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Yamaha PSR-S750 Rock styles

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https://www.oostendorp-muziek.nl/yamaha-psr-s750-keyboard-kopen In deze video laat Menno Beijer u de Rock styles horen van het nieuwe keyboard van Yamaha: de PSR-S750 Deze demonstratie is geproduceerd in eigen beheer. De demonstrateur is Menno Beijer.
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Text Comments (9)
Nena Albuquerque (10 months ago)
Bom dia esse teclado e pra vender ,to a procura de um usado mas bem conservado e desse modelo.
PioTr270576 (1 year ago)
1:27 what is this song ??
Richi Riboldi (4 years ago)
The Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Real Distortion
Salvatore Cipiglio (3 months ago)
Richi Riboldi the best KORG!!!
Sunny Haddleton (5 years ago)
I just bought a S750, and I love what you do on yours!!!
Denis Bodnaryuk (5 years ago)
You play all yamaha psr 750 music that is cool 2
Denis Bodnaryuk (5 years ago)
The music you playing is cool
Denis Bodnaryuk (5 years ago)
Make a video of your yamaha psr 750 keyboard play the tango music ok beaks you play music cool athe
Denis Bodnaryuk (5 years ago)
That music si cool si so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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