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What Happens When Lava Meets Ice?

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#Outrageous_Acts When a team pours molten lava onto ice, the results are surprising. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Science GO: https://www.sciencechannelgo.com/outrageous-acts-of-science/ More Outrageous Acts! http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/outrageous-acts-of-science/ Subscribe to Science Channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeScience Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Join Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ScienceChannel Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sciencechannel#Outrageous_Acts
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Text Comments (9211)
Hello There (10 hours ago)
it looks like a egg being fried
Aditya Saha (16 hours ago)
Same thing happens when a hot boy meets a hot girl
Christy Shongwe (1 day ago)
The ice will melt duh. Oh it won't? okay.
A guy from Nowhere (1 day ago)
A minecraft player knows what's the result
Sargento Cheese (2 days ago)
I like the glassy texture the lava made when if was starting to cool
Omar Sanchez (2 days ago)
As always we knlw what happens if water hits fire But ice and lava nope Maybe ice could win cuz its cold that can defeat fire and when it melts its cold water so it till alive well not alive its not a livin thing but im just sayin Ice win right? And lava is a luquid fire So why not water vs lava? or ice vs fire?
Val Heike (2 days ago)
The concreations are the aize of peas to cannon balls. You walk along lake superior and find them I have several contaiers of it.
Val Heike (2 days ago)
I know what happens when lava meets the Lake Superior it formed like rock candy and it is possible to findconcreations now still millions of years later.
Dr. Invader;} (2 days ago)
Lava vs dry ice
xd it's minty (3 days ago)
You know the usual it turns it turns into cobblestone
0 (3 days ago)
That black shirt guy knows nothing about lava
Wolfshadow (3 days ago)
I want to poke the bubbles XD
Hououin Kyouma (3 days ago)
They make sexo
Samuel Manero (4 days ago)
For who you are. Your all awesome, in your own weird yet intriguing personality. So take this in the most loving way possible. Go "Alive" Yourself, 😀
James B. (5 days ago)
Serious question: Would you all rather die a quick death but more painful and intense death by burning alive in lava, or a slower but less intense death by freezing alive with some of the coldest ice in the world with the ice of an avalanche?
Sahil Deogade (5 days ago)
Who visited here after seeing lockscreen wallpaper in their MI Phones?
Devin Cruz (6 days ago)
Who expected it to turn into obsidian from playing minecraft as a kid lol?
I love Wasabi (6 days ago)
Oh my tripophobia
Vijaya Moily (7 days ago)
How did they got lava ?
white Ass (7 days ago)
New source of energy. Capture the steam.
Crystal Playz (7 days ago)
Kind of CRINGEY the bubbles 👎
Isai Reyes (8 days ago)
They should do it in dry ice
The Vault Boy (10 days ago)
That's how aokiji loses from akainu
X ELECTRICDOC X (11 days ago)
Id new it the holl time
yash dwivedi (11 days ago)
So the metal tunnel above ice took 2000℃ lava over itself.
Kondeti Lohith (12 days ago)
Copied from you have been warned cheaters!!!
SneakyTv (13 days ago)
Ninja Hombrepalito (14 days ago)
How to make obdidian.
Richard Mamahit (15 days ago)
Why not liquid nitrogen
The Harbinger Of Death (15 days ago)
Flowing lava landing on still water=stone
Pessimist Kai (15 days ago)
Who won?
spooder man (17 days ago)
1:31 This is what comes to mind when I think of lava
Schindler (17 days ago)
You should of mentioned how you made the lava, ingredients and all.
Cool Bibsters (18 days ago)
It turns into magma
cracked eggs (19 days ago)
The lava freezes
Ladislao music (19 days ago)
*minecraft intensifies*
Liam Gustav (20 days ago)
wow that gonna burn you
Mriganka Sekhar Pathak (20 days ago)
Legends Spotlight (21 days ago)
What happen when ice meets lava
Chaina Mondal (22 days ago)
You have been warneddddddd.....!!!!
Akainu vs Aokiji
Rashmi basavaraj (24 days ago)
I am getting goosebumps...😮😮
Lysa Leblanc (26 days ago)
If that is real lava? I still believe love Melts everything
Godharshana Mahendran (28 days ago)
Who won ....ice or lava
Arken (29 days ago)
It made obsidian *minecraft logic*
Arken (29 days ago)
They made obsidian
Roger Phantom Pirate (1 month ago)
I love science!
Game Review (1 month ago)
Minecraft logic turned on.
Julie's Mind (1 month ago)
Cobblestone?? lol
Than You for the video... What is the bigining substance/Material for this so called LAVA...?
archana hajong (1 month ago)
They will fall in love 😁
TheFortniteTomato //DP (1 month ago)
Cobblestone - Fire and Ice
khristian torres (1 month ago)
Russell Febrisa (1 month ago)
how about minecraft logic is not real life logic?
Ananya Tagore (1 month ago)
Damn hot
Ashoka Skywalker (1 month ago)
those scrambled eggs from hell are not edible
noob (1 month ago)
Void Shadow (1 month ago)
How u get lava
SPACE SCIENCE (1 month ago)
SPACE SCIENCE (1 month ago)
PewDie Hi (1 month ago)
Akainu vs Aokiji??? Pokemon fan
Kyra Sortigosa (1 month ago)
Wow its bubbling
Okay Flipper (1 month ago)
Lava+ice=lice 🤙🏽
Futako Sensei (1 month ago)
jon edson (1 month ago)
Benjamin Stein (1 month ago)
happens every day in Iceland
Dylan Aurianz (1 month ago)
Just try it on Minecraft
mohammed haque (1 month ago)
Aokiji Vs Akainu
ma li du (1 month ago)
Ecstasy Games (2 months ago)
Robert Carter (2 months ago)
1st oj now this smh
vDreamity (2 months ago)
Evelyn Gudino (2 months ago)
Try lava vs nitrogen dioxide
Aesthetic Angel (2 months ago)
*lmao that meme at **0:15*
UnFazed Kyrie (2 months ago)
its not cobblestone???
Stupid Engineer (2 months ago)
Loki Of Asgard (2 months ago)
*The scrambled eggs from hell*
Adi One (2 months ago)
What about dry ice?
CarltonNation (2 months ago)
2:30...when i cook eggs
Blau BayouTM (2 months ago)
Next do 'lava meets propane tank'
BEN KOF FINAL (2 months ago)
LAVA Turn to obsidian !
Ramraj Mgv (2 months ago)
Jay Jay (2 months ago)
Akainu sakasuki!
Lucyann Dris (2 months ago)
A song fire vs ice
Kyra Sortigosa (2 months ago)
This i super satisfing
Nandha Kumar (2 months ago)
Keep posting
Reon Baruah (2 months ago)
I wanna feel like touching them bubbles after it cools down
Reon Baruah (2 months ago)
0:59 *Symbiote CARNAGE*
Oh yea yea (2 months ago)
Stephen Smith (2 months ago)
Lava created from vacuum created by expanding oxygen Chances are the lava will break the ice down to oxygen and hydrogen.
jhay andaya (2 months ago)
water + fire = odsidian
AVAKIN MAJISTY (2 months ago)
I wanna eat it ...
sal mie (2 months ago)
lava homemade
dayum thicc (2 months ago)
Akainu vs aokiji
Trashboat103 (2 months ago)
its beacause of the tectonic plates
Mr Shepherd (2 months ago)
I wanna touch it!
Susantika Roy (2 months ago)
like an omllet
farooq hasan (2 months ago)
Allaah created all the things.... Allaah is the greatest... Come to Allaah....

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