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What Happens When Lava Meets Ice?

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#Outrageous_Acts When a team pours molten lava onto ice, the results are surprising. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Science GO: https://www.sciencechannelgo.com/outrageous-acts-of-science/ More Outrageous Acts! http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/outrageous-acts-of-science/ Subscribe to Science Channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeScience Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Join Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ScienceChannel Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sciencechannel#Outrageous_Acts
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Text Comments (9400)
LondonY 323 (1 hour ago)
Koca Kola (3 hours ago)
So this is what happen when akainu vs aokiji!? 😂
Daniel Sahalatua (5 hours ago)
So thats what happened when akainu meets aokiji
Oscar Quintero (8 hours ago)
Are you telling me this scientists really ignored what happened when lava meets water??? Isn't that like... common knowledge? Never been in Hawaii?
Viral Videos (19 hours ago)
Amazing experiment
12x12surface (21 hours ago)
Bubbles made of rock? Cool!
MaestrO Frags (23 hours ago)
Lava vs Hydrogene
omkr 01 (1 day ago)
So, Aokiji won fair and square!
Blackrahk (1 day ago)
bruh, u didnt need no scientist to explain that. You can see it happening. lol
WASSUP FREZZY (1 day ago)
Its not really a lava its just a melt cooper. If lava were inside the tank it will melt. {AGREE}
Ainz Ooal Gown (1 day ago)
Soooooooo Akainu beats Aokiji ?
Sallago (1 day ago)
thats why akainu is really strong
CorgiLover 162 (2 days ago)
When scientists don't know that it will make cobblestone
EminemVEVO 0 (3 days ago)
Iron from ice!!
Marilyn Manson (3 days ago)
Yall should try to mix an ice and liquid nitrogen
Neh-Bih Sangbong (3 days ago)
SCIENCE RULES. in my Bill Nye voice.
Israel Moreno (3 days ago)
Wow the great white man all ways pushing for more knowledge
Jeneral Vlog (3 days ago)
Wanna grow together? 1-sub 2-like 3-comment number subbed
ThingTaLope (4 days ago)
The lava melted the ice i'm shook
Mynul Islam (4 days ago)
Doesn't explain how Akainu defeated Aokiji :(
omkr 01 (1 day ago)
Akainu cheated! He used volcanic gas to knock Aokiji out!
Caren Kertia (4 days ago)
*When Akainu meets Aokiji
Jeon Brothers (5 days ago)
What happened when lava meets ice? "Ice to meet you" 😂
Cương Trần (4 days ago)
"Ice to melt you" sound better
I Am Pixel (5 days ago)
Soo... that's how you make obsidian IRL...
Mark Sam Delos Santos (5 days ago)
So you were saying that Aokiji can beat Akainu? Fuck the One piece logic. Oda should know this.
Whoop Whoop (5 days ago)
Wow that's amazing 😕 how did I end up here???...I'm not clever enough to be interested in this. I would rather videos like what would win out of a penguin vs massive angry rabbit.
callen (5 days ago)
Game of thrones anybody?
Alpha Dog (5 days ago)
Ever since Shawshank Redemption I've always wanted a box made of lava glass.
yall are_ ded0_o (6 days ago)
It depends what u pour on the other some time cobblestone sometimes obsidian
mystic x (6 days ago)
The lava unmeets the ice
UB3RFR3NZY (6 days ago)
You know what I don't care about? Physicists explaining shit to me that's obvious and talking to me like I'm a child. No shit the ice turns to steam and makes the bubbles, oh and the steam reduces friction you say? A child could deduce that. In fact I went back to check it, the dude is a nuclear chemist... Christ, they'll get anybody as long as it's a scientist. I'd like to hear it explained by a botanist next please.
random guy (6 days ago)
That place where the experiment took place is now called Punkhazard
do not deny me (6 days ago)
Todorok shouto's ice and lava
Kishore Kamble (7 days ago)
a p (7 days ago)
who expected dragon glass?
Beatrice Rovillain (7 days ago)
What will happen if lava meets ice? Oh I don't know, IT'LL MELT!!!!
millenium2003 (7 days ago)
how did they make lava?
Sylferion Nightwalker (7 days ago)
That's how Akainu won to Aokiji 😂
FluffyHamster Bro (8 days ago)
Minecraft Logic:Obsidian
Squidl iess (8 days ago)
wow... I have never seen lava on a video! (im serious)
Sophie Regan (8 days ago)
Omg that ASMR tho
Lee Jordan (8 days ago)
Aokiji VS Akainu
# RAO (8 days ago)
It's like eggs
Hassan Adel (9 days ago)
lava vs the guy's hairline would be a good comparison
irving,wilber 72 (9 days ago)
Nada mas dañan el medio ambiente , mejor descubran a su [email protected] y contraten a badabun xd 😂😂😂
Stephanie Kim (9 days ago)
I've watched it YouTube, happy?
Austin Garner (10 days ago)
When you try to watch the actual video and these people don’t have a clue when to stop their screen time
Andrew Green (10 days ago)
This is exactly what happened in punk hazard
Naina Kashyap (11 days ago)
Sir ap lava kaha se laye..where u take lava from...???🤔
daryll rae (11 days ago)
Click bait,SCAM,not lava.
nurrozaq Rozaq (11 days ago)
Joey Graw (12 days ago)
"I was stunned when it hit the ice.. there were bubbles in bubbles"😁😁😁 these gotta be the dumbest scientists. Even I knew what would happen😁
Angelo U (12 days ago)
Todoroki happens
You're offline (12 days ago)
Describe it in 1 word 1:34
iceice eyes (12 days ago)
I try to put my self on ice.. . *It melts cuz i'm so hot* 🤣🤣
Semerah Padi (13 days ago)
Fuck science
Christine Baterbonia (14 days ago)
A song of ice and fire
Christine Baterbonia (14 days ago)
A song of ice and fire
Kitkupar Shabong (14 days ago)
Didn’t know u had Unibrow man👍🏽👍🏽
Like Wagon (14 days ago)
Everything I saw: -OurCraft Logics -Mans Not Hot -First fucktarda -Others
Musalia Dafta (15 days ago)
i did not understand shit of what the nuclear chemist was saying
chris CP3 (15 days ago)
This ice is on fire!
Dool junior (17 days ago)
what happens when lava meets ice lol let me think hm hm then you get Donald trump 😂😂😂
omaewa moushindeiru (17 days ago)
Red ice happens.
Noname Noname (17 days ago)
It's get back to vulcano
Alyssa Klazon (18 days ago)
Before watching: obsidian(I like playing Minecraft lol)
Riho Z (18 days ago)
That looks like ggplants!
alka gekikara (18 days ago)
Akainu vs Aokiji
Miss Review (19 days ago)
This didn’t happen when I did it in my Christian Minecraft server
Simona Florea (19 days ago)
Piepole that play Minecraft now becuse theres luva in Minecrft
Simona Florea (19 days ago)
Is this a troll
Simona Florea (19 days ago)
I metid LUVA
L0velykat MSP (19 days ago)
I'm sure it's gonna be obsidian
NeilHD108 (20 days ago)
How can I create a Volcano in my backyard so I can collect few Lava from it
NeilHD108 (20 days ago)
What will happen if hot lava thrown into space
WhyDon'tWe_ BTS_queen (21 days ago)
Its scientifically proven that lava could "die" or go back, if it meets salt water. [Salt mixed with water]
Coolest Leticia (21 days ago)
1 like = 1 person satisfied
Ranger Gangerlixyr (21 days ago)
Only minecraft players know what's going to happen😂
xiaxu nobunaga (23 days ago)
this proves akainu would lose againts aokiji :)
Amina Ismail (26 days ago)
Scrambled eggs from hell
Elue Lord (26 days ago)
Semola powder flower can quench lava
Lain Lain (27 days ago)
Aokiji vs akainu live action
Junior Neymar Raymond (27 days ago)
Next -: Lava Meets Donald Trump! How many of u want that to happen?
Yuri (28 days ago)
Well, this was a nICE and a pretty HOT video.
BeAsT_ GaMeR (28 days ago)
still waiting to turn into obsidian... maybe minecraft is lying but you may never know so ill see you in other similar videos to see if minecraft is realistic.
902AMAC (29 days ago)
After you eat Chipotle...
Akasha fofo (29 days ago)
How about lava from america with lava from africa?
aesthetic gal (1 month ago)
It looks like burnt cheddar cheese
deni pamungkas (1 month ago)
Akainu Vs Aokiji lol
malena TM (1 month ago)
obviously, cobblestone you idiots
ILLuminated Onxy (1 month ago)
The way they’re talking about this experiment Is making it seem really over complicated when it’s not
Rahul Bhaskar (1 month ago)
Euuuuu it looks so bad
ᴘɪᴄᴀᴛʀɪx (1 month ago)
scrambled eggs from hell...
The Weekend Show (1 month ago)
what if a bubble pops and the splash hits there face
AndrewPlayzzz_ (20 days ago)
The Weekend Show rip
EL GUAPO (1 month ago)
Gees the commentary is so fucking annoying. Pretty sure the majority of the people whatching figured out what happened without the dumb broad having to speak. For those who didnt they have comment section.
CRY CRY (1 month ago)
Thought it would be a cobblestone.....thats why I played it😂
Nboxing (1 month ago)
how create lava ?
Radit Nangin (1 month ago)
Akainu vs aokiji
Johnny Bojos (1 month ago)
James Reaven (1 month ago)
lesson in how to make obsidian
Anthony Suto (1 month ago)

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