect, MONEY, for not giving SEX! soon be a threats thing of the pass. Instead of being in debt to obtain a expensive car to impress you girls he rather buy a Sexrobot💃🏼bitch. And keep his money 😂😂
Kristianto Anugrahing (8 days ago)
Welcome to Industrial 5.0 when every configured AI machine taking over human jobs, even a hooker, what's next AI waifu?
Tiara Ko (8 days ago)
nina how to (8 days ago)
sad af
Joey Snow1 (12 hours ago)
??? how is it sad lol
Robert Jackson (9 days ago)
MT where the men are men and the sheep are scared! Or is that a doll in every semi
Hugh Hogarth (9 days ago)
I want that
Kirloper Mods (9 days ago)
Women already want to ban these form ever taking off because they will soon take there job
yonas tamiru (9 days ago)
acajudi100 (10 days ago)
Are there gay male dolls?
Joakim Lindvall (10 days ago)
Safe alternative. Not worth the risk. All the STD, false rapeclaims and metoo nonsense.
Iam Theman (10 days ago)
I hope the dolls are resistant to bleach and pressure washers if they gonna rent them by the hour
FrenchFry Frenchie (10 days ago)
I couldn't do it 💀i cant be the only one who is scared of mannequin like things.
Halie Glover (10 days ago)
I picture by 2020 the show "humans" being a real thing...
Ace Mo (11 days ago)
"Dolls do not suck back" - Bruce Lee
Ace Mo (11 days ago)
I'm still in bewilderment as once again, people are segregating the two as if we HAVE to pick one or the other. It's total BS. If you want, you can have both. It's not rocket science.
Yumi Chocolate ASMR (11 days ago)
😏HELLO TO the Person Scrolling through the COMMENTS Want to be friends😊👌
Echo Indigo (11 days ago)
*"This isn't how I wanted my life to be."* 😂😂😂
Jonny Bravo (11 days ago)
Wow I want one
Anthony Harvey (12 days ago)
In the future, not only do you still have to make sure that woman is not a man but now check to see if she is not an android
Tanmoy Nandi (12 days ago)
Testtube babies, Dildos, Sex dolls........ Why earth need Humans then.?
Neelam Muneer Offical (12 days ago)
Husband and wife should be honest and both they dont need this artificial things
Darko Panic (13 days ago)
MayaPaya AJ (13 days ago)
Why is this world so disgusting U DONT NEED A HOTTER WIFE ITS JUST FOR PERVERTS
MayaPaya AJ (13 days ago)
97warlock ismyname (13 days ago)
5 years come find me, They arent ready yet. LOTS of work to be done still. The robot voice, the body parts arent proportioned very realisticly, fingers are way too long & ET looking, the hair/wig looks fake as can be, lips look fake, tiny body/big head. Not to mention the interaction of dialogue has a long way to go, needs to be able to use common sense & respond without sounding like it just did a google search for its reply, & finally ....... get some personality in that voice.
Man Vice ur fuqed up 4 this
Stick32 (13 days ago)
Why are they bluring out the "vagina"? It's not a real one! That's just as bad as John Ashcroft covering a damn piece of art because of a "breast" being a shown.
Cyu Hen (13 days ago)
Am I the only one that encourages this? I think it’s good to have something like this get all the creeps off the street. So instead of raping women they could just act out their sick fantasies on these dolls
Joey Snow1 (12 hours ago)
except creeps like hurting real women lol. This is more for the fellas who feel women are a waste of time or the men who have ZERO chance with a woman because of their physical attractiveness or maybe even disability
Sonnie Loyola (13 days ago)
Ryan De Ketenor (14 days ago)
Atleast they don't talk your ear off afterwards
Scoopity Woop (14 days ago)
woman at 8:00 really didnt want to be on camera
Carwash JJ (14 days ago)
That's kinda scary...The competition for developing these terminators will make them dangerous in some point. This aint natural and right as well...
Yuna Song (15 days ago)
16:52 I laughed so much
Zia M (15 days ago)
Great! Now make one with men dolls for horny ladies😉it would actually probably do really well as a business
Paloma Lee (15 days ago)
I thought guys fu*k dolls cause they can't talk back but made one that talks so much and philosophy? lol
Joey Snow1 (12 hours ago)
It'd be awesome to fuck something you could program yourself or chose their emotions and character
thestoneddog (15 days ago)
Well maybe its because that is just a stereotype of doll fu*krs.
kosmo seedo (17 days ago)
A woman Real pu$$y is better though
*Stephan* Legal Pimp
Hania P. (17 days ago)
I guess people don't want love anymore? Sure the doll will let you do anything to her, she'll even talk but it's just because she's programed this way, she'll get the same reaction from human touch as if she was touched with eg. a pencil, where's the satisfaction in that? I guess it's for those who aren't really interested in giving someone else pleasure, just taking it. If someone's into it then good for them with the doll, but there's no real connection, neither of the sides care for each other. Pretty sad actually, sex is much more fun when you have the satisfaction of making someone elso also feel good
Joey Snow1 (12 hours ago)
+Hania P. well they'll know the object isn't a human being but that doesn't mean they can't love it. I know fellas who love their dogs, their cars, their country etc... why can't you love a doll you find sexually attractive who in the future you can choose a personality for?
thestoneddog (15 days ago)
+Hania P. what you dont seem to realize is that love is just an algorithm running in the brain. It doesn't actually matter whether or not that algorithm runs because of another person or an object or just an idea in you head because in all those cases it still the same algorithm running in your brain. Besides why should i inconvenience someone else just to fulfill my need for love and companionship if i dont have to.
Hania P. (15 days ago)
+thestoneddog sorry, but it matters if it's a living being or an inanimate object. If someone is 'in love' with a piece of silicone, then they're confusing love with being materialy attached. A doll doesn't have thoughts, feelings, personality, you can't exchange opinions with her, you can't fall in love with her because she doesn't have a soul and a mind. If anything, someone can fall for their idea of the object, something they make up in their imagination but it's borderline delusion, someone should seriously consider going to the doctor if they start thinking of an object as of a human being.
thestoneddog (15 days ago)
If someone is in love those feelings are the same wether or not the other person is real or not. Also it can be extremely hard to find and maintain a relationship. You can put in a huge amount of effort and still fail. so a robot isnt a bad alternative to all that effort that might end up wasted any way.
MUTUM 14 FREESTYLING (17 days ago)
Imagine getting electric shock and dying while having sex with one of these doll...
L Max (17 days ago)
16:53 "Quick ! The window is closing !"
Ilham Defra Nugraha (17 days ago)
if i got into this place i would laugh instead of getting aroused
Guess Who (17 days ago)
I prefer my ladies to be nice and warm not cold and lifeless in bed.
Tyler Cald (17 days ago)
they essentially tied a fleshlight to a mannequin
Brittney Craig (18 days ago)
3 times a week???? That's it? Damn....
Brittney Craig (18 days ago)
"Not bad huhhh" lmao
P X L A R B E A R R (18 days ago)
It really is a great video, mostly normal even for this topic... but it all goes to shit when Sergi is introduced...
Lucia Brahms (18 days ago)
País de pandereta
Erik Sigurdsson (19 days ago)
The sex robot is basically an Alexa with dumb jokes.
Shriya Pochampally (19 days ago)
As a girl this makes me really sad and frustrated, why are our bodies just used for sexual satisfaction? It’s not our fault we were made this way... 😔
Star Marchment (19 days ago)
lmao imagine being so insecure you protest against robot hookers
Ash (19 days ago)
Okay... Who wants to go with me I'm moving to another planet.
Grey Fox Mishima (17 days ago)
Ash Bon voyage 🤣🤣
shaney215 (19 days ago)
Imagine coming to work as usual and all your coworkers are sex dolls...
Calum the Fantastic (20 days ago)
presenter is idot
Benie (20 days ago)
Wow. The man value the robot more than his wife. Crazy guy
+BenieSorry, but a real human slavegirl nowdays is much more cheaper than robot. ~ from 300 to 5000 $ for a real girl vs 12000 $ for a robot. 7 000 000 000 humans beings vs a few complicated hi-tech robots, ofc human females are cheaper. Yup, sounds horrible, but maybe when sex robot's prices fall down, things got a bit better, and there will be a bit less gang-raped and kidnapped girls. I've took a price for sex slave from this newspaper https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1502334/Mine-for-1300-Ileana-the-teenage-sex-slave-ready-to-work-in-LondonYou-say-she-work-for-you.-Or-we-have-other-ways.html
+Benie Yup, it's for pleasure only, no doubts. But I never heard that anyone would complaining about "Oh that girl is only good for sex", thats something new to me. I've heard complains "Oh that girl is only wants my money - not love, sex, family, kids etc". Maybe in different countries people complains in different ways. Yup it's feels weird, cause wife\husband is not just a sexual partner, it's a person with whom you set up life, raise kids, and do business, robots are short of it. Still a sane partner would also never being jealous of a piece of silicone and metal, if his\her sweetheart enjoys it. But if you compare robot vs lover or prostitute, it has really strong pros, vs some minor cons ofc.
Benie (9 days ago)
+Мистер Пивиш Ps i dont have a problem if someone wants to do this doll than a human but Human will still have more value than robot. So think well
Benie (9 days ago)
+Мистер Пивиш I think you have a problem. Without a man intelligence, this thing wouldnt be made, so why would you value such a thing which is man made than a man himself or herself? This thing is just for pleasure, to give you pleasure when you want it, nothing more than that. Isnt it what man complain all the time about? *Oh that girl is only good for sex but she cant bring nothing in the table*. I find it so weird that he said he will divorce her wife for a robot? I probably get what you meant but we are living in a world of risks. Std, divorce wife etc arent the only worse thing in life. So if you say to me, that this robot have more value than a human then you got a problem. Dont get married if you dont want, dont have kids if you dont want, fuck as many robot as yiu want but dont say they value more than a human.
What's wrong with that? No whining, no headache or unsafe day or mensis, no unwanted pregnancies, no divourse, no alimony and child support, no lawsuits, no cheating, no STD's. Actually, I can't find even a single reason why someone would prefer a real woman when robots would look almost the same in future!
Eric Ogero (20 days ago)
Dana Hopkins (20 days ago)
Is there a rent to own option?
FailGirlGamer (20 days ago)
G-spot maker XD
Duminy Rossouw (20 days ago)
*It's looking at me* Lol
Drifter (21 days ago)
Feminist being threatened by a piece of plastic LOL!
Karen Marie (21 days ago)
"I was going to say playstation" lol classic

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