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Marshmello x Ookay - Chasing Colors (ft. Noah Cyrus) [Lyric Video]

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Text Comments (19256)
Marshmello (1 year ago)
It's here!!!! :) Subscribe to Ookay plz: http://youtube.com/ookaymusic?sub_confirmation=1
DR KITTEN 044 (11 days ago)
no u
将暉菅田 (2 months ago)
Skar (2 months ago)
Moja ulubiona piosenka z eventu marshamello i mam cały zestaw marshamello
Lucas King of Fortinte (2 months ago)
Marshmello the best🧀🧀🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞
ーサンアデル (1 year ago)
lagu pantek kata adel
nowr l (1 hour ago)
best song ever :)
Tilly Spears (4 hours ago)
DragonPLayZ (8 hours ago)
ice this song and you marshmello I couldn't go to event on fortnite so sorry but watched a video of it incredible marshmello never written this much dreaming on
Davin Juandika (9 hours ago)
Who listen this in 2019???
nowr l (1 hour ago)
not me _/:D#%&/_
FOX-STARS io (15 hours ago)
the best music of marshmello
Miranda Siegel (16 hours ago)
Love this song, but why did he pick a marshmello?
Sandibel Juarez (1 day ago)
Omg marhsmell9
TheAlexander 999 (1 day ago)
I’m living highhhh🐍❗️💓
I came from a minecraft youtuber named TapL.
Andres Rojas (1 day ago)
thank you marshmello
たかたか (1 day ago)
Vinicius Ribeiro (1 day ago)
me favorite music of marshmellow
Benicio Maste (1 day ago)
Hello im luving high
Saboor Ahmad (2 days ago)
video=seizure lyrics=👌 music=🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Guillermo Bl (2 days ago)
Ahmas Khadijah (2 days ago)
Marshmello my phone broke my Huawei sorry
ĚlWasønBB (2 days ago)
La mejor cancion de marsmello 😍😍
merci bonjour (2 days ago)
Il fime
Ben Flanaghan (2 days ago)
sooooo good!
pigpoow (2 days ago)
Coco Kitty (2 days ago)
It literally sounds like Miley No jokes 😝😊
yoshitomo kanno (3 days ago)
This is good music!!!!!
Jacqueline Jackson (3 days ago)
Look at they butts lol🤣👌
Maria Arroyo (3 days ago)
Maria Arroyo (3 days ago)
So cool marshmallow
Juan dark momo v: (3 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ? ?
Chesse Sandwich! (3 days ago)
Esto me causa epilepsia :v
Obnoxious Gaming (4 days ago)
Good song good song but for some reason, when listen to the lyrics, it's like someone wants to smoke weed or something, just saying. Like I wanna see colors and I' living high. But anyway I' a huge fan Mello, keep it up
Carlos Rivera (4 days ago)
The Best Music is very very beatiful bro
El GaTo GaMeR (4 days ago)
50% caminando 25% letras 100% sentimientos
jetmacaroon8986 1 (4 days ago)
Epic música 🤯
RESPEITA gamer (4 days ago)
Flor Reyna (4 days ago)
I love you marshmello [x_x]
Khedidja Messoubeur (4 days ago)
Omg Nhoa cyrus
marshmello your my favourite singer and i'm very impatient to see toi in the concert of Mawazine in Morocco because I'm a moroccan guys
OneScope OneShoot (5 days ago)
MarshmalloHow did u make awesome videos it’s feeling happier
Grand Kookie (5 days ago)
Best song of the fortnite event ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and my favorite song
voltando ao evento do fortnite>>>
Flakayely Lopez (5 days ago)
Pero vaya canción ooooooo
Yurie Sugi (6 days ago)
i think your a bitch
R0b3rt (6 days ago)
Levi Roberts (6 days ago)
Gian Permalino (6 days ago)
Fortnite event from a few months ago!
Brenda Zuniga (6 days ago)
Marshmello thank you for the picture your the best dj ever!
Brenda Zuniga (5 days ago)
Thnx marshmello im forever in the marsh gang
Dwayne Joemil Mendez (6 days ago)
Marshmello yes
0:00●━━━━━━───────●3:13 ⇆ ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ ↻
BaN Jahtz (6 days ago)
I hope this ain’t copyright lol
BILL CIPHER (7 days ago)
I love it and others
Gamer 7113 (7 days ago)
Una de tus mejores canciones,sigue así crack
sinskinsad TikTok (6 days ago)
Gamer 7113 lo mejor de tu comentario es que obviamente marshmellow habla español que buena compañero
Ricardo FV (7 days ago)
Good music verygood marshmello
Sowduh (7 days ago)
Ricardo FV | very cool Kanye!
ChetVlogzz (7 days ago)
Took me a while Pretty sure this song's about LSD
Pulsaim GT (8 days ago)
Marshmello x chasing color
Ryan Peng (8 days ago)
My favorite Marshmello's song!!!
panda Y T X D (8 days ago)
Mi*d* el regayton ARRIBA ELECTRONICA PRROS 👌✌❤
Flakayely Lopez (6 days ago)
Yeessss siiiiii
Daniel Osuna (8 days ago)
Louis Bergrath (9 days ago)
{\__/} ( X . X) />❤
lol ler (9 days ago)
Warning: High percentage of fortnite kids
iamLucid (9 days ago)
This song gets me emotional no cap bruh :(
iamLucid (8 days ago)
+oTx god bless u bro
oTx (8 days ago)
iamLucid yeah man.. I’ve been through a lot these couple of weeks and the beginning always gets me
iamLucid (8 days ago)
oTx u cry to this shit too?
oTx (8 days ago)
iamLucid same man, same..
Angelo Riberi (9 days ago)
Subscribe ti pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay (9 days ago)
I love it
David Mojica (9 days ago)
yes yes
Lukinhas TV (9 days ago)
Nunca vai ser esquecida essa música show
santiago useche (9 days ago)
Sono l'unico italiano?
Dora Popijač (10 days ago)
2019 anyone? Someone ? Just me? Ok im ALONE
DINESH KUMAR (10 days ago)
Waiting for official music video of chasing colors
Warrior Boy (10 days ago)
I got copyright claimed for this vid!
Cleiton Hetfield (10 days ago)
Marsh i love your music! I love you! Thanks from Brasil
Lord Joga (10 days ago)
Eu vi essa musica no evento e pensei, q musica toop, botei legendas e descobri a musica! Algum BR aqui?
tastier 916 (10 days ago)
I’m loving this song
Laayum _ (10 days ago)
I like the part with all the collors
XxdiegoxX 38 (10 days ago)
Logic 200 visitas 3K likes 1K de comentarios :v
JinX Fr0sty (11 days ago)
This song relives my stress love it👌👌
Alex Pro (11 days ago)
Natã Luiz (11 days ago)
Natã Luiz (11 days ago)
Meu fã número um
Mauricio Vergara (11 days ago)
i love you
神しょうじ (12 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I saw the fornite marshmello event And so do u
alp :/ (12 days ago)
I didn't because fortnite is overrated smh
Pop Cap (12 days ago)
There going on a *TRIP*
MCFaustoBarrios (13 days ago)
the 60 % of kids know Marshmello for fortnite and the olders (me and others ) know he before of 2014
MCFaustoBarrios (9 days ago)
nice : )+Matzuga
Matzuga (9 days ago)
i met him in 2016 :3
MCFaustoBarrios (12 days ago)
im not from america peace of shit +NeMo Zar
NeMo Zar (12 days ago)
MCFaustoBarrios hahaha stupid american,im олд
Tur (13 days ago)
i love this music
r3t4rd 69 (13 days ago)
Best one
Joshua Zuniga (13 days ago)
I knew you for 5 years
Joshua Zuniga (13 days ago)
Your my favorite dj
Richard Porto (13 days ago)
Richard Porto (13 days ago)
Richard Porto (13 days ago)
Wooow!!! Uhhu
Alan Tutors (13 days ago)
My DJ favorite forever! Sorry for bad english, i'am speak brazilian
Lord Joga (10 days ago)
I m brazilian tmb kkkkk
Laayum _ (10 days ago)
My English isn’t this good either
Sonu Sonu (12 days ago)
It’s ok
NeMo Zar (12 days ago)
Alan Tutors ххах
Alan Tutors (12 days ago)
+NeMo Zar Красавица, братан!
Bacsi Gabi (13 days ago)
VALAKI magyar?
aqui ébrp (13 days ago)
Natan Wysocki (13 days ago)
Dash 100 (14 days ago)
Love it keep doing what your doing never give up
Anthony Sandoval (14 days ago)
Best song
cesar santi (14 days ago)
AcE _Speakzz (14 days ago)
Honestly sounds cool on 1.75
Matzuga (9 days ago)
hahahaha xd
joaquin mitre (15 days ago)
Que genial son tus canciones. Marchmello
peltier michkat (15 days ago)
trop bien la musique

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