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Marshmello x Ookay - Chasing Colors (ft. Noah Cyrus) [Lyric Video]

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Text Comments (19218)
Marshmello (1 year ago)
It's here!!!! :) Subscribe to Ookay plz: http://youtube.com/ookaymusic?sub_confirmation=1
将暉菅田 (17 days ago)
Moja ulubiona piosenka z eventu marshamello i mam cały zestaw marshamello
Lucas King of Fortinte (17 days ago)
Marshmello the best🧀🧀🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞
ーサンアデル (1 year ago)
lagu pantek kata adel
Majestic Playsroblox (1 year ago)
marshmello I LOVE IT
Papa Pitufo (3 minutes ago)
don't you think the piano at the start kinda sounds like that depressive Minecraft background music?
Epic_Elias YT (42 minutes ago)
The Fortnite Marshmello Event was soooo cool!
Eric_ pro9 (4 hours ago)
It forever favorite song By Marshmello (X_X)
<} marshmelo
I love this song from not fotrnite And yesterday I could listen this song in marshmello's live, I can't wait next marshmello coming Japan🤩🤩
TAIYOU (6 hours ago)
TAIYOU (6 hours ago)
Alejandro Balbi (12 hours ago)
Espeak espanishs ¿ninja marshmello fortnite
alan games (13 hours ago)
Favourite song from the free fire event
Joshua Sanchez (14 hours ago)
Sick beat
papillon la belle (15 hours ago)
Jose Tristan (16 hours ago)
Mini mello
kaylor87 (16 hours ago)
What are some other songs that sound like this?? 1:05 / 2:23 I know I've heard others, but can't remember what they are off the top of my head...
UNIVERSEGAME 1 (16 hours ago)
Parece animación de negas :v
Daniel Aguirre (17 hours ago)
2 0 1 9 😃💜
charlotte dassonville (17 hours ago)
This is music is cool! Wow! : o :)
Farzana Tahi (18 hours ago)
Marshmello and Ookay's that walking part is so cute
Shawn Durr (19 hours ago)
It is me again hi I am at the zoo in Oakland March 23 ,2019 11.52
Shawn Durr (19 hours ago)
Hi marshmallow
Patryk Boryka (19 hours ago)
Dotsvg_ Yt (19 hours ago)
Is this song about drugs?
Lukas Korhonen (15 hours ago)
Dotsvg_ Yt maybe
Nikolaj Laubel (19 hours ago)
Awesome please pin me
By Fort's (20 hours ago)
fuck yoi
pekkka dark (20 hours ago)
HOLY MOLY 1:25 speed!
benjja sepulveda (20 hours ago)
Fire Fly (21 hours ago)
I love you marshmallow best song in the world big fans
fernando Mejia mundo (22 hours ago)
Yo vi cuando empezaste vi tu primera cancion y fue ases 2 años me recomendaron tu cancion y me gusto
the uijnoj (23 hours ago)
I'm living hight
Icela King (1 day ago)
Sick veido
raj kumar (1 day ago)
2 reasons why i came here 1:fortnite marshmello event 2:so catchy and great
Dominik Varga (1 day ago)
I am so happy you got your costume fortnite skin of course I got but I love keep up the good work and I loved the marshmallow event it was awesome
Dominik Varga (1 day ago)
I love this song
Mael boudinus (1 day ago)
La France est la ?!
Angie Billou (1 day ago)
Angie Billou (20 hours ago)
Fortnite song favourigt
Shakib Hossain (1 day ago)
Marshmallow 🇧🇩❤
Flamey (1 day ago)
I love this song
Farzana Tahi (1 day ago)
iMaxxyc (1 day ago)
2020 yes i time traveled from 2019.
InfiniteZero (1 hour ago)
Fortnite is on season 15 lmao
Vital Birch68 (9 hours ago)
I’m from 2021 and yes but in smaller amounts
V81011 ok (14 hours ago)
Are there still cupcakes
Zachary Jimenez (1 day ago)
This is my daily song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Matheo Iparraguirre (1 day ago)
flipa esa parte 0:38
matias Giunio (1 day ago)
The colors yeeees!!!!!!!!!!!😊
Someone came from the fortnite event , but i do not play fortnite, i just whached the event becouse i Love marshmello
+Kauã Tavares Soares i did not get it
Kauã Tavares Soares (9 hours ago)
+João Gabriel Nunes Santana first you one agent of fbi?
+Kauã Tavares Soares Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have brothers or sisters? What do u do in the mornig, afternoon and evening? Have u been wached marshmello's show? I never wached! If u want to know how i learned write in english , wach some videos! Thanks You can think i 'm from USA, but i'm Brazilian, i speak portuguese and inglish I am in love with my Geography teacher, it's series, i look her all the time , she's very pretty! OMD, and she has big ass hahahaha! But she is maried! , it's so sad! Thanks again!
Kauã Tavares Soares (10 hours ago)
+João Gabriel Nunes Santana you welcome
+Kauã Tavares Soares thanks!
el mau el chidori (1 day ago)
Esta canción me trae nostalgia :'v
Alex Lanconelli (1 day ago)
X X -----
Kameron Lavelle (1 day ago)
Your amazing
fornite pro (1 day ago)
Nice. Juu
oscar brito (1 day ago)
favourita song from the fortnite event YES
First Destiny (1 day ago)
Who is from fortnite and is also a fan of marshmellow??ofcourse iam
Carolina UwU (1 day ago)
Kylyn Smith (1 day ago)
gamer stats (1 day ago)
when windows gets hacked 0:19
ロ• (1 day ago)
Remember when this came out for the first time? When marshmello still had like about 3M subs?
Azhan Farooqui (23 hours ago)
Now he has 10 times more subs. If that ain't success, then I don't know what is.
Brody (2 days ago)
Props to Marshmello for the genius idea of cornering the fortnite market - I've been listening to him ever since lmao.
Kauã Tavares Soares (9 hours ago)
+Brody ohh
Brody (10 hours ago)
+Kauã Tavares Soares Oh no, I'm not brave enough for moves.
Kauã Tavares Soares (11 hours ago)
+Brody you move
Brody (11 hours ago)
I am a bold one.
Kauã Tavares Soares (11 hours ago)
General Kenobi
Titans XBOX ONE (2 days ago)
Je kiffe
Cameron Firmin (2 days ago)
Hello marshmello
Tyro _072 (2 days ago)
This song is actually good! Not gonna lie
diaz lancastrie (2 days ago)
Je suis fan de toi marshmello
Thomus Roye (2 minutes ago)
+Angie Billou mais c'est le deuxieme
Angie Billou (20 hours ago)
Enfin un français
Enzo Borges (2 days ago)
Canal gachablox br (19 hours ago)
Qual é teu Nick no Roblox
Canal gachablox br (19 hours ago)
Canal gachablox br (19 hours ago)
J.d The legend (2 days ago)
El Pollo Elizondo YT (2 days ago)
Like si hablas español ,like and you speek english
ben martinez (2 days ago)
Esta vien chida.
ben martinez (2 days ago)
Enseñame a mezclar musica como tu
AØTØM (2 days ago)
La manos para crear musica.... para mi eres un dios de la electronica.. broo
TTVEvanDog (2 days ago)
puno-hetta (2 days ago)
Najlepsza muzyka na swiecie
Mauricio Poblete (2 days ago)
Angel 120000yt (2 days ago)
Antonio Cortés (1 day ago)
Donx Sucks at life (1 day ago)
Do you know math
Usiario jimenez (2 days ago)
diamencik diamencik (2 days ago)
Favorite my Music
Wiktor PL (2 days ago)
Who of March 2019
Wiktor PL (2 days ago)
Event Marshmello on a pleasant park
adrien 230 (2 days ago)
hello matshmello
Hubixus YT (2 days ago)
I'm selling replay button 0:01 Cost sub for my channel
gian dacome (2 days ago)
Summer 2019
Jack Gaming (2 days ago)
When You hack Microsoft 0:20
リュドシエル (3 days ago)
SO night
IcyFlames YT (3 days ago)
I’m feeling high on marshmallows music lol Plzzzz sub
Rosa Medina (3 days ago)
March anyone?
love u mello !!!!!💗
xX-jose-Xx - roblox (3 days ago)
Event fortnite? :3
xXassasinpandaXx 07 (3 days ago)
I like this.
Bastian Candia Candia (3 days ago)
eres el mejor
João Pedro Vizeu (3 days ago)
I am here because the Fortnite event
David Guetta 953 (3 days ago)
I love you :)
Jan Szabrański (3 days ago)
You are king
Agustin Vera (3 days ago)
Aj the4th (3 days ago)
Lol I’m walking in gym class right now
Apple - Gamingowo (3 days ago)
Who remember : Welcome on Pleasent Park Guys!!! I I \/
Physchoed Lix (3 days ago)
Used to blaze to this all the time when I first started smokimg. Good times. Always brings back those good feelings of nostalgia.
MARIYA DEPEW (3 days ago)
I didn't even know this was from fortnite. But its a great song.
Tio Yuu Otasaka (3 days ago)
Prophet Isaiah (3 days ago)

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