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Loch Ness Monster - Canada's own sea-serpent- the Cadborosaurus

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Filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer pursues the best sighted, best documented sea serpent. Unlike Loch Ness whose evidence is sketchy- living in a fairly shallow land-locked lake-- "Cadborosaurus" lives in deep ocean, where anything is possible; it has been sighted off the westcoast of Canada for centuries. Images of Cadborosaurus- a 70 foot long sea serpent are seen in Native American (Indian) stone carvings, in cultural objects like drums and murals. It has been sighted in modern day by seasoned fishermen, judges, airline pilots, ex-Navy divers and many others. See the Caddy episode on Monster Hunters DVD at Amazon.com- the original paranormal/crypto team series produced by Gryphon Productions. www.gryphonproductions.com
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Smarigdine (6 years ago)
You mean Pirate James van der Beek?
Criss Cross (7 years ago)
I don't know who you are, Mr. Dreadlocks, but I want to have your babies. <3
M (7 years ago)
and it onther lockness
Ashutosh Dimri (7 years ago)
Is it so difficult to put more cameras nearby towers and trees to get the actual picture. Whenever they want to make fool they show a distance video which is always blower. All fake.It is surely a wave or max any big snake or some known species.
VendPrekmurec (7 years ago)
REDTEAM22003 (7 years ago)
"I dont know what it was.....so im gonna say its a monster" thanks for your facts you fucking wacko
PhyscoGoth (8 years ago)
Totaly Random But is that old guy they interview the Bus Driver from Mrs Doubtfire and also not a bd docamentrye
seko24041973 (9 years ago)
in the stomach of a sperm whale! these whales are go for hunt very very deep and search for squids mostly. so we can compare that these caddy's live deep and near the bottom
seko24041973 (9 years ago)
0:18 -> stop here!! look the head closely. the snout is bended downwards in the same way it is by the flamingos! these birds feed from the lake bottom, thats why their snout is bended this way. so they can eat better from the ground. this similarity should come to explanation that these cadborosaurs spent most of their lifetime on the lake bottom, searching for food. and would explain why these animals are so rarely seen.... just my personal opinion, but makes sense. the cadaver here was found
Purely Canadian (9 years ago)
This is a wonderful video :)

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