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The House of Magic 3D Teaser | Official Version

130 ratings | 65422 views
Take an exclusive look at nWave's next feature-length 3D animated film "The House of Magic" directed by renowned 3D filmmaker Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson. In this new film from nWave Studios, Thunder, an abandoned young cat seeking shelter from a storm, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable, owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. Not everyone welcomes the new addition to the troupe as Jack Rabbit and Maggie Mouse plot to evict Thunder. The situation gets worse when the magician lands in hospital and his scheming nephew sees his chance to cash in by selling the mansion. Our young hero is determined to earn his place and so he enlists the help of some wacky magician's assistants to protect his magical new home. Coming soon to 3D cinemas.
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BlackArro Cartoons (3 years ago)
The consistently strong 3D in Thunder and the House of Magic is awesome. NWave actually delivers amazing 3D unlike some other big computer animation companies. Dreamworks is great for 3D, but NWave has the strongest, coolest 3D so far.
Timber Humphrey (4 years ago)
was expecting to hate it, cause it's by the same guy who did Fly Me to the Moon, which was complete/utter shit. but this movie surprised me, i found myself enjoying it. sure, it's not great thanks to the weak story and thin plot, but it was a really good effort, so Belgium i salute you!
Akaaraq Hansen (10 months ago)
Same guy? Wow, that is surprising. I hope Bobsheaux would review it sometime.
jedi master (4 years ago)
samphibian (4 years ago)
this was quite a decent film. i took my kid and ended up liking it. the story and the images are consistently interesting. 
Alexidrik (4 years ago)
What song is playing in the cartoon? Great cartoon, one of the best during those six months.
Kathleen Coll (4 years ago)
i think thunder did the voice for katsuma in the moshi monsters movie
pc super gaming (4 years ago)
0:18 slender man XD
Akaaraq Hansen (10 months ago)
Phantom of the Opera, actually.
Moon Staar (5 years ago)
Who does the voice of Thunder? I recognize it but I don't remember their name. ^^'
Akaaraq Hansen (10 months ago)
Brianne Siddal, but she is credited as Murray Blue for some reason.

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