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Secret tunnel to Mexico found under former KFC in Arizona

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Authorities discovered a secret tunnel under an old KFC in Arizona that they believe is used to smuggle drugs between the U.S. and Mexico. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: http://youtube.com/cbsnews Watch CBSN live HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1PlLpZ7 Follow CBS News on Instagram HERE: https://www.instagram.com/cbsnews/ Like CBS News on Facebook HERE: http://facebook.com/cbsnews Follow CBS News on Twitter HERE: http://twitter.com/cbsnews Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream CBSN and local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites like Star Trek Discovery anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. CBSN. Always On.
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Text Comments (387)
Dark Waters (2 months ago)
LOL at all the comments saying a wall won't work, but they think gun control will work.
Ray Pratt (2 months ago)
Makes me believe more and more bout the supposed tunnels under Wal-Mart's!?!?
Mortimer Snurd (4 months ago)
I'm renting a truck and heading to Mexico..Hello KFC...give me 10000 buckets to go with hot sauce.
Mortimer Snurd (4 months ago)
Only 8 inches in diameter??? Did they stop to think rats may have dug that one?
Freddy Pedraza (4 months ago)
Build the wa.... wait what?
JRgunman (4 months ago)
Cartel written all over it
Nathan Darker (4 months ago)
Thought it said alaska for a second O:
Huong Giang (4 months ago)
It takes five years to build this tunnel and a half day to destroy when found out!
Tewthpaste (7 months ago)
*i need an escape tunnel too in case if the Zombie comes.*
MarcellusTheGreen (7 months ago)
All right, it's an OLD KFC building, but someone must still own it.  Check records for insurance, for starters.  Also, if you can smuggle drug IN, you can smuggle kidnapped teenagers (and children and even adults) OUT.
Fitzacartoon Now (7 months ago)
USA ppl stop selling weapons to drug cartel, you mother fuckers
Jay Jay (8 months ago)
All y'all stupid white people#1 customers here lol. Y'all dumb cavemen.
Hollywood Blue (8 months ago)
The only wanted to have a way to get them some Kfc delivery... Haters
Ravage Gonza (8 months ago)
And yet no emergency congressional meetings over this... That's why since I got back from Iraq I always pack heat. I am responsible for my survival 🇺🇸
Adrian Q (8 months ago)
Colonel Sanders Rollin over in his chicken grave
Dave Pawson (8 months ago)
Liberals are gonna ban chicken now.
Ellsworth Bentley (8 months ago)
Father to goldador 1 (8 months ago)
All the tunnels from Mexico should lead to a fryer
6871248 (8 months ago)
put the drug users in jail...............that will fix the problem.........
Manny Singh (8 months ago)
Gustavo Fring change his restaurant but not the trade lol..... May there is a oversea parent company involved
Tim Carr (8 months ago)
Put the dog on another trail. Let them find one to follow. The other 1000 are safe to use now.
Capt. Killingfield (8 months ago)
I'll say it again, we're being invaded.
T T (8 months ago)
Have any of you people ever thought about what the government does with these drugs they find?? I'm pretty sure they are still being sold on the streets by our government, they definitely aren't destroying the drug's! Maybe the best way to get rid of the drugs is to get rid of the government!!!!!
Jasen Jahn (8 months ago)
We can find hidden chambers in the great pyramids using new sonar technologies. However, for some crazy reason, we can’t find simple tunnels. Someone is paying of someone.
Non Sibi Sed Patriae (8 months ago)
Or.....was it simply the employees' entrance & exit?
Gustavo C (8 months ago)
Sicario did it first.
Collapse that tunnel and shoot kfc owner.... fent. alone kills all the time.. how many OD's are you preventing by shooting this pig? If you deport him, he'll be right back with more drugs.
Arian H (8 months ago)
That wall Trump talkin bout better be at least 22 feet deep!
Richard Conner (8 months ago)
Verga Tusuave (8 months ago)
Wtf are they talking about? That tunnel is not 8 inches in diameter. How did that make it in the video?
Me Colene (8 months ago)
Instead of using Nevada for a military testing site, we should use the border areas. Whether they go over or under, Let's bring on the Military Thunder!
KandaPanda (8 months ago)
Good thing that wall will be built so these tunnels....can't.....oh wait.
union worker (8 months ago)
Ahha so that's the colonels secret recipe!!!
VA PrimeTime (8 months ago)
Build the wall. Wait. They went underground. Damn
VA PrimeTime (8 months ago)
+☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠ I honestly don't think it's effective. 45% of illegal immigrants are people who overstayed their visas. I understand the fear of illegal immigrants, however we seem to generalize who they are and what they do. I agree we have problems with immigration, however the number of Americans killed by illegal immigrants per year is around 25,000 which is a scary number. Conversely, the number of Americans killed by guns per year is 38,000 and alcohol kills 68,000 per year. I just feel like building a wall would be like using a hammer for an ant, only one with a large hole in it.
VA PrimeTime (8 months ago)
+☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠ That I can agree with. It is great to be able to have civil discourse over a highly debated topic. Thank you sir. You are a gentleman and a genius.
VA PrimeTime (8 months ago)
+☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠ I'm glad you feel that tech is inexpensive. Otherwise, with Mexico refusing to pay, this would be a ridiculous price tag.
DEXXX 702 (8 months ago)
If only we had a wall to stop all of this 👾👾👾👾
Okay who's first thought was: _OMG Gustavo's Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad is real!_ 🙋‍♂️
Juicy Hops (8 months ago)
The Egg (8 months ago)
El pollo hermanos
Danyaahl's Vision (8 months ago)
Maybe trump dug it over some late night cravings.
Jeremiah Stokes (8 months ago)
KFC not Taco Bell ?🤣😂🤣
Unknown (8 months ago)
It should have been pollo campero
Snake Pliskin (8 months ago)
Lol not bad.
huckle berry (8 months ago)
Execute him.
SMIZZLE BEATZ (8 months ago)
If only it were a Taco Bell instead lol
MR Jensen (8 months ago)
It's all personal use, officer. I swear.
Tramaine Terrance (8 months ago)
Hello, Humans. I add fire to my cereal, when I want to have a good breakfast. Consuming the fire and cereal, gets me ready for anything, that I will go through in the day. Life is fire and fire is life. I'm sure everybody likes burnt cereal and fire. TERRANCE OUT
Mouldy Bread (8 months ago)
Gus made that
Jim The Human (8 months ago)
Why don't we just take over mexico then build a wall between mexico and South America?!.. Make a massive lake or river?! Ugh I'm out of ideas.. Take it from here trump!
Wakanda ForLife (8 months ago)
It’s funny. Every time I hear people talk about building the wall I just think of stuff like this and laugh.
Maudika (8 months ago)
No border wall is going to stop that, Trump. He needs a better plan than what he's got if he wants no illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.
Amy Wells (8 months ago)
If only we had a wall...
Ravedaze (8 months ago)
What’s the world coming to when you have to smuggle KFC out of the country 🤣
Random Flicks (8 months ago)
We need more than a wall...
K C (8 months ago)
los gringos tienen buen pollo
Silence Theleft (8 months ago)
They shouldn't of reported it just laid down land mines in the tunnel
Billy (8 months ago)
They're not sending their best
Norm dePlume (8 months ago)
That was the employee's entrance.
ThE DuCk (8 months ago)
This is like the Chicken Man in Breaking Bad ¯\(°_o)/¯
Sounds like Gustavo fromLos pollos hermanos
Papi Crema (8 months ago)
Gus Shackleford (8 months ago)
Well the wall wouldn't fix that now would it?
Gus Shackleford (8 months ago)
The tunnels are already there. Then there are these brand new things called airplanes. All that waste of money is going to do is keep us trapped here. When the Chinese invade us or our sold out government enacts matial law during an event they plan. Open your eyes. Trump is owned by the globalist zion j#w too
Gus Shackleford (8 months ago)
Thanks for censoring my reply twice you tube. Now i know im right
Norm dePlume (8 months ago)
That's why specs for the wall include seismic sensors.
Geoff Gyro (8 months ago)
Trump is going to close all the KFCs and Mexico will pay! Believe me!
Rebecca Paredes (8 months ago)
they will never change they will fine away come to my city of laredo Tx U S they are always crossing drugs but we been very lucky and catch them the DAM WALL IS NOT GOING TO WORK
MIKE WAITE (8 months ago)
Finger lickin good !
Md Xy (8 months ago)
Thats why the border wall will not work! And they can use these tunnels and commit heavy crimes and then just go back to mexico thru the tunnel.
Jeff Beck (8 months ago)
Not a Taco Bell ?
Ha ha ...southpark had a episode on this....lol basically southpark called it....lol
+SunDown i was joking....why so serious...lol
Berg Fish (8 months ago)
Them Chicken McNarcots! 😲💫
Juan Ramos (8 months ago)
hahaha go ahead build the wall...
Juan Ramos (8 months ago)
+Citizen 1 whats that going todo..blow up the white mafia.smugguling weapons into mexico for the cartel.!!!!!
Citizen 1 (8 months ago)
I have a better idea.. LANDMINES.
poe-pay's sun 1680 (8 months ago)
I thought the wall was supposed to stop them
Citizen 1 (8 months ago)
It's supposed to be a visual ..a reminder for those who can't read a map ..or are just stupid in general.
8 cats (8 months ago)
You may all think of this a joke! What if one of your children would die from these smuggled drugs?
Norm dePlume (8 months ago)
Don't be such a killjoy. Go pet your cats.
mozac s (8 months ago)
Why waste money on the wall
Citizen 1 (8 months ago)
Why waste money on school or welfare..prisons, Hospitals, EMS or anything else they use?!
KAL EL (8 months ago)
So this is what happened to Los Pollos Hermanos after Gus' death
bngr bngr (8 months ago)
We need these guys to build us a wall.
Mr B (8 months ago)
You know what's the sad part about the drug war is? America is actually the one who consumes most of those drugs rather then the countries where they come from. It's a small percentage of people because they can't afford it or even care to do it, here its just another product.
Citizen 1 (8 months ago)
Oh.. they're all drinking water? ..umm who pays for the plumbing?
Pimpin (8 months ago)
Let me get a whole bird with half a key
Myles crumel (8 months ago)
Haha they said what wall? Built a whole tunnel 😂😂
wymansst (8 months ago)
So this tunnel is 8” in diameter. I wonder how it was excavated?
wymansst (8 months ago)
That makes sense. Thanks.
Watchman 245 (8 months ago)
This is all assisted and orchestrated and funded by the CIA.
Watchman 245 (8 months ago)
More than likely it was a typical smuggling tunnel that was 1 meter by 1 meter and then after the humans were smuggled through for what ever kind of sex trafficking the tunnel was then adapted to accept pulleys and only dedicated for sized packages. Once the human produce for the specific trafficking gang is through they then build in a reinforced rail system for the drugs on a cable system. It's a very well orchestrated operation. First the human product then the drugs then it gets sealed up. This time they got caught.
Lisa Rand (8 months ago)
Don't you mean.... A tunnel FROM Mexico.... Doubt anyone's using it to GO TO Mexico. You news people are so clever! Too smart for us dumb masses.
Daryl Leckt (8 months ago)
legalize the drugs and make patients get a doctors script filled at a pharmacy. tax it. start giving the american consumer the highest quality goods and services they demand, and let competition between the providers set the price. those who provide the highest quality goods and services to the consumer, at the lowest price, captures the market, and puts the others out of buisness. economic capitalism 101.
matthew campbell (8 months ago)
Come on liberals. let's see you defend this one.
RockYouVideos (8 months ago)
Damn! Someone is a hardcore Breaking Bad fan.
Stoned Prophet (8 months ago)
Ted Sky (8 months ago)
They should have set up and shot anyone who came through that tunnel! Keep those animals in their own country!
Anne (8 months ago)
That KFC manager got his ideas from Gus Fring.
IWILLEATYOUfully (8 months ago)
He's going away for a looooong time
NeedsMoreMoe (8 months ago)
Lol so much for the wall. XD
M1A1 Abrams (4 months ago)
So much for your small minds. A wall is a deterrent. It can also be used to mount sensors,cameras & provide cover so they are protected from elements such as people & weather. Once the sensor alerts BP ,it will give them the time needed to react.
Aimee Torgersen (8 months ago)
Probably many more out there
Chestnut Brown (8 months ago)
Lol. Yeah let's build the wall 😆
Aquiles Yepez (8 months ago)
KFC is illegal in Mexico. Didn't know they'll go to great lengths for that delicious Cornell Sanders recipe.
Anonymous (8 months ago)
Trumps said but the Israel wall does work! Well duh. There’s no Mexicans over there trying to get in
Anonymous (8 months ago)
If trump supporters would stop using them drugs there wouldn’t be any demand 🤣
Citizen 1 (8 months ago)
Trump supporters VOTE .. therefore..NOT on drugs or else .. they'd be DEMOCRATS
Psycho (8 months ago)
I would go crazy in that tunnel
Natalie J. Clifton (8 months ago)
Holy Shyt
Michael Seo (8 months ago)
That tunnel belongs to Gustavo
Problem atic (8 months ago)
I hope we start finding bodies of illegal aliens in corn fields.
jordan hicks (8 months ago)
Why corn fields? That means they made it to the midwest. Which is what they wanted. But there are hundreds and hundreds every year who die in the desert and we DONT find em. Sometimes for a while sometimes forever
RANDY Sutton (8 months ago)
How does the Democrats get a vote they dig a tunnel
Anti Trump people, what part of illegal aliens being a problem don't you get?
RANDY Sutton (8 months ago)
Alfa Queen F2 (8 months ago)
If People stop using drugs, then it would not be a market for it. Drugs cross into the USA, and guns into México.

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